"Leave him alone!"

The heads that belonged to the group of boys turned to me. They had stopped what they were doing once I had shouted that out to them. One of the boys fists was actually about to connect with the guy I'm defending, and another, who was holding the 'victim', let him go, which caused the poor soul to fall down. The group of boys that were beating up the kid consisted of jocks, and as cliché as that sounds, I promise you it's true. One of the boys scoffed at me openly, unlike the other boys who just gave me a look of disgust.

"And why would we do that?" the boy that scoffed said. A few of the jocks surrounding him smirked.

I felt my eyes narrow at him dangerously, and I parted my lips to speak, "Well, if you value your balls, and would rather not have them trimmed enough to consider you a girl, I would back the hell up."

I heard a whimper from the boy that they were beating up, who's name I still had to learn, and saw him look up. His beautiful blue cerulean eyes were so breathtaking, that I couldn't look away until the boy from a few seconds ago spoke up again.

"You watch your mouth, nerd. You're just as much of a loser as him," he spat, while pointing at the boy with breathtaking eyes. I felt my insides raging and I remember lifting my chin up tauntingly. I skimmed over the boys before me and recognized a few of their faces from middle school, about two years ago when I was in seventh grade, but there were a few new faces in the group as well- probably from the other middle school that was also eligible to send students to Willowdale. I knew most of their names, but like I said before, I also didn't. Actually, the boy that scoffed knew and still knows who I am. I mean, not my name, but that I'm a 'nerd'. In sixth and seventh grade, whenever I happened to walk by, he would whisper to his friends and a few moments later they would laugh. It was an embarrassing experience, but I never said anything because I was quiet then. In my freshmen year, I was not willing to let anyone walk over me anymore.

While I was scanning the faces in front of me, my eyes met a pair of familiar ones. Oh boy, this'll be good. Vince, a jock who is obviously a year older than me, knew exactly who I was. You see, he's friends with my brother, who's currently in class. What he knows is that, like my brother, Drew, I know how to box. I've been boxing ever since I was seven and had participated in tournaments- but I had stopped the tournaments two years ago and went underground due to my mother finding out about them.

He also knows how I really act. I'm far more violent, outgoing, sarcastic, funny, and stronger than everyone else seems to think. Everyone at school thinks of me as a 'goody-two-shoes' and obviously a 'nerd' because of my grades and choice of clothing. He also knows that I can kick his ass if I wanted to, and will do it if I have to, but he would never admit it. He kind of looked frightened to see me that day, and wasI very confused to see him there. Why the hell was he beating up a kid, anyway? He wasn't mean at all.

I trailed my eyes back to Jake and I curved one side of my lips up into a smirk. He scowled at my expression and narrowed his eyes.

"You should be in class," I said haughtily.

"Well, as you can see, I'm busy," he smirks.

"Doing what? Beating up a kid to make you look cool? You're pathetic."

His smirk fell, and Jake showed a dangerous expression on his face as he took a step forward, "The fuck you just say?"

"You heard me, dumbass," I crossed my arms, taunting him to start a fight.

"You little bitch! Maybe it should be you getting your ass beat," he scoffs, glaring daggers at me.

I raised my left eyebrow, "Now you're going to hit a girl to make you cool? So low, Jake. I never thought you would fall so low. Sure, to fight someone in your own league for reasons unsaid, that's fine because it's between you two, but to go hunting for someone that's obviously weaker than you and hurt him to make you look good? That's low."

Jake started gritting his teeth, obviously thinking of what to say. His 'boys' were no help, either. They just stood there like idiots and waited for their 'commander' to solve it. What a bunch of pansies, I mean really? If I were in that group, I would have said some badass come backs to the person that's talking to us. I thought of like ten to what I just said and was prepared to make another come back if the douches before me were smart enough to say it.

Jake glanced at his crew and gave them a nod before walking towards me, his crew following him. Jake obviously bumped into me on purpose and whispered something in my ear before he continued walking, "Watch your back, nerd."

Oh, please. Like you could do shit to me anyway, I thought while rolling my eyes. Vince gave me an unknown glance and 'followed-the-leader.' What an ass. He better have a good reason for beating up the beautiful-eyed boy.

Speaking of which, I turned my gaze back to the boy and saw that he's staring at me. He looked so grateful and shocked at my actions and my concern for him- it warmed my heart. I smiled at him warmly and walked up to him, offering him a hand.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked. He glanced up at me and then grabbed my hand to help himself up.

"Y-yeah. Th...thank you," he stuttered hoarsely as he looked down at me, not a lot, but very slightly. My best guess was that he was about 5'4 then. I was 5'2- and still am.

He had straight dark brown hair that was messy at the time due to the beating, and amazing cerulean blue eyes that was impossible to look away from. His skin wasn't perfect, but neither was mine, so I guess I had no right to judge. He wore huge glasses that were very similar to mine and had braces, just like me. His voice wasn't high, but it wasn't low either; it was right in between. His clothes looked like his great-grandmother had picked them out- in other words, it was horrible, but I didn't judge people, so I had let that whole part go.

"What's your name?" I said with a genuine smile, looking into his eyes.


I grinned, "Well, William, I'm Evelin, but you can call me Lin."

He smiled softly in response, "Okay Lin."

"Are you new here?" I asked, since that was my first encounter with him.

He nods, and responds while frowning depressingly, "Yeah, and I guess I'm not really wanted here." I smacked his harm playfully and gave him a fake gasp.

"That's not true! I'm here!" I remember pouting at him and seeing his adorable blush.

"Uh...w-what do you mean?"

"I mean, you're my new friend!"

And he was.

He became the best friend anyone could ever ask for.