Unexpected Change

Chapter 3: Turn of Events

Sky and Kaen dropped off Sanyu in front of her home. Kaen, stepped out to open the backseat for her as she thanked them before walking away to her front door. She watched them pull away before entering her home and turning the lock to the front door behind her. Exhaling quietly and walking up to her room, she placed her belongings and sketchbook back on her desk carefully before lying down on her bed staring up at her ceiling. She needed a way to figure out how Sky was involved and who he really was or even his own family. It was apparent to her Sky and Kaen weren't high school students so they be in college. She didn't know where to look but she knew she had to take a chance. It was only 7 in the evening, 2 hours left to go until it was dusk and then she would have to wait until midnight before she knew it was safe to roam the streets at night and not get caught. To play it right, she knew she was going to need patience until it was midnight. For now, she was going to rest until it was ready to adventure the night.

As for Sky and Kaen, once they dropped her off, Kaen finally broke the tension. "So, what are you going to do when she finds out who your family are?" Kaen spoke bluntly looking at Sky seriously.

Sky exhaled and ran a hand through his hair as one could see the wheels in his head turning, trying to figure out what to do. "I've no idea. You and I both know they disowned me, but I don't know what will happen if she figures it out."

Kaen thought long and hard about what they were going to do but nothing came up to mind. "Let's hope she is willing to listen to us when the time come. And if anything, do not go out tonight. That will only give her more reason to find out who you really are. I know you Sky. This time, stay inside."

Sky glanced over at Kaen the moment he pulled in to Kaen's home. "No guarantees but I'll take it into consideration." Sky spoke carefully and choosing his words wisely. Kaen shook his head as he already knew what Sky had in mind but didn't say anything.

"Alright, just know I'm here if you need anything." Kaen said as his last thing to Sky getting out of Sky's car and walking inside his home.

Sky pulled out of Kaen's driveway and drove back to his place where he now lived on his own before his thoughts drifted back to Sanyu, the younger sister of his once best friend with him and Kaen.

Reaching midnight and already changed into her assassin's outfit, she left her bedroom through her window again, leaving it slightly open like she normally did. She went quickly from rooftop to rooftop until she stopped where Sky, the unknown assassin she ran into the previous night had managed to catch her off guard. She knew there were others, the thing is, she didn't know who they were. There were no clouds in the sky, as she drifted herself into the shadows waiting to see if anyone was going to pop up.

Suddenly, an assassin stopped down in front of her. "You know, if you're waiting for me, might as well wear a big neon sign." His voice came out hostile as she noticed it was Sky but kept her mouth shut about his identity.

With her arms crossed she spoke up, "Oh, I don't know. Because apparently someone is here looking for me too. So, question is why?" She kept her voice calm, void of any emotions, glaring at him.

"Because you need to stop involving yourself in this world before you get yourself killed." He took a step forward towards her trying to run her off. However, she didn't run away that easily.

"It doesn't matter what you tell me, I have my reasons for being here." Instead of backing off, she took a step towards him, showing she wasn't going to back down.

"No, it does matter. Because you have no idea of the-" Sky was cut off as there was a shuriken being thrown between the both of them, cutting right underneath her eyes and tearing her mask showing her face as they both jumped back and turned to look where the shuriken had been thrown from. At the end of the alley was another assassin ready to throw more shurikens towards them as she quickly stepped back to dodge anymore, while pulling out both her kodachi, which were strapped around her waist behind her. By then, she no longer bothered to say anything and Sky did the same. Since they both knew each other by now, but they were too preoccupied with the assassin coming towards them and throwing shurikens.

She hissed as one had sliced into her arm as both Sanyu and Sky were now back to back. "We need to get out of this alley. It is too small for the three of us." Sky spoke up as she heard him and picked up the fallen shurikens the unknown assassin had thrown at them and threw them back. "Well then, start climbing up, I'll keep this guy company until you're up." Sanyu spoke with stubbornness in her voice as she was about to approach the assassin before Sky pulled at her collar and switched spots with her taking out his ninjaken. She hissed as he had already left to let her find her way out as she put away her double kodachi and ran towards and up the wall, grabbing onto pipes running down the side of the buildings, pulling herself up as blood ran down her arm from her cut. Ignoring the pain, she managed to reach the top of the building as she looked down seeing Sky holding his own against the assassin. Quickly, she pulled out her own shurikens and threw them between the assassin and Sky. Sky looked up at her and realized she was distracting the assassin to help him get away. He took the opening he was giving her as Sky followed suit in the way she escaped to the top of the rooftop. Once he made it to the roof, he pulled at her arm as they both left the area hoping the assassin would not follow them.

