Everything is so dark I see no type of light the one window of existence is a dull grey ,enough to see the scenery outside a ocean so beautiful and hypnotizing ,a blue so dark and rich yet so bright and light I back away and wait in a dark corner whisper words of salvation its so dark ,so hot ,so lonely while the ocean seems so refreshing and welcoming ,cool and calm ,peaceful should I wait I think why am I here ? I ask myself I don't belong here I demand ,I craze in this dark suffocating place I cant go home no one cares no one remembers no one listens but I don't want to be here it hurts to be alone but iv never been able to escape from the sizzling claws of darkness I don't mind it really I get used to it its in a way comforting but its like a puncturing sting of pain in my chest to know am alone ,alone , alone always alone even when surrounded by people I want to feel free and cool without a care in anything what so ever I want to feel powerful and wise I want to know I can be by myself but I cant seem to stay unhurt I hide it I hide it so well no one ever notices which in a way saddens me and stabs from allover ,the lies the memories the abuse the hunting of scenes and the aching hole inside ,that comes back harder each time when am alone in the dark so ill escape this nightmare ill feel free and safe, powerful and not alone I stand from my corner after a long time of waiting my dark strands of hair covering my dark eyes and my bodies shadow dissolving in the place where I laid I lifted part of my head my hair falling to reveal my left eye and I see my goal I ready myself and run ,run , run so hard and fast then I jump high from that wicked old window to land in a ice cold yet comforting embrace I land deep within those bright blue waves and resurface in a high jump ,suck in nice cool fresh air and smile for the first time in a long time and I shake open my courage and will in form of two large dark ,bight ,glimmering grey wings and fly ,fly high so high that I can feel my freedom I stretch out my hand and reach ,reach up ,up , up to my savior….