So just something I'm working on in my free time, I hate how I love tragedy but alas I do. I started writing this having no idea what I was writing but now every time I work on it I'm surprised and saddened to see where it's going. Yet I still love it haha. Hope you enjoy! Comment and tell me what you think :)

Oh it time jumps, well I think it's fairly obvious where and I tried not to make it too confusing but to help you follow it I put a line separating each jump, though honestly I it's not that hard to follow.

Her teeth chattering were the first sounds she registered. Here, in the dank cave, even the light of the Mourning Star could not reach her. But that was what she wanted. Groaning, her body protested as her shoulders cracked and bones attempted to comply with her feeble wish to stand. If she could just make it to the end of the cave, there where the darkness was complete, it would all end. It didn't have to end this way, a couple hours before, she would not have wanted it to end this way. And what was an ending anyway. A pitiful excuse for someone's, something's, beginning? It didn't matter to contemplate these things now. She was broken, and while there was a muffled voice that protested to such a thought, it didn't change the facts. Stiffly she placed one foot in front of the other, grinding her teeth and softly counting in her head the number of steps. 1,2,3,4 pause, breath, in and out, in and out, it's okay. "And she fell when the stars decided they too could no longer shine." Adaline barked a laugh at her own comment before wincing, "that was why I was counting in my head. Ashes" The words had been spoken however, the burning seared her throat. Coughing, her hand rose to rub her neck in a subconscious movement. Her fingers rippled across the soot, gently rubbing, easing the tension from her straining neck. The next few minutes became the longest hours in her life, all for the sake of an endless dream.

"Did you spell them?" Adaline asked, curiously looking at the strange creature's glowing eyes. There, in the middle, she could see a vibrant blue rivaling even that of the ocean next to the castle. They could not have been normal, in any means. Even if the creature boy was, well, a creature. He shyly backed away, eyes slightly glaring at the sudden intrusion of a little girl's face directly in his.

"Oh come on I don't bite. I mean even if I did I'm pretty sure your bite is definitely bigger than mine. But our mouths are about the same size though… but you have larger teeth so I think you win." The creature boy still refused to talk so she huffed and she puffed and she decided he must learn. "You know, I am the second princess. Which means that if something should happen to my sister then I can be queen. Well that's what mother says at least. Personally I don't want to and all the older people just glare at me. Mother's the only one who wants me to be queen, she says I have the green eyes of the royal line while Abby doesn't so I should be queen instead of her. But that's not the point, so look, if you play with me, then you could possibly be playing with the future queen. That means if I ever am queen, then I can give you a favor cause you played with me. So, you should." Creature boy did not look convinced. In fact, to Adaline, he looked a bit confused. So, maybe he just needed some more prompting to play. "If you play with me, I won't even tell the guards you're in the King's Woods. That's of course, if you don't tell them I'm here either of course. But even if you did, you'd be the one to get into more trouble; after all I'm royalty so I'll probably just get scolded. Come on, I'll even show you my favorite tree!" With that said she didn't care how much the boy protested, she grabbed his hand and towed him deeper into the woods.

"And this is Siri. She's my favorite tree here." Proudly, Adaline held her arms up to a massive tree. Siri was easily the tallest tree in the clearing, granted she was the only tree in the clearing but that wasn't the point. Her silver arms branched low enough for Adaline to climb which made her the best. Farther and farther she could climb, till it seemed that even the animals which came to graze in the field were no larger than her thumb. It was in Siri Adaline could see the sky, and all the birds. She had placed deeply in the crook of two branches a notebook and pencil where she could sketch her birds whenever she came. And that made Siri the best tree. "So Creature boy what do you think?" Expectantly, Adaline waited.

"They're not spelled."


"My eyes, they're not spelled. We don't have eyes like humans."

"Ohhh okay, well that was a late answer but they're pretty. Anyway what about my tree? Isn't Siri beautiful?"


"What? No. Siri."

Impatiently creature boy tapped his foot, "No. My name is Soren, not Creature Boy. So stop calling me that."