She followed him to the rooftop of an apartment complex, where she noticed someone on the top waiting for them. When they both landed, she looked up and noticed it was Kaen as she stopped in her tracks and looked between Sky and Kaen.

"Oh sweetie, don't stop in your tracks now. There's more to this than you know. Especially when this guy was warning you." Kaen pointed to Sky as he had already taken off his mask and turned to look at her with a solemn expression.

"We need to get inside before the sun comes up and so he doesn't know where we are in case he did follow us." Sky said quietly, turning away and heading towards the door walking below to Kaen's apartment. Before she could say anything, Kaen was already beside her pulling her arm, leading her inside the building. She followed quietly as Kaen opened the door to his apartment for her. Stepping inside his apartment Sky was already changed in normal clothing sitting on the couch waiting on them.

"I think we all need to sit down and talk." Sky spoke up as she sat down in the recliner hearing Kaen close the door behind them as he moved and sat down beside Sky and before she could respond, Kaen spoke up.

"Actually, the both of you need to rest and cool down. We can talk about this in the morning." Kaen looked towards her and pointed to his bedroom. "I know you won't like the idea, but it's best if you stay here for the night. You can have my room. Him and I can stay out here for the rest of the night." He didn't give her room to say no and even she could feel as if she couldn't respond with a no because she needed to know and she wanted to be there for that talk Sky was talking about.

Kaen got up and walked to his dresser and took out a t-shirt and shorts for her. "Here, I know it's not much but you can sleep in this alright? And, once you're changed, I can help you out with both those cuts you've got." He smiled as he was about to walk away and close the door behind him, she spoke up.

"Thank you, but I can manage these injuries just fine." She said stubbornly as she watched him close the door reluctantly. She turned to the mirror and took off her clothes, changing into the clothes he had given her. Once she had changed, she pulled up the sleeve on her left arm and looked at the cut underneath her right eye. She noticed the dry blood as she put the sleeve down and opened the door and walked quietly into living room seeing Sky and Kaen speaking softly.

"Sorry to bother you guys but, is there a possible chance I could borrow or use a first aid kit?" She asked them politely as she stood in Kaen's clothing. Kaen spoke up first and pointed to his bathroom. "If you look underneath the sink, you should be able to find the first aid kit. Do you need any help?" He asked her kindly, as she noticed Sky was quiet, not really saying much of anything.

"No, I think I should be fine. Thank you though." She said, walking towards the bathroom. She noticed her vision going blurry and as soon as she made to the bathroom door to look under the sink, she had lost her balance and fell to the floor. She tried to pick herself up and failed in doing so, as if her body was stuck and not listening to her.

The guys heard her collapse as they quickly stood up from the couch and ran towards the bathroom. Sky reached the bathroom first as he picked her up immediately into his arms and put a hand on her forehead. He picked her up quickly and moved her into Kaen's bedroom, putting her on his bed as Kaen trailed behind Sky with the first aid kit.

"Move Sky! Tell me what happened out there, now!" Kaen said quickly as he opened the first aid kit and began looking at both her cuts as Sky leaned up against the wall with his arms crossed, clenching both his arms tightly as he explained what had happened.

"Damn it Sky! With as long as you've been an assassin, did you not sit there and think she may have been poisoned? Especially being the sole survivor of her family?" Kaen brought up sharply to him as she lost conscious. "You know damn well who she is and once she realizes who you are, she will not be a happy camper." Kaen finished up saying as it was clear on Sky's expression he was fuming with anger that he could not keep her safe. Kaen had taken out an antidote and syringe, which was in a hidden compartment of the first aid kit. Kaen was always the one to treat Sky whenever he had been injured before so he was well prepared as Kaen watched Sky from the corner of his eye, seeing Sky walk out of the room in frustration. He shook his head from his friend walking out of the room as he put a hand on her forehead to check her temperature. She was running a fever and hopefully the antidote would help keep her stable for the night. Before he walked away from her, he pulled the covers up over her as he left the bedroom, keeping the door cracked open in case they needed to quickly go back and check in on her.

Stepping out into Kaen's living room, he noticed Sky was in the spare bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed bent over with his arms on his knees and his head in his hands. Kaen walked into the room, leaning his back against the wall beside the door.

"What are you glooming over about?" Kaen spoke up, crossing his arms looking at his best friend.

Sky lifted his head from his hands and looked up at Kaen with his arms still on his knees, as he clasped his hands together. "She is the sister of an old best friend. Someone who I was supposed to keep safe and protect at one point and time, but no, here she is. Trying to get involved in a world she should have left behind." Sky explained, remembering the promise he made to Sanyu's brother, Kazuki, as he managed to make it to the scene of the accident before the cops and firefighter trucks came in. Before the memory would come rushing back at him. He looked back at Kaen in utter defeat at the feeling he was unable to keep her safe.

