"No way." Mina speared a piece of lettuce onto her plastic fork, smirking over at me. "That is frigging crazy."

It was lunchtime, and we were at a Panera down the street, sitting in a large circular booth and gossiping over Cesar salads. She had been in my cubicle when I'd finally gotten there, and I refused to tell her what had happened in the elevator in the workplace, where eavesdroppers could take the story and spread it like a virus. Asshole or not, Parker hadn't wronged me, and it wouldn't be right to risk spreading information that I wasn't even supposed to know. But I could trust Mina, I knew that. And if I didn't tell somebody, surely I would explode.

"And he.. Caressed you after? Is that what you're saying?" She popped a crouton in her mouth and quirked a brow at me.

"Caressed? That's not the right word really.. He pulled at my shirt tag then, well he kinda.. Rested his fingers on me? No, that sounds bad.." I was having a particularly hard time explaining the innocence of his touch, though I very much doubted that if it had been innocent, he wouldn't have done it.

"That's awkward. Especially after what that blonde said. I mean she basically proved that he sleeps around, but doesn't commit." She pondered it while tilting her head to the side. "Or maybe.. Maybe he shot her down because.. Naw, can't be." She shook her head and set her fork down.

"Can't be what?" I had a feeling of what she was going to say, but hoped to God that she didn't.

"Well, maybe it's because he wants you? He didn't want make plans with some other chick if he wanted to make things happen with you," she nodded sagely, seeing her logic as flawless.

"Maybe he just wasn't into her?" I offered.

"Yeah, because he wants to bang you." She shot me a toothy grin and laughed.

Yes, well.. I guess I walked into that. "Don't be ridiculous," I said casually, forking a piece of chicken and biting off the end. "He's my boss."

She shrugged. "He's the executive of the floor, so he's not just your boss. Besides, I never said you had to marry him, maybe you could just have a little fun," she waggled her eyebrows at me. "The worst thing that could happen would be an awkward one time fling, he seems skilled in that area."

"I cannot believe you're condoning this, it's crazy." I crossed my arms over my chest and shook my head.

Her face settled into an expression of gentle seriousness, and she leaned forward. "Harper, it's been six months since Rick walked out on you. You need some fun, maybe it'll make you more agreeable," she teased. "There's risk in this sure, but that's what makes it fun."

If I listened to her any longer she would have me convinced, so I just nodded quickly. "Okay, yeah.." We were silent for a few moments until she changed the subject to the cute new guy working at the cafe by her apartment. I was glad to have a change of subject, and there was nothing more about David Parker. At least, not until I'd returned to work.

Stacey Magnum, a mousy girl who served as Parker's assistant, came into my cubicle a little while after we returned. She was new, kind of skittish, and I just hoped that Parker was nice to her. "Uhh, Harper?"

I smiled at her. "Yes, that's me."

She seemed to relax a little bit. "Ehh, Mr. Parker would like to see you about, erm, something.. I dunno."

Shit. "Uh, alright." I glanced over the cubicle wall to Mina, who was giving me a thumbs up. I rolled my eyes and let Stacey lead me to his office, though I could have found it on my own. She knocked gently on his door, which was a rather large mahogany thing that dwarfed the her in comparison.

"Yes, come in," Parker called from within. I took a deep breath. It's probably nothing. Probably about discretion in the work place, and all that. It'll be fine.

"Ms. Braxton for you, sir," Stacey announced quietly as she pushed the door open. I stepped in, taking in the appearance of his office. Before I even noticed him, I saw the wall behind him, which wasn't so much a wall but a huge window, being all glass and offering a beautiful view of the city while letting in an abundance of natural light. My flats scuffed lightly on the shiny wooden floors as I took another step forward, looking around at the cream colored walls where tasteful, colorful art hung.

Parker cleared his throat from behind his desk, a large, glass thing with sturdy wooden legs. He pushed back the leather office chair that he sat in and nodded at Stacey behind me. "Thank you, Stacey. That will be all." I looked over my shoulder to watch her retreat, closing the large door behind her. "Nice to see you again, Harper," he said quietly. His face sported a look of slight wariness, but was mingled with something that I couldn't figured out. "Sit down." He motioned to two black chairs on the opposite side of the desk as his chair. I took the right one, pleased to find that it was incredibly comfortable. I relaxed slightly, settling into it.

He sat back down, fingers interlaced on the desk in front of him. "So, I asked you here because of what happened this morning." Knew it. I nodded silently. His eyes held mine, and I kept myself from squirming under his gaze. "I felt that perhaps you could have misunderstood the situation, if I didn't.. explain."

"Oh, no sir, there really is no need to –"

"I get enough "sirs" and "Mr. Parkers", please just call me David." He gave me a polite smile, running a hand through his perfect hair.

"Okay.. David," I wrinkled my nose slightly as a strange tingle settled on my spine.

"But, yes, there really is a need. Obviously you don't need to know any explicit details, but I just want you to know that.. Erm.. Well I have patched up that misunderstanding with that woman, and that things like that don't happen –"

"Excuse me, err, David," I interjected quickly. He raised his brows at me, and I proceeded. "I understand that you don't want any rumors spread but, this really isn't necessary. I had no desire to ruin your reputation and, well personally, I just want to forget about what happened earlier." I shrugged slightly, and offered a sheepish grin.

He looked puzzled, then nodded, sighing. "Yes, of course, I'm sorry. You can just never be too careful, with the everyday person's love of gossip."

"I understand, but I can assure you that I will be as discreet as possible."

"Thank you, I.. appreciate that." One corner of his mouth tilted up into, what I guessed was as much of a smile as I was going to get.

We sat in silence for a few moments before I awkwardly cleared my throat. "Is that all, can I go?"

He considered it for a moment, squinting slightly. He nibbled gently on his bottom lip, a sexy gesture that I pointedly chose to ignore. "Yes, that's all. Thank you, Harper."

I smiled politely, stood and learned to leave. I had made it to the door, with my hand on the handle when David called out behind me, "Wait." I glanced over my shoulder to see him stand and stride over to me, a look of determination on his face. I was about to open my mouth to question him but before anything could come out, his hand was on my waist, he'd pushed me up against the door and his mouth was on mine.

It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening, that his fingers were sliding up and down my side, his lips moving forcefully against my own, warm and smooth. I wanted to resist, I wanted to pull away, smack him and run off dramatically like in all of those cheesy romance films, but I couldn't. The truth of it was, he was a really.. good.. kisser. The intelligent part of me melted away, common sense now gone, and I pressed my pressed myself against him and returned his kiss, hoping that my fervent movements weren't construed as desperate. It had been a while, and I had feelings welling up inside of me that I hadn't had in a while as well.

All of this lasted for maybe forty five seconds, then he made the decision to pull away, panting softly, a broad smirk on his face. "Mm, absolutely worth it."

I stood there, wide eyed and stammering. "I'm.. I'm.." He quirked a brow as me a tilted his head slightly in question. "I'm leaving now." I turned abruptly, yanked the door open and practically ran out of there, not slowing down until I'd reached the safety of my desk where my head dropped down on the hard surface. .

I couldn't believe what I had just allowed to happen, fucking unbelievable. It was wrong, so wrong, incredibly hot and lovely but wrong. What the hell happened to office discretion? Had we not been having that conversation minutes before? Bullshit. I sighed loudly, and Mina peeked over the wall at me.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

"Absolutely nothing." But a kiss. That shouldn't have happened but did.

What was worse, the regret wasn't strong enough to mask the fact that I would do it again and again and again. And so much more.

… Fuck.

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