Invasion of Robots

The man ran through the alley, getting slower with each step. A sharp dagger of pain jolted his right kidney, slowing him down with each step.

This entire thing is crazy. It's just a dream! This is just a dream! It's gone now!

Bill turned around and gasped. That pile of screws and bolts was dragging itself now. With only three out of eight


legs, it was dragging itself at a remarkable speed.

This creature is commonly referred to as the "Beaker," resembling a robot spider. It was nine feet in diameter, not counting the width of the legs. The beaker's fangs glistened in the moonlight, with glaring eyes to match the milky gray metal.

As Bill turned back around to run, it let out a banshees' cry.

The call.

You know you are in trouble when a beaker lets out this high-pitched scream. Usually, more come with their jaws snapping ready to tear apart your limbs and gut your innards and rip apart your—

The beaker lunged for Bill, who—because of the cramp—was too slow.