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We all have that one person that is impossible to not think about when we remember our childhood. Mine came into my life with a little help from his parents and mine. My mother was his mother's best friend. So of course we grew up together.

That person came into my life in the form of Carson Brooks. He was tall, and has always been taller than me, that is considering he's three years older than me. He had dirty blonde messy hair, not the disgusting I-just-woke-up kind but the sexy look kind. He had a greenish-bluish kind of eyes with a strong jaw. And a perfect nose. And lips, boy was I a die-hard for those lips.

I could go on with his personality. I bet I could tell you about his personality in more than a thousand words. Probably a million. But I'm not here to tell you the story of his amazing personality and how he created it.

I'm here to tell you the story of how I fell in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time; and how sometimes we learn that when life leaves something right in front of your eyes, you might not be able to see it until every imperfections become perfection.

"Carson! Wait up!" I screamed, out of breath. I ran as fast as my five year-old legs could carry me.

Carson laughed in my face. Not exactly in my face since he was a few yards away but it felt like it. "You're a slow poke, Mallie!"

"I'm going to fall! Besides, you're three years older than me! That's so not fair, Car!"

He stopped and whipped around. "I think it's fair."

"I think it's not." I stopped running too. Placing my hands on my hips in a challenging way, I tried to imitate his height. Not that I knew any better.

"It is."

"It isn't."





"Is, Mallie. It is fair."

Seven years later…

"Shh… Mallie would you quit the noise!" The fifteen year-old Carson whispered-shouted at me through the darkness of his kitchen.

"I'm sorry!" I whisper-shouted back, tip-toeing my way behind him. "I just got to go to the bathroom real bad."

"Oh God… then why are you playing with your shirt!" He asked. What a direct question.

My cheeks turned so red I thought I was going to explode. "I-I think I…"

"You peed!" He raised his voice just a teensy bit. "I thought we were coming for ice-cream! Not to see you pee in your pants!"

"It's not that!" I said quickly, that just made me blush even harder. "I think I..."

Through the darkness I swear his face twitched in a sort of funny way. I'd laugh, only if I hadn't gotten my period right now.

"Car…" I whispered, "I think I got my period."

"Mallie! Why the hell would I want to know that!" He took a step back away from me. Then he started laughing.

"Carson! Don't laugh; I practically just announced that I could get pregnant! Gross!" I turned my back on him and silently started sniffing.

"Mallie? Umm... are you crying?" He slipped a hand on my shoulder to turn me around and take a look at my face. I pulled away.

"I hate you. I certainly wasn't expecting that reaction." I remarked. We didn't care anymore if we were talking at normal tone. His parents, sisters and brother were already sleeping anyway. Well, I wasn't so sure about his sister Darlie but who cares anyway, she has insomnia.

"What did you want me to do? After all, my best friend just told me she's got her period."

"Car! Eww!" That's when I remembered what I had to do. Get something. Don't you...umm…have a… umm?"

"Eww. I don't even want to know what you wanted to ask but come with me." He slid his soft palm into mine and pulled me away from my embarrassing moment.

"Car? Where are we going?"

"Shh! Follow me!" Although I practically knew his house like the back of my hand, Carson led the way.

We climbed the staircase to the second floor where all the rooms where located, then we turned left where I saw the four doors I've seen my entire life. The creamy colored one was Moira's; the dark blue was Carson's; the green one was Keller's; and the cherry red one was Darlie's.

We approached the red one. Darlie was Carson's older sister, about to turn seventeen in a week. She was a hopeless romantic. There isn't a word to describe her better than that one. Although, the funny thing was, she was way too hard to get. At least that's what Parker Jones told me. Parker Jones was a guy Darlie dated. The only guy she's ever dated. Darlie Brooks was pretty. No, scratch that, she was beautiful. She had the same honey brown hair that fell in curls behind her back like Keller, and soft brown maple eyes that pierced you right through your core. She might sound simple, but she really was beautiful.

Carson knocked on her door. We waited for about five minutes. I grabbed Carson's wrist to check the hour. 2:53 a.m. She better be awake.

The door opened roughly. "What the hell do you want!"

Her hair was hanging from her messy bun and she had on her pink polka-dotted pajamas.

"Malena, here, had an accident." I blushed so hard it hurt my cheeks. Carson slipped an arm around my shoulder to comfort me.

"What happened?" Darlie asked immediately, she turned to me and gave me a small smile.