"Well then you should have told me your name."

"Well I would have if you waited. You ask too many questions."

"and you answer too little." They glared at each other, but Adaline couldn't hold it for too long. His eyes were too pretty. And he finally talked to her, but she wouldn't let him know how happy that made her.

"Well, my tree."

As if hearing her for the first time, Soren slowly walked around the base of the tree, inspecting Siri inch by inch. Leaning forward he pressed his forehead against the base of her silver trunk and his ears pointed up taller than before. Adaline thought she heard him murmur something but his eyes were still closed and ears pointed so she waited. Finally Soren slowly walked back to where she was standing before speaking, "She definitely is a good tree. And she loves the name you gave her. She's been lonely since the King wiped out all her sisters for a hunting meadow. She says she enjoys your company." He grinned then, and for a second Adaline felt a jolt of fear rush down her spine at the glint the sunlight took on his elongated teeth.

"How do they fit in there."


"You're teeth, don't they hurt?"

"Do yours?"


"Then why should mine. I told you; my Kind are different than yours."

"And what are your kind?" In response he took her arm and guided her deeper into the woods, but Adaline didn't care, she'd seen every nook and cranny these woods had to offer. And Soren talked to Siri so he obviously was a good person. Well, creature. Well, Soren.

Shrugging past the underbrush Soren led Adaline to another clearing. Here, the blue roses gently rolled with the breeze from the sea, shifting in a shimmering blanket of sapphire. Adaline had yet to figure out if the lilting sounds that soothed her here were from the waves crashing against the rock or each individual rose brushing against one another. But Soren was more important that figuring out a simple sound. After all, he was her new secret friend. Standing in the middle now, Soren raised his hand and pointed a clawed nail to the heavens.

"My kind are there."


"In the sky. Well, not really in the sky, we're the dots in the sky."

"What dots? I don't see any dots."

"I think you call us stars."

Baffled, Adaline looked at Soren. Yes his eyes twinkled in no way of any earthly creature (unless a mage spelled the eyes) and yes he had pointed ears, teeth and clawed nails. And maybe his skin was too fair for one of the folks that live this close to the sun and sea, but that didn't mean he was a star. Stars were the spirits of lost souls who got tangled up in life and made bad choices. They were the people whose lives here on earth made them get lost when they left their bodies to go to the Heavens. And so they got stuck in the sky, lost and lighting the way for the good spirits of people so that they may find the Heavens where they failed. Not Soren-like people.

Soren, seeing the disbelief crossing Adaline's face sighed.

"It's okay if you don't believe me. No one does."

"Well where are your parents?" Again he lifted a clawed nail to the sky.

"And they left you here?" Soren's shifted his gaze to the blue roses. He must have found something interesting about them because he refused to lift his gaze. So instead Adaline sat down and lifted her gaze up to him.


"They didn't want to" He mumbled.


"But?" A whistle pierced the air. Jumping, Adaline smacked her forehead against Soren's and fell back on her butt. Grunting she rubbed her forehead then jumped when she saw sharp claws in her face. Realizing it was Soren's hand she yanked herself up before looking him over to see if he was okay.

"I have to go! That's the horse master's whistle to tell me that they know I'm gone. If I get caught out here and this dirty my mother will KILL ME. Let's meet again Soren! I'll be looking for you!" So saying she dashed out of the rose field and left Soren alone, standing with nothing but the blue roses rubbing his legs in gentle patterns. Adaline forgot to tell Soren her name.

