Goodnight my angel,
goodnight my love.
I send sweet dreams,
from the world above.

Though I am gone,
don't tremble so.
I am happy here,
I want you to know.

I watch you live,
so live for me.
Be a wife,
have a family.

Make my dreams,
your dreams too.
Be all you can be,
and start anew.

I loved you in life,
and still in death.
I want to hold you,
to feel your soft breath.

But move on, dear,
be happy again.
Just always know,
I will forever be your friend.

Live a happy life,
be true to yourself.
I am here for you, love.
I give you my heart, my only wealth.

When you move on,
and I know that you will,
follow your heart.
I will wait for you till.