Chapter 1


"Who's that?"

"That's Chi, don't you know her? She is famous at this school."

"No... who is she?"

"No one knows her real name, she hands in all her term papers blank. She barley interacts with anyone, and to some shes very scary. Some call her the moon flower for her mysterious air, but honestly... I think that flower has thorns. Something just isn't right about her."

"Wow... I wonder what is going on with her."

"I'm not sure... she has never been to an aura testing session in this school either."

"Wow! Isn't aura testing mandatory? It's not only aura capability, it is a form of identification as well."

"No one knows her identity, it probably has something to do with her name she never tells. Actually class B12 is the class that gave her the name Chi, at least she responds to it."

I rolled my eyes at the girls as I passed them. Surly they could at least mind their own business. I gazed towards the front of the school and saw many men and women in long white robes pile out of their cars with different machines. Today was the day, it was the yearly test everyone is excited about. The academy for the aura and special cases, is a very unique school that resides on the island west of town. I researched the school long ago and it is funded by the three main house holds in the area, the houses belonging obviously to some rich snobs that probably have nothing better to do with their time. The school is made up of different sections for each pact, a pact is like a group of a specific aura type. For example, if you have the ability to move objects you would go into the mentalia pact. The mentalia pact color is a beautiful purple and their school uniform consists of the school colors plus their pact color. Honestly I think the whole pact idea is just a scheme to have teams within the school walls, another way to keep students from being bored out of their minds I suppose. The school is fairly new and about ten years old, this would count as the tenth aura test this year.

The test determines the students mental and aura capabilities. It highlights the students weak points and strong points to the scientists who perform the testing. They also record something called an aura code down in their database to identify you easier, the long and the short of it is they want to know who you are. If your capability is strong enough, you will be immediately shipped to that school. I didn't intend for that to happen, I had unfinished business here.

I looked back at the scientists setting up machinery with their long coats with smiles on their faces. It sickened me, those lab rats thought auras were some great new power for humans we only just discovered. Unfortunately auras weren't great, they were a force to be feared. For someone to have a destructive aura, comes more responsibility, sometimes this responsibility is more then anyone could handle. I was about to look away from them, when something peculiar caught my eye. Five students from the school were here as well, this was a first.

"Is Chi curious about the aura test?" I felt my lip twitch in irritation slightly as two girls passed me.

"Probably about the students, one from each of the five pacts. I wonder why they are here, for stragglers?"

"No I heard about them, they are called skeers. The head of the house chooses one person from each house to protect order in the school. They also come to aura tests too as a special treatment, they make sure unstable aura isn't used against the scientists. They are like guards."

"but why one from each house?"

"Every aura has a weakness, but having five auras totally unrelated to each other even if one person can't help, the other four can."

"Ah I get it."

I couldn't help but scoff at them. Guardians of the school huh? Fine... I wasn't planning on being tested on so it can't be helped anyway. I felt their presence rather well though, these five must be some of the most powerful in their pacts. I couldn't say for sure though, each aura code is different.

"I sense something. There is definitely one in this school."

I gazed up and saw one of the five aura students wander around the school fields. He had snow white hair and beautiful green eyes. He was rather short but I felt his aura as it pulsed dramatically. These kids were very peculiar to me, and what exactly was he sensing?

"What are you doing Phi?" a girl with light brown hair and light blue eyes asked. Out of the five she was the smallest, and her aura felt gentle. I couldn't remember all the pact names but her color was a beautiful blue color. Even if it were pretty the blue sickened me, it was a color I hated with a passion.

"There is someone here in this school with a very powerful aura presence. It's really odd how this aura could be created in less then a year, it has been awake for awhile now. It's odd how the scientists never found it yet." Phi responded. He started to talk to some students casually, and each time he engaged he would either shake his head at the light brown headed girl or look confused. I realized Phi was part of the mentalia pact, out of everyone in the five pacts. Mentalia can sense auras at least ten times greater then average.

It didn't concern me much, knowing he could sense my power. It was far from human aura though... It was diluted blood and curse to my name. It was the very reason I hated blue, the color of my vengeance and the color of my hatred.

