"Urgh," she groaned, opening gritty sore eyes reluctantly. Or rather her eyes were reluctant; a part of her subconscious buried beneath the thick woolly blankets of sleep, pain and intoxication was frantically trying to assess the current situation.

Something is wrong, her subsconcious screamed at her.

Really? I'm in bed with a pounding headache and an unhealthy amount of alcohol in my blood. Sounds like a normal Sunday morning to me.

No? Oh alright then.

She re-opened her eyes barely a crack. Sunlight poured in, her brain protested the pain and tried to over-ride her command to keep her eyes open.

What the hell? ... Why aren't those curtains drawn?

Something is wrong.

Time to evaluate her surroundings. A pillow, nothing unusual there. Duvet...urgh, she screwed her nose up. That's the last time she let her brother change her sheets. She certainly didn't want their flatmate Logan's manky sheets on her bed. Goodness knows how many girls had been in them. Washed or not they had to go!

She rolled onto her back, stomach roiling. Just how much did she drink last night? Jesus. She'd never been in this much pain before after a night out. Her head thudded dully, her ears hurt with the constant ringing that accompanied drunkenness and her heart clenched painfully. Now that was new. Why was she so cut up? Why were tears threatening to fall? She struggled to remember.

Last night...Her boyfriend Adam had called and cancelled their date. His grandmother had fallen down the stairs. Her brother, Alex, had dragged her out with him and Logan (his best friend and their flatmate), a cocky arrogant arsehole who always said he could get her into bed. And despite that she had actually been having a good time. Ah... she'd challenged her brother to a drinking competition. Nine shots in a row. He better be suffering as much as I am.

God, why did she feel like her heart had been torn into pieces? Urgh, she was never drinking again.

She lifted her head up slowly, blinking around at the room. The hell...!

Sitting bolt upright, eyes wide with panic she ignored the sudden pain shooting through her skull. No, no...This wasn't happening!

She glanced down, the cool air creating goosebumps across her bare skin. She gripped the duvet against her chest. Oh, fuck. Well...er...perhaps we didn't have sex. Perhaps I just passed out in his bed after finding out he's my new gay BFF and all my clothes, including underwear, were soaked by the rain.

...Oh, who am I kidding! My room's right next to his and there is no way Logan is gay or my new BFF for that matter.

Shit, she'd cheated on Adam, sweet, caring, gorgeous Adam and with Logan the man whore no less. Tears burned her eyes, well there's the reason for the mystery heartache. It's okay, it's okay. She chanted, blinking the tears away...there was no time for this. Tugging the covers tighter around herself she mustered the courage to look to her left.

Her heart sank and her stomach churned uneasily at the sight of Logan's bare torso. She trailed her eyes down his toned, sun-kissed skin to his belly button and the fine hairs leading down, disappearing beneath the covers. She watched his chest rise and fall in a trance; she wasn't sure how much time had passed before she pulled her eyes away to focus on his face.

Fine stubble covered his usually clean shaven jaw; long dark eyelashes caressed his cheeks. His dark blonde hair was tousled from sleep and the illicit activities that undoubtedly had occurred the night before.

She blinked slowly... Is that...? Nudging his chin with two fingers she inspected the patch of skin just below his jaw. A small love-bite marred his flawless skin. She'd done that? Her? That was so unlike her... Had it already been there? She struggled to remember but her mind plodded along sluggishly unwilling to admit to even being awake just yet.

Logan's eyelashes fluttered briefly before his eyes cracked open to a squint. She hastily withdrew her fingers, cheeks flushing with embarrassment but she couldn't break his gaze no matter how much she tried to.

"Rox?" he croaked, "Jesus! I feel rough." He buried his face beneath his hands, "Fuck me."

I already did...apparently her smart arse brain responded as it seemed to finally, truly accept that that had indeed happened. She was just so fortunate that her brain wasn't quite awake enough to order that sentence out of her mouth, as it would have usually. Roxanne was quite known for her ability to speak before her brain even thought her words.

"How are you feeling, Rox? You drank a lot more than I did." He continued, half sitting up with his weight braced on his hands.

Drank a lot more than he did? It must have been a hell of a lot of alcohol for her to overcome her disgust for Logan and end up in his bed, let alone cheat on Adam. She'd never cheated on anyone before, she despised cheaters! How on earth had she ended up here?

Tugging frantically on the duvet she climbed out of the bed. "What the hell happened?" She angrily spun to face him once she was sure she was entirely covered. Unfortunately he wasn't. Logan sat watching her, surprised and completely and utterly naked. She was thrown off balance for a second before moving her gaze to his. Ignoring the blush rising in her cheeks she strove on as though she hadn't stopped at all. "Why did I sleep with you? What happened?"

