Es eyed at the clock.


She downed her milk and took a bite of her scrambled eggs. When she finished eating, she proceeded in taking her dishes over to the sink. As she turned the water on, her father entered the kitchen.

"Uh, Es? You should get going or you'll be late. I can do the dishes."

Es looked in his direction, "I got this, dad. I'm trying out this experiment."

He raised an eyebrow, "What? How many excuses you can come up with for being late?"

Es smiled, "Something like that." Her eyes flickered over to the clock.


"All right, off I go!" Es exclaimed, rushing out the door. She swung a leg over her bike and began to pedal. The wind hit her face, and her dark ebony hair streamed behind her. She reached the crosswalk and noted that the cross light was red. She looked down at her watch.


It should be turning green in three… two…one.

The light flickered green. She grinned at the impeccable timing and continued down towards the school. She parked her bike and walked briskly towards her class. She risked another glance as her watch.


She increased her speed as she pulled her hair back into a messy bun. As she reached the door, she inhaled deeply to calm her rapid breathing, and then slipped through the door. The students were still huddled up in their circle of friends, socializing. She slid down into her seat just as the bell shrilled loudly.


She allowed herself a small smile at the sense of accomplishment. It was determined; she would be leaving her house at 7:48 every day from now on. The teacher, Ms. Lucas, called for order and students obediently headed back towards their seats.

Es rested her chin on her hands and looked about the classroom, resorting to her favourite activity of people watching.

Tiffany Bolen. The popular head cheerleader who looked perfectly polished as always. It was Spirit Week and Es had to admit that her Tiffany's cheerleading outfit hugged her curves in all the right places, the short length of the mini-skirt displaying a set of well-rounded legs that Nick Tollins was currently eyeing appreciatively.

Nick Tollins. The attention of all gossip and all-around hottie. Es' own heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. No girl could be completely immune to those sky-blue eyes and sandy-coloured hair. He sneakily slid his chair closer to Tiffany's and slid an arm around her waist. She, in return, placed her hand possessively on his knee.

Es lifted her eyebrows up and flicked her glance over to Ms. Lucas, whose eagle's eyes didn't allow any funny business whatsoever. Tiffany slid her hand under Nick's shirt and it rose up slowly. Es quirked her lips, amused. This definitely qualified as funny business. Was Lucas seriously not going to say anything? She seemed looking at something going on outside of the classroom at the moment. Es craned her neck to follow the teacher's eyes, curious.

"Hold on a second, class," Ms. Lucas announced, stepping out of the room. Es couldn't see anything from her seat. She sank back into her seat, and sighed. She couldn't believe the teacher had allowed those two lovebirds to be lab partners. Well, Es couldn't complain. They were certainly quite interesting to look at. It was like watching a live chick flick. The head cheerleader and the football captain, they were seriously living out their own little cliché. She glanced over to her own partner, who was currently staring off into space. He was a bit strange.

"Hey Brian, how you doing today?" she asked brightly, attempting to be friendly.

He looked over at her, and nodded deeply before turning back stare at the ceiling.

Es shrugged her shoulders. You met a lot of seriously weird people in high school.

Ms. Lucas stepped back into the classroom, this time with someone following behind her.

"Class, we have a new student joining us today." said Mrs. Lucas.

Everyone looked up eagerly, and the females in the room weren't disappointed.

He was good-looking. Seriously good-looking. Like able-to-compete-with-Nick-Tollins-and-possibly-even-beat-him good looking.

Es looked at him, intrigued. His brown hair, curling at the edges of his neck, was attractive. He dressed casually, but his clothes fit well. Not tight, but enough to hint at a well-toned stomach. He appeared to be perfectly at ease with being in the spotlight. His confidence would allow him a free pass into popularity, no doubt.

Es couldn't help sneaking a glance towards Tiffany to see she was reacting to this totally hunky guy. Tiffany was looking over him appreciatively, her lips curling into a pleased smile. Then she pulled her hand out of Nick's grasp and smiled angelically at the new guy. Nick frowned at her and glared up at the guy who seemed to be stealing his thunder. Es' eyes crinkled in delight. She loved drama and this new guy sure was causing lot of waves. Es directed her attention back him.

The new guy appraised the classroom coolly, his eyes stopping on Es, making eye contact. He smiled winningly right at her.

Es stared back, surprised that she caught his attention, before lowering her gaze in embarrassment.

"Would you please introduce yourself?" Ms. Lucas asked, "I'm sorry, I like to embarrass new students on their first day."

"No embarrassment at all, Ms. Lucas. I'd be happy give an introduction."

He turned towards the class.

"I'm Jesse Conners. I enjoy eating most everything, but I especially love Italian dishes, so girls, feel free to bring me food anytime."

Murmurs spread throughout the class and the teacher looked amused.

Jesse continued, "After all ladies, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

The guys in the class agreed vigorously and the girls looked downright cat-like, smiling at Jesse like he was their next scrumptious meal.

Es looked at him with a hint of admiration. He certainly knew how to charm the girls and keep his peace with the guys. He had his people skills. Jesse stared right back at her and grinned, shrugging his shoulders, as if to say, I'm amazing. No need to tell me, girl, I know it.

Es rolled her eyes and scoffed, losing a bit of her admiration. And of course, the arrogance never failed to come along with the pretty face. It seemed to be a package deal.

"All right, class. Settle down now," Ms. Lucas said, still smiling and shaking her head.

"Well, Jesse," she remarked, "you've turned out to be quite the charmer."

"Thank you, Ms. Lucas. I try," Jesse replied back smoothly.

Ms. Lucas suppressed a laugh and instead nodded solemnly.

"Yes, well. Why don't you sit down first? I can get someone to take you out a few minutes before lunch and kind of get you more familiar with the school."

"Oh great! A tour would be lovely. Would you like to suggest someone?" Jesse gave a sheepish look, "it's kind of my first day. I don't really know anyone."

Ms. Lucas smiled warmly, "I'm sure we can get some volunteers…" She looked at the class.

Hands immediately shot up. Nick pulled down Tiffany's hand and gave her an irritated look, much to Es' entertainment.

"But unfortunately," Ms. Lucas continued, "I need someone who can afford to cut some class time. Needless to say, those who are failing my class cannot go."

Ms. Lucas scanned the room quickly.

"Es, you're my best student, go on and take Jesse for a tour fifteen minutes before class ends, all right?"

Es opened her mouth in protest, but Ms. Lucas had already moved on with her lesson. Es pouted to herself, she liked this class. In fact, it was her favourite class. And now, she'd be missing out on it to give a stupid tour.

She sighed and listened attentively to Ms. Lucas, intending to get as much out of the lesson as possible. Time passed swiftly and Es glanced down at her immaculate notes with pleasure, tracing a finger over her beautiful penmanship. Sometimes, she didn't know how she did it.

Unfortunately, Jesse stood up, packing his bags with exactly fifteen extra minutes to spare. He gave Ms. Lucas a questioning glance, and Ms. Lucas nodded her approval without even the slightest pause in her lecturing. He began walking towards the door, giving Es a meaningful look. Es slowly got to her feet and walked out after him, grumbling to herself inwardly. When she got to the door, she turned to close the door quietly behind her. She spun back around just in time to meet Jesse.

Face-to-face, noses separated by only a couple of inches.

She gasped softly, surprised by their close proximity. She reflexively stepped back into the door. She could see, in perfect detail, his forest-green irises that were staring at her with an intensity that thrilled and frightened her at the same time.

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