That was a story for next time however, I couldn't be tested on. I didn't want to be known at all. That very moment, I dropped my book bag and bolted. Some students who gathered to watch the scientists decided I was more interesting and watched me as I jumped the fence cutting off the schoolyard to a backyard.

"What is Chi doing?"

"So cool! She is ditching the test again!"

I wished they all shut up, Phi looked like a smart kid, he would piece everything together would he not?

I didn't know where I was going honestly, the thought of Phi chasing me kept popping in my head and made my legs push forward faster. I didn't care where I went, and normally aura testing wouldn't make me run so frantically, but this time was different, it was a gut feeling.

I found myself running past one of the three main houses in town. This area was filled with the rich house families that consisted of a few dozen per house. Children, sisters, brothers and their kids children were in their specific areas around their main building for family gatherings. If you hopped the main house fence and ran inside, you would see multiple houses and spacious land for parties or festivities. If you were crazy enough to try jumping over that huge wall in the first place.

I ran through the open areas between each house, trying to find somewhere I could lay low for awhile. I ended up running into two men, and from they way they were dressed, they were from one of these houses.

"Who is this klutz? Some distraction you vile Yei? The house of Dei will strike down you half blooded scum and rid you from this world!" One of the two men said. I was guessing he was from the house of Dei, one of the violent houses in town. They are apparently very hot headed and stubborn. From the townspeople outside the main houses, these rumors were something I never really took notice to.

"She is no one I know from the house of Yei. You arrogant 'main bloods' have nothing against a half. We are superior in agility, brains, and I guess observation as well." this man from the house of Yei sounded colder but strict. Rumors have stated that the house of Yei were kind to outsiders and have a strict air about them, they are all blessed in sport though. They also had sharp tongues with a lot of wit laced in their words.

"Is she from Ahu then?" Dei seemed to blink out of his fury for a second and I backed away. Not in fear but I really shouldn't be here actually.

"Oh no! I'm just passing through! Please continue I'm just going to go home now, bye!" I replied. I was about to leave when one of the two grabbed my arm and yanked me back.

"You lie, we would have sensed a normal human." Yei stated. He narrowed his eyes and I gulped.

"Sensed a human? You mean aura powers right? What are you talking abut?" I tried acting confused. I sounded really stupid though.

"You lie horribly!" Dei laughed. I bit my tongue, of course I'm terrible at it. I narrowed my eyes at the two and saw something frightfully familiar. I couldn't notice it right away but now that I do notice it, it made me angry.

"You two, are demons." I hissed. The two men were shocked but they quickly regained calm expressions.

"My my, someone has a deadly piece of information." Yei commented.

"It is true, we are the heads of two powerful houses. The two main houses, a place for demons of pure blood and muddy halflings." Dei chimed in. I saw Yei twitch from his comment but he ignored it.

"Now who might you be? You must be demon considering you sensed our true forms." Yei asked nicely. I felt like I was some stray cat they found on the street, and after suspecting me they were a bit warmer. It isn't odd though, female demons are rare and their powers are very unique.

"I don't give my name out." I hissed. "I only come to ask if you know anyone by the name of Zavros or Nene here."

When I asked, their faces hardened. Names that they hated as well I assume? At least we were on the same side here.

"Zavros has been killed by our family." Yei commented. "Nene was exiled and ordered to never return to the Dei family. Zavros committed the worst crime a demon could possibly do, and Nene stood by and watched him."

I nodded in understanding. "I wanted to kill them ever since the day." I muttered. I guess the main houses beat me to it.

"You know?" Yei asked surprised. He was caught off guard again. I glared at the two demons, what happened long ago was none of their business.

"If she does she must be destroyed!" Dei roared out in rage. I dodged the knife he slashed out at me and clenched my teeth. I guess it's true the Dei family was hot headed and very violent. His weapon didn't faze me much though.

"Dei calm down, your anger is always landing your house in some pitiful position." Yei calmly observed us. He was amused by the thrashes of anger towards me, I saw his eyes light up every time I dodged them gracefully.