"Can you believe her, you'd think after 5 years now she would get the idea that I DON'T WANT TO BE QUEEN. I don't understand it's not that hard to get. Everyone loves Abby, none of the old geezers snub their noses when she walks into the room. But I swear SHE'S POSSESSED. She just wants me to be queen and marry some pompous prince because it's 'in my best interest'" The maid simply sighed in response. She had grown accustomed to Princess Adaline's temper tantrums and had effectively learned to block out her speeches, after all, she was an illegitimate princess, it's not like she had to be respectful. Adaline for her part noticed the maids silence and simply huffed as the maid tightened the corset around her chest. She hated corsets and dresses. Ever since her mother found out she ran around in the King's Woods and wasn't acting like a lady, Adaline had been under strict supervision and couldn't even take a step outside without someone guiding her to the garden or sewing room. Anywhere away from the horse stables and entrance to the woods. But today was different. It was the coronation of Abigail III and no one would be paying attention to Adaline. Today was her chance, and no one was going to stop her.

"Princess, after you greet all the dignitaries the Queen asked that you and your mother stay out of the ballroom so that nothing may impede Princess Abigail III's coronation. She stresses your understanding on the importance of today and wished there to be no… accidents like the time of her formal entrance into society."

"I was 8 how was I supposed to know I was supposed to be there." Not caring for her words, the maid left then "Your mother is waiting down the hall."

"Siri I must say it's been too long. What 5 years since I've last climbed your branches?" Giggling Adaline stripped the puffs and fluffs from her dress off and finally rid herself of the horrid corset. Donned only in the white undergarments, she hastily climbed the familiar branches and squealed when she noticed her drawing book, albeit deteriorating and a few shades darker, was where she left it. She could hear the trumpets playing in the background but that didn't matter anymore. She was where she belonged and couldn't give an ash about the coronation of Abigail III.

"So you finally escaped?" Adaline shrieked and almost fell off her branch. There, staring up at her disfigured form desperately grasping onto the branch, were the purest blue eyes she had ever seen.


"No I'm Lethyo the Barbarian from the East who has come to dominate this Western Kingdom."

"HEY YOU TALKED TO ME. The first time I talked to you, you didn't talk to me."

"You talked too fast."

"You remember me."

"You remember me"

"You were my last sight of freedom. Granted, I thought I made most of you up but yes I remember. Then the witch, err my mother came down on me." After righting herself, Adaline scooted over on the branch to allow Soren to climb next to her. He was just as odd as a creature as she remembered which made her laugh. "I imagined that I made you up having pale skin and pointy ears and teeth so that I could say I had a secret friend unlike any other."

"No, I'm me, and you're you. But you still didn't answer me."

"Answer what"

"So did you escape?"

"No. Abby's having her coronation and mother is angry as ashes that I'm not going to be queen but hey I'm only 14, what could I do as queen? As it is, do you know how creative I've had to be to stop her from making me marry some old geezer or some stupid prince she tricked into marrying me. I know, I'm 14, I'm old, and it's going to happen but I at least wanted another day of freedom, you know? I didn't expect to see you here but that's cool, at least I know I wasn't crazy."

Soren chuckled before time elapsed into a silence as the music started to slowly fade to a waltz. The sun had faded and now the twinkling stars were beginning to shine. Firelights outlined the castle but left the woods to only be bathed by the night of the full moon and lost souls.

"I saw your mother yell at you. I knew you wouldn't be able to come back."

"But here I am."

"5 years later. That's a little bit longer than what I expected when you said we'd play again."

"Well I'm a princess; I needed to be fashionably late." Chuckling, Soren, like the last time they met, directed Adaline's gaze to the now luminescent stars.

"My people are shining brightly tonight." Thoughtfully, Adaline gazed at the stars once more before turning to face Soren, "You really are a star?"

He nodded.

"And those aren't lost souls but other stars like you?"

Again he nodded.

"So then why are you down here and they're up there? I think…" She furrowed her brows, "Didn't you say something like your parents left you?"

"They didn't want to."

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean it like that." Shaking his head, Soren mournfully glanced above.

"If I were them I would have left me too."


"I'm bad." His body was tense now, but Adaline still laughed. Soren simply grit his teeth harder and she stopped when she noticed the strain of his neck. His profile dazzled her for a bit: eerily glowing moonlight skin, with sharp cheeks and pointed ears. Electrifying blue eyes downcast as if afraid to look up. Smacking him on the arm she said, "You're not bad. Look I'm a pretty good judge on character. My mom: bad. The Queen: bad, The King: meh. The Nobles: wretched. You: good. And that's how it is."

