It was a warm sunny day when I saw a garden full of beautiful flowers of every color of the rainbow. But to bad I wasn't looking for those kind of flowers. They are all so pretty violet tulips, sunflowers, and one that looked like a rainbow. You see I'm looking for a rose because today is "valentines day" and I want to give my mom the perfect rose also she loves them they are her favorite and my step dad and her got mad at each other. So I want to help them get back together.

So I kept wandering around then suddenly I saw it. It was perfect amazing my search was over because there it was. It was as red as the fresh blood running and pumping through our veins. So I ran through the street straight to it I took it out gently so that the petals as soft as a feather would not fall of place. By the way I got it from a bush lucky me it looked like the last one.

Then out of nowhere a lady that looked as sweet as a piece of candy came out. You could tell she was like 70 or older she had hair as white and soft looking just like cotton. She told me in a soft low voice "what are you doing young lady". Then I told her all about why I needed the rose then she told me goodness me why didn't you say so. So I took it as a ok you can take it.

So I took it and right when I was about to leave the lady said "wait if really want to give your mom the perfect rose come in". So I said "what are you talking about I have it right here". "Ok then" she said "if you think that's the perfect rose then bye". So I looked at her all confused but then I said "hey it would not hurt to find out what she's talking about". I went inside ate some blue berry muffins that she gave me then.

She took me to a dark room I got so creeped out I screamed. She said "don't be scared my child I just want to show you the mystic rose". "Mystic Rose"? I said "yes the most rare and beautiful of all" she said. Boy was she right when I saw it I almost cried "WOW"! I said "it's perfect and different all in one". "Yes I know" she said you may take it to your mother. "Really" I said all surprised "yes" she said.

So I did and when I got home. I showed my mom the rose she was so happy she cried. I told her about the lady and how the rose was called. By the way the rose had all mixed colors like ruby red, sky blue, golden yellow, hot pink, and chocolate brown. Really beautiful colors so beautiful it made my eyes sparkle "Mystic Rose" I said after taking a good look at it.