I was careless however and I didn't count on the head of the Dei family to use any of his demon magic. He cursed his dagger and made it seem like it was in a different place, when I dodged again without noticing this switch. I was grazed slightly by the edge of the blade, the small mark it left pooled in a blue liquid that caused Dei to stop his anger. My eyes widened as I grabbed my wound on my arm with my hand.

"Don't look at me! Stop I give!" I shouted in panic. The blood was a beautiful color that created a blue trail down my arm. They saw it though, they saw my cut that I gave myself carelessly. It was humiliating, and in front of demons no less.

"I understand now." Dei wiped his blade respectively with a cloth. "This is just disgusting."

"Well well this is interesting. No wonder you were looking for those two, with such pain and anger in your beautiful sapphire eyes." Yei added. I made sure my wound healed quickly, that was honestly the only good thing about having demon powers. The healing factor was quite wonderful.

"Well, Nene and Zavros would be shocked to know your alive. Too bad Zavros is dead and Nene has been cast off." Dei chuckled. He helped clean up my arm but I remained silent. They were being nicer now, I wondered why they were.

"Here! I sense it here!" the three of us looked up at the sound of a mans voice. I narrowed my eyes, it was Phi again wasn't it?

"Who is that?" Dei wondered.

"It's one of those aura freaks at the academy. They sense my power. I never been to aura testing before, I always skipped it, but now..." I explained. Dei and Yei seemed to understand almost immediately.

"You know, you should go to that school and forget about Nene. I doubt he is alive anyway, you should try to let go of your past." Yei commented.

I shook my head stubbornly. "No... I shall have my revenge on Nene. I will make him suffer for the pain they both caused me."

Yei smiled evilly at my comment and Dei nudged him. I really had to hold my tongue in front of demons, you never know what they are feeling or how they will react to you. Demons also have soul preferences, revenge must be Yei's preference.

"Phi wait up!"

"No didn't you hear the teacher? She hasn't gone to one, not even one! This is a major discovery, and she is a threat to the order as well!"

I clenched my teeth. I was angry remembering that day, the one day that made the color blue seem like evil. The demons I hate with a passion standing in front of me, their kin banished or killed. They were rival families yet they had the audacity to kill outside together.

I remember the blue as clear as day... blue, the color of my parents blood. Our kind could be considered angelic beings, but we were far from angels. Demon blood, curses, and any small trick a demon performed on a regular human was fatal to our kind. We were the last ones on this planet, and still no one knew a lot of our race. We were born human and changed by our parents blood by bathing in it. It was sick I know, but the liquid that ran through our veins were a lot more then just blood. It could do many miraculous things.

It was the day of my transformation they came. There was a tub already prepared for me, filled with the blue liquid that I disgust so much. This was the time my parents were at their weakest, changing someone was one of the hardest things a parent could do for their child. I was five years old and getting into my bath. The liquid felt nice on my feet when I dipped them in. It felt welcoming and it made my body tingle in anticipation. It was if this blue substance was the cure all for despair and the only thing pure in the world. It made every cell in my body crave the touch, with touch it became a stain in my skin, clearing any wounds and relaxing my muscles. I would have jumped right in happily if the blood didn't start reacting violently. Half way in and out of the tub I heard a scream, and it made the bath churn in fear. The blood darkened with the noise downstairs and I gazed at the beautiful blue in fear as it turned to black slowly. I jumped out and put on a robe before running downstairs.

Blue scattered the walls, it wasn't blood meant for me at all. This blood screamed and cried out in agony. I saw my mother and father, and two beasts. The figures terrified me, they had dangerous red eyes and smelled of death and sorrow. I couldn't begin to describe how awful they looked, and how monstrous they moved or smelled. They made my small heart beat faster and caused my legs to stiffen from fear. The two bodies morphed into human forms, their smell and fearsome appearance disappeared but that aura on them felt as strong as ever.

I couldn't yell or say anything when I saw my parents dead on the ground. I couldn't run or scream, I wanted to do something but I was too overwhelmed to do so. I could only feel my tears fall freely down my face like a tap was turned on. My legs were wobbly as I fell and held my moms cold hand, realization came quickly to me like a blunt knife piercing my heart. These were bodies, my parents were gone.

