Chapter Two:

As soon as I arrived to my respective class, I took my seat in the back row and sat down on the dark wooden chair in the corner took out my notebook from my grey shoulder bag, and waited as the class filled in. Apparently, Mr. Bolt was absent today and the teacher that was suppose to serve as his replacement today was late, 'how boring' I thought as I propped my cheek on my hand and stared out the window next to me, there I saw a large, well-muscled man with messy red-brown hair, pastel blue eyes, and the uniform of a knight with the signature silver hilted sword on the side of his waist, but what caught my eye was the fact that his hilt had a deep sapphire circular shaped stone right in the middle, which if id heard correctly in history class meant he was the leader in charge of all of Sylvirins knights 'I wonder what he's doing here' I thought silently but before I could ponder any further on it, I noticed everyone got quite I detached my gaze from the window to stare at the front of the class, there sat on Mr. Bolts desk a thin old lady with graying light brown hair, white wrinkled skin and little piercing dark green eyes, with her shoulders propped up on the desk and her hands intertwined. I noticed her little piercing eyes were threatening and looking around to everyone as if daring them to talk, after a few moments of utter silence she stood up and said in a semi-loud hoarse voice "hello everyone am Mrs. Storm and I will be serving as Mr. Bolt's replacement for today, as most of you have already noticed from my eyes am not a native here I came from Greensille a magic part founded by the Third Mage of the North, but I will be in this school for some time, I wont be an official professor here until next week, but please do show me as much respect as you would with those from here". As soon as she was finished I saw a petite timid looking girl raise her hand 'Mrs. Storm' picked on her so she could speak and in a low soft voice she said "with all due respect Mrs. Storm, I just wanted to point out that it doesn't matter where you come from we wont treat you bad just because your not from here, oh and welcome to both Sylvirin and Magico Academy". She finished and quickly sat back down while everyone yelled out "that's right" or nodded in agreement, I expected her to get mad or something, but I saw her little green eyes soften and a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips, she cleared her throat and replied in a much clearer tone "Thank you very much for your acceptance, now let us begin class shall we?". With that said everyone took out their notebooks and began writing notes over the various spells one could use to control the weather, then before I knew it class was over and everyone was filling out eager to either go home or to their lovers (insert: sigh) I got my things ready and left class without ever glancing back at the substitute teacher but feeling her eyes on me for some weird reason, I slowed my pace to see if maybe she would call me back but seeing that she didn't I resumed my speed and was soon out of her sight. 'That was really odd' I thought to myself as I walked through the now empty halls but I quickly changed the course of my thoughts not liking the chill that crawled up my spine when I thought about it. Then after a few minutes I thought of Antonio and a small laugh escaped me I turned to make sure no one witnessed this, satisfied I opened the large oak door in the corner of the hall and went inside to see the large stone steps that awaited me, you my school is really quite humongous, made up of hard black stones, tough dark wood, and bricks as well all somehow polished to perfection making it look more like a castle than a school. I live here well more accurately rent a room here like most single professors do, well only professors but I was tired of being all alone in that gigantic house my stupid parents dumped me in since I was like 3, so I asked if I could rent a room here in the school, they were releculant at first but at last accepted because I threatened to reveal I was cursed which would not de them any good. The school principle however refused but my parents 'persuaded' him (cough a lot of money giving cough) to let me do so. And now here am, my room is in the last top floor, imagine all the steps I have to clime its torture but torture am willing to accept if it means being able to stay here. So with throbbing aching feet I take out my room key and go inside, shut and lock the door, throw my bag off my shoulder and to the carpeted floor head to the small kitchen and open my little silver mini-fridge to get the small bucket of vanilla ice cream all the way in the corner the open the blue-painted drawer to get my favorite large silver spoon with little carvings of flowers on it, then head to my large bouncy king-size bed filled with a whole bunch of pillows in blacks, blues, and grays my covers matching them. I then put my ice cream and spoon on the small dark wooden lamp table next to my bed and strip up leaving only my braw and panties, go to my closet and pick out a long grey silk night gown put it on while slipping on my fuzzy dark blue slippers and head to my bathroom, undo the high ponytail holding my straight black hair in place massage my scalp a bit, then bush my teeth and rinse them while I dry my mouth I look at myself in the mirror and see that am still wearing my silk black eye-patch I quickly take it off and look at the silver eye underneath and then at the golden-brown one next to it when I think about it the golden-brown one stands out more on my pale porcelain face way more than my silver one I think in bitter amusement, then I widen my eyes 'the ice cream its going to melt !'. I thought in slight panic then quickly brushed my long waist length hair making sure to brush my bangs as well, and quickly left the bathroom and went to lay on my bed with the ice cream filled spoon already in my mouth. 'Its so good' I thought blissfully while letting my mind roam somewhere else.

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