Scene 5: The next morning Noelle noticed Leonardo still had not arrived.

"Trepas did Leo call you, he didn't come back last night."

"He's a grown man and even in the condition he's in now, he will be able to handle himself if he gets into trouble. Be patient, he'll show up." Trepas reassured her. He reached for the remote to turn off the TV and notices Leonardo on the news once again. This time he was asleep surrounded by a crowd of police officers and on the pavement with one hand in his pocket."

"This is Samantha Covington 'live' on the scene of the popular perfume store 'Makes Scents'. Jim, tell us what is going on out here today." Jim was a Policeman standing outside the scene along with another few dozens of policemen circling around Leonardo who was still asleep.

"We have found the baby face killer outside of the perfume store and he is pretending to be sleep but we know that is not true. The police sirens would have woken him up by now."

"Is it possible he isn't alive? It would seem he has taken a substantial amount of damage."

"I am sorry ma'am but that just isn't possible, evil doesn't die that easily. Besides, we can see his chest rising and falling."

"Take your hand out of your pocket," yelled an overweight police officer. "Put your hands on the curb."

An officer standing beside him nudges him. "He has been laying there for an hour now, why not just arrest him."

"Rookie," he shakes his head as if he knows more. "If it is an automatic weapon in his pocket and one of us tries to move in on him, we are dead."

"You said he would be fine, he is about to be filled with holes and he isn't even conscious to help himself. Can't those idiot policemen tell between faking sleep, and unconsciousness?" Noelle examined.

"He'll be fine, they won't shoot him." Trepas said calmly.

"Are you blind brother, he is the most wanted man in America and surrounded by dozens of police officers." She picks up her coat. "I am going down there; you are free to come with me." She walks out and slams the door behind her.