AN: okay so I'm reposting this because I need ideas I'm really new to fiction press so this whole thing is weird but if anyone who reads this has any ideas or names for my character please review and tell me and the credit will of course go to that person thx love Vicki

As I sat there staring at the strange markings on the wall trying to will them away with my mind I thought who would do this to us? What have we ever done to deserve this? I'm your average 14 year old girl who goes to school like anyone else yeah sure I curse and I may be a bit of a bitch at times but who isn't. I certainly did not deserve this! The weird circle like thing appeared to be moving on the wall closing my eyes I chanted over and over again "I'm just hallucinating I'm going to close my eyes and when I open them it will all be gone" I kept repeating this to myself but a voice in the back of my head knew better "you're not hallucinating and you know it". I sighed and opened my eyes and sure enough the mark was still there except it seemed to be glowing somehow and the more I stared at the more I found that I couldn't look away. It started to get bigger and brighter, I closed my eyes and opened them and once more it was gone. I breathed I sigh of relief and looked down at my hands and screamed. I knew it was too good to be true and sure enough there was the mark except now it was purple and it was on the palms of both my hands. Suddenly there was a knock at my door I started scrambling to find a pair of glove to put on over my hands "coming" I shouted hurriedly. I couldn't let anyone see my hands once I found a pair of fingerless gloves to put on I wrench open the door to find my mother standing there with a worried look on her face "Are you okay?" she asked "I'm fine I just stubbed my toe I'm such a klutz nothing new" she gave me a look that said she didn't believe me but she was going to let it go for now. I needed to get her out of here and most importantly I needed to figure out what was happening to me "Well if that all you need to know I have to get back to studying I have regents soon" she looked kind of hurt but right now I didn't care. I just need to be alone. I would not cry in front of her then she would defiantly think something was wrong and that was the last thing I needed. Once she was gone there was a faint smell of something burning. I was looking all around the room trying to find what it was. When I looked down at my hand to see that the gloves have completely burnt themselves off. Wonderful. Now not only do I have weird purple tattoos on the palms of my hands but to top it all off I can't cover the. Great this day just keeps getting better and better. How am I supposed to explain this to my mom now? It's not like I can say I got drunk and got the tattoos as a dare because one you have to be 16 or older to get a tattoo and that is with parental permission and if I told my mom I got drunk well let's just say that the tattoos would be the least of my worries. She would kill me if she found out that I go out drinking with my friends. How the hell am I going to hide these from her? I can't use make-up to cover it up because my hands get too sweaty and more importantly what do they mean, am I the only one who has them. There are a ton of questions running through my head right now. Later on when I finally decide to get up I glance at the clock and it says 3:04am wait a minute it three o'clock in the morning! What the hell? How long have I been laying here?