There were a few uneventful days before I actually spoke to David Parker again. I had seen him coming into work, seeing as he usually passed by my cubicle when he did. He was always looking spiffy, in a solid colored button up shirt, tan or black slacks, and well shined shoes (all some big shot designer label, no doubt). I couldn't help but notice how well fitted his shirts were, the fabric stretching across his broad chest, wrinkling slightly at the tapered waistline, or stretched taught against his back, revealing well defined muscle beneath. He had a nice body, there was no denying that, and if I had less self control he would probably become subject to my fantasies. But I knew better than to let that happen. Stick with imaginary men, it's safer that way.

But it was on Thursday that I actually came into genuine contact with the man I'd been trying to avoid. I was late, substantially late. I'd slept in, something that I'd deeply wanted, but certainly didn't need. I was supposed to be at work seven thirty every morning, but it was already seven forty-five when I raced frantically into the lobby and to the elevator. The doors were closing slowly, but if I didn't have them stopped, I wouldn't make it. "Hold the door please!" I cried as I flew towards it. A hand shot through the narrowing gap, and the doors halted, before sliding back open. I stepped inside, not caring to look at the person who had assisted me until I reached for the button labeled 7, which was curiously already illuminated.

I glanced over to find none other than Mr. Parker himself, gazing curiously at a disheveled me, whose breathing was slightly labored from half-running all the way there. He nodded in greeting, a small smirk emerging on his face. I stepped backward so that I was adjacent to him as the doors began closing again. I ran a hand through my hair, trying to grin casually. "Good morning," I murmured.

"Good morning, Harper. Late?" He asked, a brow quirked, eyes sliding up and down my figure. He had an annoying habit of doing that, but it seemed in a different context this time, he was probably checking out my general disarray this fine morning. He, on the other hand, looked particularly good today in a dark navy shirt that clung in all the right places, fitted black slacks.. I tried not to give him the same once over that he'd been giving me.

"Just a little." I tried to laugh, but ended up croaking instead. I blushed and ducked my head. I wouldn't have done so just in front of him, but in front of anyone really. Just to make that clear.

The elevator slowly ascended, but stopped at the fifth floor for a young, curvacious blonde who I recognized but didn't know by name. She knew Parker though, that was for damn sure. That saucy grin she gave him once she saw him said a little more than "oh we're just flirts with one another, no biggie". I was willing to bed that the two had banged, to be quite frank about it.

Parker nodded at her in greeting as he had done with me, a polite smile on his face but nothing more. She looked slightly crestfallen for a moment, before stepping inside. Expecting a larger welcome, perhaps?

"I have to make a trip to the second floor, you don't mind do you?" she asked, flirtatious demeanor attempting a comeback. She was asking him, seeing as I apparently no longer existed. Oh, great.

"Not at all," he said smoothly.

She grinned, stepping directly in front of me, practically pushing up against the wall of the elevator. Pfft, cow. There were a few brief moments of silence, during which I glanced between the two, curious and actually kind of amused. Then the blonde cleared her throat. She was going to speak. Oh god. If I had learned anything from TV or movies, it was that what would procede was going to be bad for everyone. "So David," she began. Glancing at him, I could see he visibly stiffened. Dear Christ woman, what are you doing? "The other night was, fun." She gave a cute little giggle at the end, and I resisted the urge to hurl. "Perhaps we should do it again sometime?"

There was a period of silence in which I felt slightly uncomfortable, and I was relieved when Parker finally spoke up. "Uhh.. Yeah, maybe." He sounded completely uninterested, and I sort of pitied the poor girl. Whatever had happened between these two was clearly a one-night-thing, and she hadn't realized it. I back at her (or the back of her, rather) to find her head turned towards him, shoulders slightly slumped now. She opened her mouth, but closed it again. A wise decision, if you ask me. The rest of the ride was incredibly awkward, but didn't last very long at all.

She cleared her throat again slightly, and as soon as the door had opened wide enough for her to escape, she friggin' booked it. It was not long after that Parker tapped 7 again and we were on our way.

I shouldn't have said anything, but my mind kept replaying the last few minutes and I was in a slight disbelief. I mean, I knew Parker was cold, that incident had certainly just backed that up. But a player? Well, I guess I kind of had to expect it, with his good looks. That's when I said it, a maximum of three words, but three that I shouldn't have said. "Wow.. Just wow." You don't comment on uncomfortable moments, not with a practical stranger, certainly not your boss. I clamped my mouth shut and edged away.

I heard a loud sigh, and risked a quick glance over at Parker to find him staring at me, in a – .. a weird way. There was a ding, signaling my much welcomed freedom. The doors opened and I stepped forward, but felt something tugging on my shirt. I looked down to find his fingers gripping a tag jutting out of the side of the purple fabric. "Your top is inside out," he said in a low voice. Then, for the briefest of moments, his fingers were on my hip, then sliding off, and then he was walking out of the elevator.

I stood there, dumbfounded, red creeping up my neck. Well, better run to the bathroom and fix that.

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