Logan sighed, sitting up properly. "It was a lot of alcohol."

"So you took advantage of me?" she shouted making them both wince at the pain it induced.

"No!" Logan snapped back quietly, "You came on to me actually!"

"Why would I do that? Why would I cheat on Adam? Why would I risk such a good relationship for one shag with you – a guy who revolts me?"

Logan snorted derisively before moving to her edge of the bed. "Make that two." He murmured tonelessly, waving a hand in the direction of her feet.

Roxanne stared down at the offending wrappers, the absolute proof that it really did happen. She really did sleep with Logan. She was a cheat, a slut and Logan Matthews finally got the fuck he'd always said he would get. Warm tears had reached her jaw line before she even realised she was crying.

"Rox!" Logan's voice cracked as he bounded from the bed in an instant, concerned.

"Don't!" She warned him violently before he could touch her, "And cover yourself up, it's disgusting!"

He froze, pain flashing through his eyes briefly.

Good, she thought, at least he was suffering just as much from a hangover as herself.

He dropped his still outstretched arm glancing down briefly. "That's the last time I believe a word you say," he muttered to himself before looking her in the eye again. His normally amused eyes were hard, blue shards of ice. "If I'm so disgusting why did you suck me off last night?"

Roxanne's eyes widened, "I did what?"

He's having you on, he has to be. He's trying to get a rise out of you. Just being his usual jerky self. She tried to reassure herself but there was a niggling feeling at the back of her head that told her he was speaking the truth. God, she wished she could bloody remember.

Let him be lying. Let him be lying. She'd never done that to a guy, never even read about it or watched a tutorial or anything. And she had to go and choose Matthews as her practice puppet. He probably thought her performance laughable. She felt her already red cheeks flush deeper.

"Make that four," Logan interrupted her musings.

"Sorry?" She stared at him blankly.

Pulling on his boxers he pointed to two more wrappers at her feet that had previously been hidden by the duvet.

Roxanne groaned softly, squeezing her eyes shut in the hopes that they would magically disappear...or she would. Even so there was a faint sense of gratitude that at least Logan had been sober enough to think of condoms in the first place.

"What...What did I say that makes you think you can't believe what I say?" she asked somewhat nervously. Was she supposed to have heard that? Judging by his stony silence she figured not.

He opened his mouth only to snap it shut shortly after and look away with a sigh. He looked back at her, eyes devoid of emotion. "So what are you going to do about Adam?"

She shifted uncomfortably, aware that she was still naked and only inches away from him. Under a thick duvet but still. "What do you mean? Nothing." She shrugged slightly, feeling a little off balance.

"You can't honestly say you're still going out with that arsehole!" He scowled, obviously surprised.

"What? Of course I am, have you seen or heard me end it!"

"But...after last night... Seriously Rox?" He frowned, disgust written across his face as plain as day.

"What...? You think I'd dump him over something like...It meant noth-..." She stomped her foot frustrated with her inability to get her words out. His response throwing her off completely.

Logan frowned at her, his head tilted as he watched her closely. He no longer looked disgusted just thoroughly confused. "Rox," he said softly, cautiously. "I know you like the guy or love the guy or whatever but you can't seriously be defending –"

The knock at the door stopped him short and they both turned panicking when they heard Alex's voice call, "Hey, man. You up?"

Roxanne, eyes wide in terror, looked to Logan desperately for help. If her brother found her here, naked and in the presence of his best mate he'd murder Logan and, while that thought didn't seem particularly depressing to her right now, she didn't want that weighing down on her conscience. Alex and Logan had been best friends since first year, she wasn't about to ruin that. Besides she didn't particularly want to see the disappointment in her on Alex's face either.

"Get under the bed," he breathed.

She didn't stop to think about the idea before she dropped the duvet to the carpet and ungracefully dove under the bed completely naked. She'd barely acknowledged Logan's sharp intake of breath behind her before he'd started gathering her clothes together and thrust the bundle into her arms.

Logan climbed back into bed quickly, draping the duvet over the edge to hide Alex's naked sister from view.

"Logan?" Alex knocked again.

"Yeah?" he croaked back at him, sounding for all the world as though he'd just barely woken up.

Roxanne watched the bottom few inches of the door open and Alex's socked feet pad quietly into the room. He closed the door behind him with a soft click. "Hey man, what's the damage?" his deep, friendly voice asked as he made his way over to the computer desk.

