Unexpected Change


It had been 10 years since the day she had lost her family. Sanyu, a strong-hearted young woman with shoulder length black and brown hair, which flowed gracefully with the wind as she sat on the long wooden bench, nearly old enough it could break but not just quite. Now, she lived her life thinking and questioning a question that would never be answered, "How could everything have turned out the way they did"? It became a question she couldn't forget. However, she lived her life full of pain and in return, she became cold-hearted. She wasn't able to fully trust anyone she came across, even her own peers. Every day, she walks to school doing all that she should, living her life, hoping it would be enough. Well, at least to honor what is left of her family's memories. Her everyday life was always the same. Why? Because not many people in her school would talk to her. Then again, there was the class president but that was because the class president didn't have a choice but to, as everyone else avoided her like the plague. At least, so Sanyu thought. Then again, one choice could change everything. And with that one choice, one night could change who she is and the person she will become.

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