To the East of the Willow Forest was a great expanse of ocean, unpredictable and wild in nature. No living creature knew exactly how deep. Near the shores, young sea dragons fight for territory. They are known for eating indiscriminately. Once in two sea dragons came upon the Eastern shore to mate. Their eggs would be left, buried deep in the sand once laid. From birth, a sea dragon's life is a fight for survival. The parents always bury them more than 5 feet deep so that they have to claw their way up through the sand. The sea dragon faces a series of survival tests. They are natural loners, and will swim down shore until each claim a certain expanse of beach. The weakest die. The sea dragons eat everything that comes close to them, for they must grow as quickly as possible. They will spend the next eighty years feeding, killing each other, eating, and growing. At this point, the sea dragon is longer than two plane horses. The great hunters left make their way into the depths, and are unseen until they return to mate, another hundred years later. In that time, they will triple in size.