Hey friends.

First of all, if me replacing the first chapter caused anyone to get a notification that I'd 'updated' the story after five years of not touching it, and you came here confused and excited only to see THIS bullshit! …I am sorry. I'm not sure how these things work.

Second, there is good and bad news!

The bad should be obvious by now—I've taken the story down from fictionpress for the time being.

The good is that I took it down because I've been doing serious edits on it! I'm only through about the first half of it (aka 'part 1', which I've realised it a real whole story on its own, but I digress) and it's already got ~30k new words, including a full new chapter. On top of that, I'm reworking the end of 'part 2', which has ~15k new words tacked onto it as of right now.

I felt it only right that I take down what was up here, since I was no longer happy with the story it was and feel the changes I've made already make it so much better.

The future of the story I'm uncertain on—whether I think I'll try to get it published one day, or self-publish, or simply re-upload it to the internet (including whether I'll put it here again or in new places), but I've created a writing blog ( .com) to hopefully keep updates in one easy place. You're more than welcome to find me there and talk to me, or see what's going on.

Last of all, I just want to say that I'm so grateful to the readers I had here! Thank you again. Because of that, if you'd previously interacted with this story (reviews/alerts/faves) and would like to come visit my tumblr and drop an ask, I'd be willing to fill you in on what the new ending of this story is, maybe give you secret deets on the spin-off story I'm working on, or something like that. Just tell me what your username was over here, and yeah! We'll figure something out :)

Until who-knows-when, take care everybody.