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Scene 1: Leonardo entered an old hotel at midnight and sat in the single rusted chair in the small cramped lobby as he curiously looked around the hotel parking lot to be sure no one had followed him. His paranoia was heightened even more by the fact that he was supposed to have been killed after leaving the agency and faking his own death. People were probably already searching for him, as one of the most dangerous men on the planet with a bounty on his head with six zero's behind it.

Cautiously he walked up to the vacant counter and rung the bell multiple times. Finally an old man came out, scratching his behind and straitening his glasses. "I would like a room please." Leonardo said.

"How long will you be staying?" asked the old man.

"Only one night, I need to keep moving." He looked around noticing the shortage of clientele. "I don't have any money, I just lost my job. If you can just allow me to stay in one of the unoccupied rooms for just one night I promise I will be able to repay you."

"I don't have time for this nonsense. Find some where else to sleep." He began to walk away.

"No wait," he grabbed the seniors arm and glanced outside to find that a remarkably nice Porsche had just been parked in the less than remarkable hotel parking lot. There was a slim mans silhouette getting out with a shotgun strapped to his back. "It is too late now; some unkind visitors from my old job have spotted me and have come to see me. We have to hide." Still holding on to the old mans arm he runs to the other side of the counter and into the back room.

"What was your old job?"

"Uh… I used to be a special type of social worker." Gunshots go off in the background and the entrance door is heard as it shatters by a foot kicking it in. "I had some really violent co-workers."

"Come on old buddy, it's me Trepas." He said, his French accent showing while filling the counter with holes. "Don't you remember me Leo?" Trepas was a tall skinny man with curly pitch black hair that streamed to his toned biceps. He was a handsome man with no facial hair other than his small sideburns.

"I don't think we've met; how did you find me." Leonardo responds sarcastically.

"Don't go saying that kind of stuff to me Leo. That hurts my feelings coming from you, a dear old friend." He ran out of bullets and reloaded. "Won't you come out to greet me?"

Trying to make as little noise as possible not to give away their positions, Leonardo crossed the room and picked up a glass vase. As he was making his way back to the corner, the old man yelled and gave away his position.

"I'm not about to become chopped liver because some young guppies are fighting; at least not without a fight."

Leonardo dropped the vase. "Damn it old-timer." He rushed to the hotel owner as fast as he could and pulled him down just as shotgun bullets flew above their heads.

"I am not about to die in here without a fight."

"You won't have to die at all if you do what I way, now crawl over to the other side of the room and stay down. Don't even think about leaving because we don't know if there are reinforcements outside." Leonardo picked up a piece of the broken vase and wrapped the end of it with a torn strip of his t-shirt. "I have a gun," he lied to Trepas.

"You can't even use a gun Leo and you know it. I am not saying you would need one."

"You wouldn't want to get in a one on one fight with me regardless."

"But it isn't one on one is it Leonardo. I know that you have an untrained civilian in there, and you would never risk a civilian's life. However my favorite hobby is killing, in fact it is the very reason I decided to become an assassin."

Sweat ran to the end of his brownish-blond hair that stopped at his shoulder and it continued to drip down his back toned back. "The civilian in here is just a harmless old hotel owner, he doesn't know anything. Let him go and we can settle this civilly."

"I'm not going to go easy on you Leo just because you are a little banged up from before." He said in the middle of the shotgun blasts.

"Really, I thought I was your friend?" he comments playfully.

"Yes I have always loved your sense of humor." He said dryly.

Leonardo waited until the shotgun stopped firing and he heard him begin to reload when he escaped from the room and hid behind the counter which was a bit closer to Trepas.

"You know it's sad that you have stooped so low, I knew you were getting soft but how could you quit A.S.S. (Assassin agency of Street Stealth) over something like this."

The gun-firing stopped and the room fell silent.

"Well aren't you going to say anything Leo? Answer me Leo," he paused and dropped the shotgun "Leonardo."

"I had to leave; I just couldn't stand being there any longer."

"Damn it Leo, don't give me that bullshit. We were partners since we started. That little stunt you pulled to make people believe you were dead didn't work. You were one of the top people in A.S.S. and far too skilled to die over something so easily resolvable. Come out and show your face, look at me and say you thought that would work. Say you actually believe that we would all accept your death lightly without even finding a body to show for It." he rubbed his forehead. "And did you even think twice about leaving me and Noelle. We were like family, whether it was murdering the head of an elite organization or knocking off someone who couldn't keep their mouth shut we stood by you."

Leonardo stood up and showed his face. "That is the exact reason I had to leave. I won't lie to you; I left for a selfish reason. I know the killings of innocent people will continue on even if I don't come back. I just refuse for my entire life to be spent on the harming and murdering of innocent lives." he protests. "And…"

The old man wildly charged out of a room swinging a hairbrush tied to a torn stocking towards Trepas. Trepas, annoyed by him interrupting, shot at him with a hand gun that was concealed behind him, tucked into his pants. It just barely left a small slit on his cheek.

"Can't you see me and Leo are trying to have a conversation here. That was your warning, now don't interrupt again." He placed the hand gun back into the back of his pants and finally noticed that the bullet ricocheted off of the rusted metal wall and hit Leonardo. "Oh, sorry Leo, are you ok."

"No, yeah I'm fine, continue." Leonardo glanced at the blood quickly staining his entire shirt then pinches his eyes shut. Putting as much pressure on the wound as he could without calling out, he wobbled around the room until he found the broken desk that was filled with holes. He sat down on the mutilated desk to rest for a moment.

Trepas took a closer look. "Don't worry about it, it's just your shoulder blade, you'll be fine."

"Trepas," he grunted.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Save my life, so I can kill you when I can move again." he falls down, weak from the massive blood loss.

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