Soren looked at her, a smile quirking his lips but his eyes seemed to dim.

After a moment's pause, he spoke, "Did you know the reason why we can see so well isn't just because of the moonlight? This forest itself is majiked, the very trees are alive with the energy. This energy is felt through the birds to the insects to the creatures of land. It lights up the forest at night which enables the races with weaker eyes to see." He paused. "Which is why you can see."

"Hey I've got hawk eyes. My eyes are amazing."

"Compared to some your eyes are pathetic." Adaline felt justified when she shoved him almost off the branch, though she had a feeling he only moved because he let her.

"But like the forest, and like your mages there are all types of majik. Some races have it born with them. They can do the parlor tricks your mages do when they're not even half a moon old. Others create light and then there are those who create darkness. To guide us all are the few that become the Seers. My mother was a Seer." He seemed content to talk, and Adaline was content to listen. Last time he barely spoke and she was used to barely listening and always speaking. Adaline figured she could listen this time.

"When I was born, my mother Saw. She didn't tell anyone though. Just my father. And then we moved farther from all others of our kind. They carried me and we raced till there was no light to shine, just the dim glows of our own reflections. My people thrive by living together, so leaving to that sort of darkness would not work. They tried, but it couldn't. While in the darkest reaches we were brightest, we knew the draw of light even brighter so we could not stay. They kept me with them as long as they could. When I was 100, but a fledgling, they had to let me go. My mother cried and my father hardened his eyes. She whispered a simple forgive us, and called me the Mourning Star. My father said I would be the death of them. They thought maybe if they hid me where no stars existed but I still could be right under them it would not be so. And so I became a Shooting Star and landed in your King's Woods."

He was silent then and Adaline couldn't begin to process a word he said. Awkwardly she reached out her hand and placed it on his clawed one. She couldn't understand what Soren meant, nor the world he described, but surely he needed something of a comfort.

"So then they did it to protect you."

"No they did it to protect them." He bit out.

"She never told me what she Saw. And all they said was that I would be the End. That's why they sent me away. So I couldn't be the End."

"But isn't an end a bright beginning?" Adaline thought.

"ASHES. Why'd you smack my head."

"Because you were being an idiot. Look, " Adaline grabbed his hand and squeezed, "If they didn't care for you and just wanted to protect them, they would have killed you. Honestly, I have no idea about half of the stuff you're talking about, but it sounds like they tried. I don't know them, but they left everything for you but found that that would kill them ALL. Not just them, but you as well. So they had to go back. But if you stayed there, whatever she Saw would happen and then I'm sure the other Stars wouldn't be happy. So they did the next best thing. They sent you somewhere they can always look over you while keeping you alive and safe. That sounds like they were trying to help you rather than them."

So saying she squeezed his hand once more, the music had stopped playing a while ago and Adaline knew she was in trouble. She had to leave. They both silently climbed down Siri and stood at her base.

"You know we're not stars. We have a name. It's just easier to say 'stars' for you to understand me."

"Well then what is it?"

"I can't pronounce it in a way you'd understand."

"Well then I guess you'll have to deal with being called Stars." Adaline began to gather the cloths she shed before climbing Siri. She squeaked when Soren handed her the corset and hoped he couldn't see the red that had to have spread on her face.

"I'll see you around. Now that Abby is official, I'll have a lot of free time. But I need to go, I'm sure to get scolded and that just means it'd be harder to come and see you again. I'll keep my word this time, so we'll see each other soon!" Adaline turned to flee.

Soren grabbed her wrist, "Your name." Adaline stared blankly at him.

He pushed again, "You never told me your name."

"Surely you've heard it by now, I am the other Princess."

"Yes, but you've never told me it." She hesitated before smiling at Soren and pulling her arm free.

"It's Adaline."

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