"Look it is obvious she wants revenge, vengeance is running through her. However, that will only keep her going for so long until she gets her revenge. What do you think will happen to her then? I mean, we were all meant to be stone-cold killers but no, you and I stepped away from that life. She won't know any other way to live if she continues down that path. We both know how well that worked out for us." Kaen spoke logically and reasonably to Sky. "By the way, shouldn't she remember you?" Kaen pointed out with his hand on his chin thinking a bit.

"No, I don't think she really remembers me. She was fairly young and when her brother and I hung out, she was always hiding away in her room." Sky pointed out to Kaen thinking back to the old times he had fun with her brother. "But, she was always trying to cause trouble for us too whenever she wanted to have fun with her brother." Sky reminisced of the old times he had missed before her brother passed away. Years after that he had grown cold, he wasn't the kind of kid he used to be. He grew wiser and smarter, he chose to step away from the world of assassins. However, that world would not leave him alone, so instead, he chose to keep people safe instead as compared to going out and killing people. Which was how Sky and Kaen met. If it wasn't for Kaen stopping him from killing people, then Sky never would have had the chance to turn back.

Kaen spoke up and sighed softly. "Let it go. I don't fully know what happened during that time period. All, I know was what many people in our world talked about when her family died. We can either stop her now or help her in many different ways to better herself and her own life down the road. Whatever she decides is up to her." He walked out of the room, cutting off the lights. "Get some sleep Sky. You'll need it." Kaen quietly closed the door behind him as he sat down on the couch, leaning his head back and staring up at the ceiling. Kaen stood up and turned off the living room lights before he laid down on the couch and went to sleep, waiting for what the morning had in store for everyone.

In the morning, Sky had woken up due to the sun shining through the window of the guest room he was sleeping in. Before he fell asleep, he had managed to change out of his clothing and wore a pair of shorts he was borrowing from Kaen and slept shirtless. He rolled himself out of bed and slowly opened his eyes, adjusting to the sunlight in the room. He walked out of the guest room, as he put his shirt on at the same time, he saw Kaen lying on the couch still asleep as he walked quietly to his bedroom to see Sanyu still asleep in Kaen's bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and placed a hand on her forehead. He no longer felt the fever she had last night as he took a towel and wiped around her face, wiping her face from her own sweat to help her feel a bit better. He moved some of her hair from her eyes to the behind her ear as he was lost in thought as he shook his head and noticed movement in her eyes. He stepped back from her and the bed as he moved quietly out of the room, not closing the door as he left it open. Walking back into the living room, he could tell from Kaen's breathing, he was about to wake up as he walked into Kaen's kitchen to figure out what he was going to cook for breakfast.

Sky started off with some eggs as he started to scramble the eggs in the pan, cooking it through as Kaen yawned waking up and stretching his arms out as Sky was distracted from cooking, Kaen walked up and sat at the dining table with his arms crossed watching Sky. "Do you ever take a break?" Kaen asked Sky with a tired tone still trying to fully wake up as Sky left the stove on but moved the pan and divided the scrambled eggs in the pan as he stared at Kaen and shook his head. "I do take a break here and there. Which if you're going to simply sit there you can go and take out some plates for the three of us." Kaen got up from his seat and smiled sweetly at Sky, grabbing three plates along with the utensils, placing them on the table. "And how would you know she is going to be eating with us?" Kaen said in an annoying, teasing tone, towards Sky as Sky shook his head putting the eggs on the plates as he went back to the stove, putting the bacon in the skillet, starting to cook the bacon for the three of them.

"If you're that curious about her, why don't you go and check in on her then." Sky's voice was even as he paid attention to the bacon that was searing in the skillet, flipping them over as he heard her voice speak up from the doorway of Kaen's room.

"You know, you guys act like I am dead and unable to take care of myself." Sanyu's voice broke as she explained herself leaning against Kaen's door frame and began walking towards the both of them and sitting down in a chair at the dining table.

"You should have stayed in bed." Kaen said sternly unhappy with the fact she had walked herself from his bedroom to the dining table.

"Not when I want to know who his family is." She pointed to Sky in reference to when she heard Kaen yelling at Sky when she had lost her sense of balance and vision when the poison had become to hit her system.

Sky had finished cooking the bacon as he was already putting them on their plates and stopped mid-way when she was pointing to him and to her response. He sighed and glanced over to Kaen noticing Kaen was already eating quietly.

"Eat first and we will explain the situation and my own involvement." Sky spoke sternly looking at her as he walked away to put the skillet in the sink and sat down with Kaen and Sanyu, eating from his own plate waiting for the inevitable situation which was bound to happen even though he and Kaen were both wanting to spare her the truth.

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