"Well well this is a shame. They had a little runt. This one is the last one on earth." one of the demons said. He chuckled evilly as he made his way towards me. Instinctively I backed away from him in fear my quick impulsing jolts of movement made me seem desperate to get far away from him.

"What are you doing Zavros? Just kill it and lets go." the other demon stated blankly. Zavros bared his fangs at me and I shuddered in fear.

"Wouldn't it be fun to say the last one died because of a curse?" Zavros smiled evilly.

"You aren't allowed to do that. It's against code." Nene told him. Zavros seemed to grow irritated at his friend.

"Oh hush Nene, that's only on humans. This isn't a human... well not anymore." Zavros replied. "Just stand there like a good boy and watch." without warning he grabbed my neck and squeezed. His eyes glowed a fearsome red and I felt the back of my neck burn in a searing pain. I would have screamed if the words in my throat weren't choked by the demons hand. Half of me seemed to convulse and my newly brewed blue blood clashed with the demons aura. The demon dropped me and I coughed, choking and wheezing for air.

"Come Nene, lets leave this pitiful soul to die in pain she deserves." Zavros sneered. The two demons left right then. I clenched my fist as I struggled to stay conscious, a new feeling I had never experienced before brewing in my chest.

Innocent hatred, pure hatred. These dark feelings opening up to me like a box being opened from deep inside my heart. The raging battle that once burned in pain inside of me stopped and balanced out.

The curse didn't kill me, but it changed me. I wasn't a spire like my parents were, and neither was I a demon like the curse intends to change humans into. I was half of each.

Within demon blood there is a true form, this form had been awakened and whispered the curse to me that very day.

"Unfortunate soul, for me to be awakened in. Yet in the soul is a blood that this one relishes in, just as much as I hunger for a soul to relish in. The curse takes your name, if you are to write your name on a piece of paper. Whoever has possession of it, will be able to control you as if you had no will. This is not the worst curse so you be blessed by the blue crest in your name."

I passed out with the ravens soft and smooth voice, echoing in my head.

I never heard from my other half since, but since I never opened up to the form; it changes me every night when the last bit of sunlight disappears over the horizon. I remember waking up in my parents house with the now black blood of my parents, dried up on my face and body. My body was in so much pain, but I was still alive, and I couldn't believe it. I went to wash off the blood and saw myself, eyes glowing blue and repulsive looking raven wings protruding from my back. The next morning however... my eyes and form was back to normal. This has been happening ever since that day.

"There she is!"

I opened my closed eyes with a new rage burning in my heart. Dei and Yei seemed to have left me there, but I didn't realize. Not that it mattered anyway, I felt nothing but anger towards no one in particular. I turned and met Phi face to face. His aura was filled with excitement and a little bit of anxiety as he reached out his hand.

"Chi was it? It has been brought to our attention you have not had an aura test in the ten years it has started." Phi stated. "It is law to at least do it once every five years so we can identify you as a student here."

"So you're here to make me get a test?" my voice was coarse and firm. No matter how hard I tried though, I couldn't shake this unmatchable anger.

"Actually we are all here to make sure you get one." I glanced away from Phi and saw the four other members catching up. There were two girls and two guys not including Phi, the one who spoke was a tall lean girl with fiery hair and honey colored eyes. "My name is Zo, and I'm from the elmen pact."

"Does it look like I care?" Unfortunately I really didn't know what aura elmen pact was. I only knew about the mentalia since it was the first pact that popped up on the site. I couldn't care less about pact houses anyway.

"We don't want to force you to come with us." the little girl with light blue eyes spoke up. "the test doesn't hurt and if you pass the test you can learn really cool stuff." her voice was squeaky and cute, like a twelve year old. She seemed like a nice kid but there was no way I would come along quietly. I glared at her and clenched my teeth.

"Don't waste your breath Yin, this girl is clearly itching for a fight." one of the guys said. This one had orange hair and green eyes. He patted Yin on the head and took a step closer to Phi, I felt him prepare his aura.