"I…I…got…" I couldn't exactly form the words due to my embarrassment. As always, Carson just had to cover for me.

"She got her period." He said it so laid back that I thought he didn't even know what it was.

"You did?" Darlie asked me. To my surprise, a huge grin spread across her face. Why would she smile? This wasn't a happy situation!

"Yeah." I said softly.

"Come in! Quickly!" She instructed me and pulled me in. "Carson, go to your room! I don't even know why Malena told you! This is only, and I repeat, only for girls."

"Fine, whatever." His gaze turned to me and he smiled with his pearly whites, "Go to my room when you're done."

"Will do." I whispered.

Two years later…

"So… you will?" I asked Carson that was currently looking outside my window. I was sitting on my Pottery Barn bed staring at him.

He whipped around to look at me, "Will what?"

"Stay over for the night." I said.

"I don't think so Mallie." My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach and I looked down.

"You don't have to go the party. Besides, the only thing you'll do is drink and who knows what else." I stated, lifting my eyes to look at his.

"Mallie," He said in a tone that told me he wasn't happy with what I'd just said. "I'm seventeen. You don't expect me to suddenly tell my mates that I can't go because I'll be staying with my best friend, do you?"

"I was hoping you would…" I told him honestly.

"Well then, forgive me if I don't reach your expectations."

"I never said that! Besides, you don't understand how it feels when your best friend tells you that he's going to this party to do who-knows-what when you're going to stay at home just to hear the sound of nothing! Nothing! You knew that my parents were out this weekend and that Giselle was staying at Tommy's house! You knew, Carson, you knew!"

To this point I was absolutely and positively mad at him and not so sure that I wanted him to stay. He looked at me like I was just a little girl. I don't know how many minutes passed until he headed toward my bed. I thought he was going to say something or hug me or maybe even pick me up and twirl me around like he used to do.

But he didn't. He just grabbed his sweater and left me all alone and furious with myself. I certainly wasn't expecting this. And the saddest thing was that he was still going to the party. You sure know how to handle boys, Malena, you sure do.

I sighed and let myself fall on my bed sheets. This was going to be a long night.

I ended up watching The Omen. Why did I? I questioned myself at two in the morning. Now, I just can't sleep. Scary images of what I'd just watched flashed through my mind for umpteenth time. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block them out. See? If Carson had only stayed I wouldn't have even watched it. But anyway, it was either that or The Exorcist.

I lay in my bed with the covers reaching up to my chin and the only thing I could think about was Carson and 'what if's?' Oh, why didn't I just flip the channel and watched The Notebook instead? Why didn't I do that?

Every single image passed through my head once again. I checked the clock. It's been exactly two hours since I watched it.

It started replaying in my head. No, no, no!

I grabbed quickly the telephone sitting next to me and dialed his number which I had memorized a long time ago.

One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Four rings.

"Hello?" A male voice answered. I heard music in the background, loud music and a bunch of voices. Too many, for my taste.

"Carson?" I asked, my voice quivering.

"Um, no. This is Brody." He answered and my heart fell. Brody was one of Carson's friends.

"Brody? This is Malena." I hugged myself with one hand and the phone in the other. "Is Carson there?"

"Hey, Mals. No, he's not here. He's with Cathy somewhere in the house." I shivered when he said her name. Cathy. Ugh. I noticed that while my surroundings were silent and cold theirs were quite… loud-y, may I say so myself.

"Can you pass him over? Please? I really need to talk to him."

"Yeah." I heard some shoving and some of the voices fade away. "Oh, wait, they're in here."

I didn't know where 'here' was but I said "Okay," anyway. I heard a door open and a shout of surprise. Probably Cathy. I didn't even want to imagine what they were even doing. My mouth tasted bitter.

I heard Carson's voice in the background, "Brody! What the heck!

"Malena is on the phone." He answered. I heard some ruffling.

"Why does it always have to be about Malena!" Cathy whined.

"When hasn't it been about Malena?" Carson snapped. My heart skipped a beat. He cared! He wasn't mad at me! I heard a discussion going on in the background.

I heard some shuffling and then Carson's voice, "Mallie? You okay? Something wrong?"

"Carson!" I breathed in relief. The voices cleared and I heard a door close and lock. "I can't sleep! I'm scared!"

"Huh? Why? What happened?" I noticed the worried tone when he talked.

