A cool breeze danced one winter night sweeping crushed hazel and sapphire colored leaves

Shaped like the tips of flames from the cold snowy ground where a small girl stood clad in a

Velvet silver hooded cape then another chilling gust of wind descended upon the child opening her

Cape and pulling down her hood, she seemed unaffected by the cruel freezing lashes of wind

Whipping at her long midnight feather-like hair and her small snow white oval face adorned by

Tiny plumb ruby lips, button nose and a pair of beautiful hypnotizing deep violet-grey eyes

Framed by thick dark lashes that arched and curled like a butterflies wings with a long elegant

Neck to hold it together leading to a graceful lithe figure for a child, covered in a long , light ,

Silk-made black dress tight in the chest to the waist and flowing freely like a waterfall past her

Feet , with long sleeves following from the shoulders down in a similar pattern and past her small

Pale hands where a sliver band with a thick black-green gem shimmered in the middle.

Once Upon a Time ~