"Zen! Do something! Kerr is going to do something violent again and hurt himself!" Yin complained to a tall black haired man. His intelligent looking blue eyes gazed at me in contrary. He also slowly prepared himself just in case.

"If you attack we will have no choice to put you in aura cuffs." Zen told me. He twirled a pair of cuffs around his finger, when turned on it absorbs aura energy so you cant use your powers. Its usually what they put on criminals with aura potential, geez this is going overboard.

"I'm not being tested on." I stated coldly. I saw Kerr quickly move just then and appear beside me. He teleported? I jumped away from his hands just in time, and dodged him again when he lunged. He was fast, I admit it.

"Restrain her." Phi told everyone. He used his power to slow my movements, it was hard to resist a mentalia. They moved objects, sensed things, and some could even tell the future. It's the only house I really know about however. Kerr seemed to be all about speed and strength, I wonder what his house is.

I wasn't slow enough to not dodge Kerr, but the weight of the mentalia magic on my shoulders used up my energy quickly. Sooner or later its going to feel like moving a truck.

I was human at one point, did I have an aura back then? I wouldn't know. I did have my spire blood in me though, the blue liquid was the strongest part of me during the day. Spire magic consisted of many aura related elements, but I never tried practicing them myself. Right now would have been a great time to know all of the mysterious spire tricks.

"Why won't she slow down?" Kerr yelled angrily. "Can't I just knock her out?"

"No let's avoid a lawsuit." Zen replied. "Phi's magic works on energy, you know that. It just feels like he is slowing her down, when she is tired I'm sure you will catch her. Don't use any of those draconian powers Kerr." he wasn't helping at all. Actually, only two of them were trying to 'restrain' me. I wonder if they were underestimating me, it was five against one though. I clenched my fist, I needed to get rid of Phi's energy sucker.

I let my demonic spire aura loose just then, the raven stirred slightly in it's slumber but since it was day I made sure I didn't change. I held out my hand and flung Kerr into Phi easily, the lost energy was released and I felt energized once more. I was still tired, but at least I wasn't panting like a dog anymore.

"What was that?" Zo exclaimed. Kerr and Phi groaned as they rubbed their heads from hitting them off each other.

"She made their auras fly into each other, causing the two opposite auras to cancel out. She is smart if she knew that you two were opposing auras." Zen replied. He dug around in his pocket and took out his glasses. Then, he started to read a book in his hand. Was he really going to just stand there and read, while everyone else just fought me?

"Enough talk! This is pissing me off!" Kerr spat out in anger. I felt his aura growing and his eyes glowed a vicious red. I understood it now! He was from the draconian pact, it was a night class for dark auras. What dark creature did he take after though?

"Kerr! Calm down!" Zo yelled at him. I felt my anger die away as I saw his dark aura pulsing—flashback—I saw my parents, the dark creatures standing over them. The blue blood slowly drying up and turning black, my parents reaching out for me cold, dead. I was not angry, I was terrified.

I felt my aura rush back inside of me and half of me hated this fear. The raven hissed inside me and punished me for feeling this fear. I backed up as Kerr took a slow step forward, I couldn't help but feel tears well up in my eyes.

"Stop Kerr! Stop!" Phi shouted. The white headed boy ran up in front of me and held out his arms, shielding me... protecting me... like my parents would have. I knelt and clenched my hands, trembling, I didn't want anyone to protect me anymore.

I didn't see how they stopped Kerr from fighting, but I couldn't resist the sting of fear I felt when I saw that darkness. Kerr wasn't even a demon and I broke down. This was shameful... it was an embarrassment.

"She isn't responding or even looking at us." I didn't know who was speaking, but they brought a car and helped me.

"Just put the aura cuffs on her if she snaps out of it."

"Was Kerr really that scary looking?"

"Let's get back to the school."

I realized just then that I was still only a child. No matter how much hate I had, my fear would always outweigh it. Maybe I could start over... I could go to this school and forget my past. I didn't want to be scared, or remember those creatures so vile I wouldn't dare to describe them. Today was a reminder that even if my physical pain had already long past, my mental pain has yet to let go of those memories.

I needed to be strong, because I don't want to cry anymore.