"You know, Casey Stengel was a product of his time which was the reason why he made that comment about Elston Howard when he did, n-word wasn't a big deal back in the day." said Bert.

His friend Richard scoffed and said, "You know, Adolf Hitler was a product of his time too and guess what he did...ordering genocide of the people he hates, starting the second World War, and whatnot." before taking a deep breath and continue, "I bet if Hitler plays for the Yankees, you'd root for him and besides, that's what the Yankees are anyway, evil team of cheat that takes steroids and buys championships!"

Bert puts his palm on his face and sigh, "Richard, I know you hated the Yankees but what you just said devoid of logic and I seriously doubt anyone would take you seriously but as a friend I will humor you by responding to the diarrhea you just spewed out."

"First of all, you're comparing a baseball manager to a man who helped orchestrated a mass murder and helped kickstarted the second world war, another thing is that you seem to have a massive obsession with Hitler, what the heck is up with that?"

Richard became angry upon hearing what Bert said and yell, "What the fuck are you talking about? I don't have obsessions with Hitler you fucking Nazi! I thought this is a free country and that I have a right to free speech which the country is founded on!"

Bert said, "Well, in every conversation you got into, you always bring up Hitler and make certain comparisons which turns nearly every person you argued with off."

"So what? People are butt-hurt because I was winning the arguments, after all I have a right to free speech and they can't deny my right! In fact, Adolf Hitler denies people's rights as well and we all know what he did afterward, that's right!"

"See? You did it again, you did it again, you'll always going to bring up Hitler in every argument, that's the true reason why no one wants to argue with you if you're going to continue this drivel! Not to mention if Hitler plays for the Yankees, I wouldn't root for them if it involves a scenario after what he did in World War 2..."

Richard spat on Bert's face and said, "Hitler makes excuses too and do you know what he did?"

Bert throws his fist and makes a solid contact to Richard's face, knocking him down before wiping the spit off his face with Richard's shirt.

"Forget it man, I'm done arguing with you!"

Later that day, Richard returns home from work when Marsha, his wife has just finished making dinner.

"Honey, I'm starving so you better have dinner prepared or otherwise you'll be killing me like what Hitler did with the concentration camps!" he yelled.

For years, Marsha put up with her husband's insane ramble about Hitler and her friends would ask her why she even married that idiot. When she told them the reason, one one believe her, after all, Richard was once a normal person? Then again even I find it hard to believe and I'm the person writing this story...anyway, it was the same old story, few years after the marriage, the relationship deteriorated due to Richard's fascination with documentaries on History channel about Nazis. In time, Richard's fascination would turn into obsession to the point in which he should have been scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist.

As Marsha arrive with a plate of meatloaf she just prepared, Richard cut a slice and plop it onto his plate. Afterward, the man stuck in his crazy obsessions took a piece of meatloaf with his fork and started to eat. Not long after, Richard made a weird face as he continues to chew his food with his mouth open while making a choking sound at the same time. The disgusting sound made it difficult for Marsha to eat her food as her husband started to cough and clear his throat like he had smoked several packs of cigarettes.

Once dinner was over, Richard said, "Honey, your cooking is off today."

"What is it this time?" Marsha asked in a sarcastic tone.

"The meatloaf...it tasted like it has been cooked by Hitler."

Later that night, the couple were in bed when Richard said, "You know what honey? It's been a rough day and I know our relationship haven't been good for the past years, maybe we should start communicating to each other more often,"

Marsha said, "I don't know, for the past few years, every time we tried, you compared everything I do to Hitler..."

"I promise I won't bring up the guy with a Charlie Chaplin mustache!"

"Really, I don't know...you seem to have a problem..."

"Oh, pointing the problems now? That's what Hitler did and he use it for his agenda to commit genocide in the second world war!"


Richard sigh and said, "Never mind, maybe tomorrow then."

Marsha turns away and said, "No, it will be like last time when you said something about 'sex with Hitler'..."

"But it is like sex with Hitler, you were off that night and I was in a terrible mood and I thought it will relieve the tension...but it made it worse and that's the reason why I said that!"

Richard would spend the rest of the night on a sofa.

Next morning at work, Richard was summoned by his boss to talk about his performance on his work from the past few weeks. When learning that he will have to take a two week vacation because of his declining work performance and believes that a time off can help him get back on track. However, Richard didn't take it very kindly and storm right out of the office with his face red as a beet. Once he left the building, Richard began to scream and said, "YOU BASTARD, I WORKED HERE FOR YEARS AND YOU'RE GOING TO PUT ME ON VACATION? YOU FUCKING NAZI, THIS IS WORSE THAN WHAT HITLER HAVE DONE, YOU MONSTER! I HOPE YOU DIE A MISERABLE DEATH AND BURN IN THE DEEPEST PART OF HELL YOU FUCK!"

While on his way home, Richard accidentally bumped into someone and yelled, "Watch where you're going, Hitler like to bump...people...too...yoa...oh my GOD!"

To his horror, the person he bumped into said, "Did you compared me to Hitler just because you didn't bother to get out of the way?"

Richard begins to back away and tries to run, but he tripped and winds up taking a beating of his life. Since that day, it would be reported in the news where it was dubbed as "The Biggest Smackdown in East Coast!"

To make this much more impressive, it was done without a "BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK!" and still garner as much hype when it did. Several months later, Richard would eventually recover from his injuries and be cured of his unhealthy obsessions with Hitler. However, being cured of his obsession doesn't stop him from continuing to act like a condenscending twit as his attitude would earn him several more beatdowns along the way, eventually resulting in his death by a chair to the head.