I love you,

You give me purpose,

Without you, I wouldn't have come this far.
You make me accountable,
Telling me all I have is potential.


I care for you,

Because of the things you've done,

I gain perseverance from your presence.

I learn when you punish me,

I'll get harder, stronger.


I pine for you,

When you leave me hollow inside,

You just want to teach me control,

I always try not to disappoint.

And I reflect onerously on any complaint.


I question you,

As my logic contradicts you.

Then you soothe me into submission,

With the promise of results,

Tacked alongside your insults.


I resist you,

Before your arms reach around,
To smother my dreams with ugly beliefs.

I'm not sure if you're right,

I haven't the willpower to fight.


I abhor you,

But I've already let you in,

Is there anything I can do to force you out?
Rejecting you with all I have left,

Craving peace, of which I am bereft.


I refuse you,

With your twisted thoughts,

That I can see now are so very wrong.

I'll try not to let you rise,

This time it's your demise.