Logan's groan was muffled by his pillow but he'd apparently lifted his head to say "I have a pounding headache and your sister hates me even more than usual."

There was two clunk noises as Alex placed something on the wooden surface, chuckling. "Er...is that even possible? Alright, alright. Enough with the glares pretty boy. Tea?"

Ah, so it had been a tea mug that he'd put down on the desk. Just the thought of the brew made Roxanne's stomach churn and threaten to empty right where she was. She clamped a hand over her mouth and took deep calming breaths. Somehow she suspected that her brother finding her here, naked, hiding under Logan's bed would be worse than if he'd walked in earlier. If only barely.

"Cheers," Logan murmured. The mattress springs sounded and she heard Logan moving above her. His feet hit the carpeted floor beside her head.

There was silence for a while as Logan sipped his tea and then just after he sighed Alex spoke in a strangled voice. "Er...dude! Is that my sister's bra?"

Roxanne jolted her head up from where it had been laying on her arm and narrowly missed hitting the underside of the bed frame.

"Hmm," Logan agreed, calmly taking another sip of his tea. How the hell was he acting like that when he knew she was lying here naked, barely a foot away from her older brother. "Was mixed in with my washing, I meant to take it to her room."

"Really?" Alex questioned sounding unconvinced. "It looks like the one she flashed at those guys last night." The disapproval was evident in his voice.

Crap! She stared wide eyed out at Alex's feet. She'd gone around the streets flashing guys last night? What on earth had gotten into her? First she flashed some random guys and then she slept with a guy she detested after going down on him while having a boyfriend. Did her drink get spiked or something and oh god what else had she done that she couldn't remember?

She could practically hear Logan's shrug as he dismissed Alex's concerns. "Must have more than one then."

"Have you heard her this morning? I need to talk to her about that flashing thing."

Logan sighed heavily, "Don't be too hard on her, she's had her heart broken."

Oh god, Logan wouldn't really tell her brother that she'd cheated on Adam would he?

"Right," Alex agreed quietly, then louder, "Right, I'm gunna take a shower and then the three of us should go for a fry up. The all-time best hangover cure."

"Three of us?" Logan asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, shouldn't leave Roxanne out at a time like this."


The bedroom door clicked shut behind Alex and silence descended on the room. After a minute or so the bed creaked as Logan stood to kneel down beside her. "Hey. It's safe to come out." He gripped her hand, helping to pull her out and onto her feet before looking away from her, fixing his gaze on the far wall.

Roxanne watched him curiously as she pulled on her knickers and clutched the rest of her clothes tight to her chest. It'd take far too long to try and get that tight dress back on.

She glanced back at Logan as he pulled his own shirt over his head, still resolutely looking in the opposite direction. "You're not yourself. You jump at the chance to see a girl naked."

He rolled his eyes as he searched for his jeans. "You don't want me to look so I won't look."

Roxanne stared at him in shock, "Are you feeling okay?" He'd certainly not been bothered whether she'd wanted him to look at her or not before on the numerous occasions that he'd caught her in various states of undress.

Logan, now fully dressed, turned to scowl at her. "Sorry. I'll just start acting like the jerk you think I am."

"Ah. There you are!" she replied bitterly as he returned back to relatively normal behaviour.

"Here I am." His fake smile screamed `Fuck you`.

"You are a fucking jerk." She stomped to the door, clothes in hand and was just pulling it open to leave when Logan stopped her.

"Rox?" His voice sounded strained, "Do you remember why we happened?"

Roxanne turned to face him against her will, but his tone of voice pleaded for her to listen. She shrugged, her eyebrows furrowing as she tried to remember. "You took advantage of me when I was drunk." she repeated calmly.

He sighed, looking up at the ceiling briefly, "The real reason, sweetheart."

She shook her head ashamedly. She should, she knew she should and it was her own fault that she didn't.

"I need to talk to you later, it's kind of important."

Nodding she tugged open the door and legged it to her room praying that it wasn't at that exact moment that Alex decided to leave the bathroom.

Rummaging through her draws she pulled out her grey jogging bottoms and a light pink t-shirt, both of which only saw the light of day on major hangovers.

Fully dressed she sat down at her desk, staring at her reflection in horror. Her face, while always pale, was more so than usual, her honey hair was a long tangled mess and the previous nights meticulously applied make-up had smudged into a Smokey eyed look. Her eyes were red and slightly raw looking from the lack of sleep she guessed. Shit. She looked like a right mess and this is how Logan had seen her? She'd never hear the end of it.