He jerked the broom in front of him and stopped the blade from connecting.

She threw a series of blades each crackling in the broom with every throw. "You'll have to do better than that if you want to kill me." He hisses.

She smirked at him and his hands began to burn. The entire broom was disintegrating with a purple poison overtaking it.

Jin hastily threw it to the ground. "What is this!" he frantically blew in his hands until they finally felt cool again.

"It is a special serum I made. You didn't get it directly so the effects won't work as quickly."

He stumbled to the ground, attempting to catch himself and soon he couldn't even hold his head up strait, barely sitting up.

She squatted down to his level and held his head up, "you're so cute. I hate that I have to do this to you." His eyes were no longer in any type of focus and his entire body went limp in her arms. She caught and held him sitting up. "Oh and Jin," she squeezed his face, pushing his cheeks forward like a child. "Sweet dreams." She kissed him on his lips and let him drop.

"Where am I" he thought. Looking around, still slightly sedated, he caught a glimpse of Hina lying on her back with a large stain of red on her shirt. He could see they were in some sort of abandoned building. Immediately he tried to attack the woman from before, who was leaning against a table eating pomegranate seeds, but quickly came to the realization that he is tied up.

The woman looked over and observed Jin inching towards her like a caterpillar on the floor. "Oh, I see you're finally awake."

"Took you long enough," Jin heard another voice come from behind him.

He turned his head and saw Hina, sitting up and looking at him. "Wha...but you were...how are u still...?"

"You idiot, its pomegranate juice," She wiped her shirt with her handcuffed hand, though it got nothing off. She was chained to a pole. "Pomegranate juice is the antidote to the poison she gave me to keep me knocked out."

"Who are you? Why have you brought me here!" he redirects his attention to the woman.

"You mean you don't remember me." Her voice was not surprised, "I figured Tentei might have wiped your memory when you left.

"If my memory was already wiped then why are you here for me?" He chewed at the thick ropes binding him.

"Well, unfortunately a glitch in the machine was discovered and everyone who has been affected by the machine has experienced incomplete knowledge of their time under Tentei's wing."

"That still doesn't answer my question." Jin squirmed his way to a sitting position.

"To answer your question I am here to eliminate you. You see, you know too much and because you've already been in the machine once, a second exposure would probably kill you. That way of death is extremely painful however, killing you this way I believe is much more humane." She stood up and approached him.

"Hey wait, wait. What are you going to do to me?" she pulled a knife from her bra. "How many of those do you have in there." He swallowed.

"As many as it takes." She threw it and it slit his cheek just barely.

He stiffly looked to the side at the knife sticking out of the wall, "wow, you're pretty accurate with that."

Jin laughed nervously, "yes but I promise you, I'm even better with my hands." She catches a drop of blood running from the incision on his cheek and let it run down her finger. "You know that knife was traced with truth serum I made myself. If you lie to me," she smiled, "it will kill you."

"What!" he frantically rubbed his cheek against his shoulder? "Are you joking?"

"Does it look like I'm joking," she smiled. "Don't answer that. I would hate for the serum to kill you before we even get started."

He trembled, eyeballing his cheek as if it was going to jump off of his face if he moved.

"Now, for the first question," she paced around him. "Do you remember who Tentei is?"

"No." he pinched his eyes shut and breathed a sigh of relief when the poison didn't take affect.

"Next, have you told anyone about those visions you've been having?" She began away from him.

Sweat ran down the side of his face and his mouth reluctantly formed his answer, "No."

"And most importantly has there been any recent but unexplainable scars or bruises on your body?" she turned back around and stared him down with her intense, intrusive eyes.

"No, I...I mean, I don't think so." He paused. "I haven't really checked."

She sighed, "I can't take that chance." She pulled a knife from her bra. "You should stay as still as possible. It will make this much easier and quicker for the both of us.

"What, no wait? Don't kill me. Just give me a minute I can check."

She continued towards him without saying a word. When she got to him she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and put her knife right in between. He pinched his eyes shut and braced himself. Before he knew it, he heard a rip. A sigh of relief exploded from his lips when he saw it was his shirt which had been cut rather than his neck. With three swift cuts, his shirt was in pieces lying on the floor.

"What are you doing?" he asked, noticing his rather pathetic position with his hands tied, along with his feet.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I'm checking for scars." She began pulling off his pants.

"Woe, woe, woe" he pinched his legs shut. "You can't do that."

"I can actually." She finished unclothing him with the exception of his underwear. Meticulously she probed him searching for any blemishes that seamed out of the ordinary until she found a small insignificant looking scar on his side that looked too red to be old but too healed to be fresh. "Hey, how did you get this scar?" She pointed at the small S shaped blemish as she pulled his pants back up from around his ankles.

He stretched his neck to see what she was pointing at. "Oh, that. I don't know, I don't really remember getting it."

"This isn't good." She whispered to herself. "It's already begun."

"Hey, what are you saying?" He called out, anxiously.

She faced him again, "tell me if this hurts." She pressed lightly on the scar.

Jin yelped in pain and instinctively jumped away from her finger. "What did you do to me!" he cringed.

"Relax, I didn't do anything. It's the after affects of the machine."

"Look, you already told me you're here to kill me so why are you prolonging this? And why are you keeping Hina here?"

"She is just as much a part of this as you are." She stayed silent for a while then spoke again. "And I never actually planned to kill you. The interrogation however was necessary to make sure you told the truth the entire time. Saving you now is going to be nearly impossible though because the disease has already taken root inside of you." She cut the rope for his feet, "what you have on your side is caused a Pulse scar."

"Pulse scar? Is it curable?"

She looked him in the eyes, grimly, "I don't know. We'll have to go see a friend of mine in order to know for sure." She stuck her knife back in her bra.

"Hey, aren't you going to finish untying me?" he requested.

"And me!" Hina interrupted.

"Are you kidding, you two would run the second you get a chance." She began to continue but stopped herself when she heard the slightest sound coming from outside."


Without hesitation she through Jin across the room with a single arm. He landed next to Hina hardly a moment before the wall he was sitting up against exploded. Expertly the woman propelled herself back, minimizing the damage that could be done. She jumped nearly all the way across the room obtaining only a few scratches from the explosion.

A tall thin man walked through the opening in the wall. He strolled in with a black cane with 4 red stripes at the top. He wore a black suit and black tie and red shirt underneath. There were 4 red stripes on his cane. He had short white hair that stopped right at his neck.

With a small smile and a lick of his lips, he began, "yum" he took a deep breath in. "smells delicious." With an unsettling smirk he ran his finger through a small dot of blood on the floor and licked it. His tongue slithered around his finger as a snakes would. "Why Collie, you're tasting as sweet as ever, it's been a while since I tasted your blood. I must admit, out of all that I've tasted yours is still my favorite. But this time I don't think I'll settle at a taste."