-The Lying Game-

I'll put on a strong face, when I wanna break down,

You'll never see the tears I cry or even a frown.

You want me to be happy? You want me to smile?

So as you wish, I'll cover it up and stay a while.

I'll hide behind my mask as you hide behind yours,

But if we keep pretending, who are we fooling anymore?

Our false facade is wearing down thin,

How did these fake smiles even begin?

What if we never met? Would things be the same?

Would we meet someone new and continue the lying game?

Will we wear smiles that won't quite reach our eyes?

What are we even gaining from all these lies?

Nothing would change if you never met me,

We'd go on our way and pretend to be happy.

We'd continue with our mind games and foolishness,

We're in too deep to be able to resist.

But why, why do we hide behind these masks?

We're merely living a fantasy that won't last.

What are you afraid of? Feeling what's real?

Knowing the truth or not knowing what to feel?

Let's escape this permanent masquerade,

And wipe away our false facades.

Maybe take a chance with me and let the worries go,

If you don't take a leap of faith, how would you ever know?

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