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Jin sat in the middle of the town on a hill. His hands were tied with rope to a wooden post behind him. People could see that post from everywhere where in that small little town. Though the ropes were loose enough for him to sit down, his wrists were bloody from constant tugging. He didn't mind though, his stomach was growling profusely as it had been three days since he'd last had a bite to eat.

Finally he saw the town law enforcer who'd attached him to the pole weeks earlier bringing a tray of food to him. There were many awards attached to his uniform so it was understood that he was someone of high stature. He simply lied back against the pole with his hat covering half of his face.

"Hey." One of them called. "It's time to eat, wake up."

He tilted his hat up slightly to observe them. The hot sun beamed down on his face instantly. "No thanks, not hungry." Jin answered carelessly, but his stomach growled despite him.

His thin muscular built body glistened from constant sweating under the unforgiving sun.

"If you don't eat, you'll die. Not that I have a problem with that scenario, I think you're a monster and deserve to die a horribly painful death for what you did to those kids. However that is not my choice, the Tentei (remember this name, he is important.) told me to keep you alive. So eat!"

"Nah." He replied, rolling over as if to go to sleep.

"What do you mean? NAH!" he barked, eyes popping out of his head.

"Nah? Well I'd be happy to explain it to you." He said sarcastically, "it means no, as in not interested or..."

"Never mind!" he shouted. "Just eat the damn food" the enforcer slammed the tray down and began his way back down the steep green hill. "I don't get paid enough to deal with this," he rubbed his forehead.

Once he was gone, Jin smiled widely at the food revealing his teeth that were sharp as a shark's and twice as hard. Slapping his hands together he happily blurted, "Itadakimasu," but before he could dig in he saw a group of children standing in front of him. He lifted his head with irritation. "Who the hell are you?"

There was a boy with glasses that looked around the age of seven, a boy with snot slipping from his nose, he might have been five, and then there was a little girl with a lollipop who couldn't have been any more than the age of four.

"Are you that guy everyone in the town has been talking about?" the runny nosed kid asked.

"Why?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Well... um... I... um..." the one with glasses shook nervously.

"Come on, spit it out kids. I don't have all day."

"It is just," the girl looked at his straw hat, and typical pretty boy face topping it off with his long black hair. "They describe you as a monster with razor sharp teeth, eyes that look like a reptile's and a scaled body."

"Damn, they got that good a description; I'll have to be more careful in the next city I go to."



"What did you say?"

"Hey shouldn't you guys be home with your parents, or out playing or something?"

The two boys shrugged but the little girl just continued to lick her lollipop.

He sighed, "Okay, if I tell you a story will you go away." They all nodded. "Well there once was a guy named... uh... his name isn't important, and he moved from place to place to place because he was a Wani-Han. Now he...

"What's a Wandahan?" The younger boy sniffled.

He sighed, "It is Wani-Han and it's a half-breed between an alligator and a Human, anyway, he moves from place to place because whenever he shows his true form people think he is a monster." Jin lowered his head, "he isn't a monster though. He's just a guy with some bad luck and...

"Hey Mr. Killer sir, is this story about you."

Jin's eyebrows lowered with impatience, "and then the man fell in a ditch and died, the end." He began tapping his leg to them lightly pushing them away. "Okay I told you a story, now leave."

"Hey" one of the boys protested, "that wasn't even a real story, you have to tell another."

Jin sighed then in the matter of seconds his regular human teeth shifted into those similar to sharks. His eyes became like a reptile's and all four limbs sprouted blue scales that began at his wrists and ended almost at his elbow. He then smiled threateningly and launched himself at the children. All but one ran away.

It was the little girl with the lollipop.

He transferred back to his original state, "ok, what will it take to get rid of you."

Ignoring his question, she glanced over at the ropes restring him. "Hey why don't you just bite those ropes?"

Jin sighed and picked up his food. "It isn't that simple, I've tried that but that damn guard had an electric wire inserted in the middle of the rope."

She shrugged, "So."

"So," exaggerating the word, "I am part alligator, every time I bite it, the moisture in my skin stops me from getting through it." Jin widely opened his mouth bringing the first spoon full of food to his mouth, when his arms were tugged strongly to his sides. The entire tray of food was knocked out of his hand and onto the dirt. Infuriated he ran to the little girl, now a few yards away. "What the hell."

She gestured her hands to the broken ropes hanging from his wrists.

"Huh, how did you…What did you do…"

"I'm one too, stupid."

"You mean,"

"Yeah," she waited for him to come to a conclusion.

"So you're saying…" she nods her head and gestures her hands for him to continue. "That you…"

"Keep going," she encouraged.

"You are half alligator too."

She slapped her hand to her head, "I'm an Ari-Han" (half ant) she pulled the remaining string that is attached to his wrists and begins guiding him down the steep hill.

"Where are you taking me?"

"You're going to be my parent, I don't have any and living on the streets is really beginning to become a pain."

"What! I didn't agree to this. I don't even like bugs"

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