Hot... Light… Smoke….. Sparks fly everywhere.

When it leaves, it leaves nothing.


Destruction- A huge population, burned.

A little left. Only a little.


Everything destroyed. Families separated.

Some meet in a better place.


Everything gone in one touch. Gone forever.

Even life. Gone forever. Lost.


We live in a world ahead of yours. The future. You people think that we have it better here. No diseases, no poverty, no problems. We don't have to move a finger because of new technology. Well you people heard wrong. We have it worse than you.

We live in a world where we have no freedom. The government that you so desperately depend on to keep you safe now wants everyone in the world dead. We live in a world where it's normal for somebody to murder someone in public. We live in a world where the average age to get pregnant is sixteen.

During your time you have pollution and litter. In where we live, no bug or animal lives. No dogs or cats. Not even a fly buzzes around a pile of rotten food.

A few years ago, the year of 2015, was a mess of destruction. Your scientists say that there was a huge earthquake that destroyed the face of the earth, and sucked in humanity along with it. Well, I hate to break it to you, but they were wrong. In reality, millions of government aircrafts came through America spraying poison gas called "MatureNight". MatureNight only kills people above the age of nineteen.

Men grew welts all over their bodies. There wasn't even a spot of soft skin on their bodies. These welts contained contagious pus that when popped, the pus created more welts in less than an hour. Women had severe coughing fits. They constantly vomited blood. There wasn't a bathroom without seeing a woman puking blood into the toilet.

The poor children watched as their parents- the ones that took care of them, the ones who loved them the most- die in front of them. By the end of the week, 75% of the adult population was gone. Three weeks later, only children and teenagers under the age of nineteen survived.

The government watched with glee on their faces. They watched as children cried through the loss of a man and a woman. They watched as the tiny three year olds hide in bushes and trees to survive the night. They watched as ten year old boys beat each other up with rocks and baseball bats in order to eat. They watched as nine year old girls wander aimlessly through a thick forest looking for berries to eat.

Little did they know that all of these children would end up to be a problem for them in the future. They slowly began to trust each other and created pacts and alliances. They courageously traveled from place to place, recruiting children to join their group.

They didn't see the only "adult" woman survive the government's fatal attack.

But they know it's me that they need to kill next.

Welcome to Team Naviance.

We're glad you came.