"I…I-I… watched a scary…movie." I said slowly and softly, suddenly afraid that something was going to jump out at me all of the sudden.

"Mallie! Oh God…" I hear him say, "What did you watch?"

"The Omen… Is the party still going on?" I asked, trying to change the topic and distract him form asking me more questions.

"The Omen! You kidding me? Even I was a little bit freaked out when I watched it when I was little! Why'd you watch it Mallie?" It sort of surprised me he was scared, I mean, he was never scared. "Ugh, don't even answer. I'm on my way."

I smiled inside and outside, although nobody could see me. My heart gave a leap when I heard the door open and close, ten minutes after I'd called Carson.

My smile grew wider.

Two years later…

"I'm sixteen Carson; I don't need you to come." I said to him, when we were in his room.

"I know, Mallie, I just don't trust the creep." I didn't believe him. The one he didn't trust was me. Oh, great. Just great.

"It's my first date! I've already stood up my other dates since last year Carson! Don't you think it's time for me to go out a little? Besides, I really really like him!" I told him.

He kept staring at me for a few more seconds and didn't say absolutely anything. Carson was definitely the jealous type. I've always known that, and for his sake I've stood up my dates. Hell, if I kept standing everybody up, I might end up alone in a house with 54 cats.

"Fine." He said through gritted, "Let's go."

He dropped me off at the restaurant but before I got out of his beat-up Chevy truck he said, "Mallie, if you need anything or if something happens, don't hesitate to call me. 'Kay?"

"Yeah," something flashed through his nineteen year-old expression. I closed the door behind me but when I turned around to face him and wave him goodbye he had such a worried expression on his face that I stood there for minutes. We stared at each other and I swear he could read my thoughts.

I took one look at the restaurant and went back to his Chevy truck. I opened the door and got in again.

"I'm not going." I told him and I breathed in sharply.

He didn't question and instead took me to a great best friend's dinner himself.

I didn't plan on having Carson Brooks as a best friend. I truly didn't. In fact, if it hadn't been for our parents we'd never have met. Carson and I never had nothing romantic going on. When we went out for dinner or something nobody questioned if it was a date, because they knew that he was my best friend and I was his. We weren't the typical fall-for-your-best-friend cliché. We never had been. I never felt in love with him, and I'm sure he never felt it too. I did love him, but not the 'falling in' part. At least until this year we hadn't.

When I imagine us in the future I don't see anybody at my side but him. I don't know why but I can't accept the idea of someone else with me growing older. Hell, he's been my best friend for thirteen years! I'm not planning on leaving him any time soon. I've thought about it every night for thirteen years straight and I just believe that pure fate made us stay together through the years, because if it had been us by ourselves we wouldn't have even paid attention to each other considering our personalities. I'm shy but when you get to know me I'm not. Carson's never been shy, he was more outspoken and laid-back I'd say. See what I mean? It's not like the most popular guy at school would hang out with me. It's like the senior with the freshman! Eww, no! It's only been the junior and the freshman, or the senior and the sophomore. Kind of funny, but yes, it was like that.

Now that I finished senior year and Carson's on his fourth semester of University, something has sparked. I'm not sure when, how or why. Maybe it was because we shared an apartment together. Or maybe because we've been paying more attention to our relationship lately. Or maybe because I just broke up with this guy who didn't treat me well, let's say.

But I don't think it's because of any of those. I don't think it has something to do with him at all. It has to do with me. I'm not saying he didn't feel it, he probably did. What I'm saying is I might have been the one to start it. I'm the one guilty of the change in our relationship.

I didn't want it to be like that. No, scratch that, I did want it to be like that. I just couldn't afford the risk and the danger it would be to lose Carson's friendship. I needed him. I've needed him for thirteen years in my life. When I remember something, Carson's there. When I'm talking about something, Carson's there. Even when my parents started fighting, Carson was there. Even when Giselle, my sister, ran away for the first time, Carson helped me haul her ass all the way from Boston. He was always there.

So this is how I ended up saying I couldn't afford the risk. It would mean risking my entire life for him and just one simple spark that had flown between us. I didn't want this to end and I'm pretty sure that neither did him.

For his and my sake, I made myself promise one thing. Just one simple stupid thing.

I wouldn't, couldn't and shouldn't fall in love with him.

If I'd known how hard it was to play by the rules. And he made it hard to remember that rule very difficult.

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