Her bones are delicate

but beautiful

like a fragile rose

sprinkled with raindrops

Locked away in her tower

Far away from her prince

The queen has gone insane

She's pulling out her hair in handfuls

She wants to rip her eyes

right out of their sockets

She wants to scream

until her throat bleeds

and she drowns in the crimson

She's crying a river

She's destroying her fair skin

She's bound and trapped

Caged and tied down

she barely has room to breathe

She'll survive here

Up in her tower

Her prison

The stairs to the bottom are dark


and they never end

she never reaches the bottom step

no matter how far she runs

no matter how far she falls

One day she cuts up her thighs

the next it's her arms

and then it's her frail legs

soon her face is destroyed

scars now litter her skin

but she is still beautiful


Deep within her sheets

she hides

driven mad by the cell

the cell in which she is trapped

She can peer out the window

She can see the lovers and friends below

In their jubilant city



She can watch it all

But she can never touch it

She cannot call to those down below

They never hear her cries

Cries for help

When she dreams

she is outside

in the city

living a decent life

she is lonely at times

but it's better than being trapped

better than being locked away

Day after day

she suffocates

Gasping for breath

as she begs

begs anyone who will listen

begs someone to see her

begs someone to save her