I stared at the man dressed in black. "Are you what the people call the Capitols? Cuz if you are," I whipped out my gun and pointed at him. "I'm going to have to kill you. No offense."

One of the men walked out and pointed his gun at me. "Well then kill me. Something tells me that you haven't killed even a bug before. You have to mean it. You're such a weakling, you won't last a week out here."

My face must have been as red as a tomato as the hoard of men started laughing at me. I aimed my gun at his head. Then I lowered it right to his butt. "Yeah? You wanna bet?"

The guy turned around and laughed at me again. "You have no chance. Why not take the easy way out and let us kill you? It saves you and us a lot of energy."

I smiled my perfect little girl smile. "You wish."

I pulled the trigger and the bullet came bolting out of the gun right into his nuts. The man looked shocked and then grabbed way down there. When he pulled his hand away, blood was smeared all over his palms and fingers.
"You little SHIT. You just shot my balls." He motioned to his men. "Get her. She's useful."

The men started advancing toward me pretty quickly. The first one grabbed out his pistol and aimed it at my head. I rolled out of the way and shot him right in the chest. I started sprinting toward an empty building. The guys behind me started yelling at each other to shoot me in the leg.

I kicked the door open and dashed inside. I turned around to shut the door, but there was a man who had a gun aimed at my head. I shut the door and ducked. The bullet went straight through the door and impaled itself in the wall. I grabbed a huge plank of wood and jammed it into the door handle. I sprinted up the stairs, two at a time. I hid behind a pillar as they tried to slam open the doors. They kept on banging the doors, never stopping.

BANG. BANG. BANG. They never stopped. I saw that part of the wall was completely gone, only the insulation and the foundation of the wall. I quietly climbed in and balanced myself on a long bar of wood.

BANG. BANG. BANG. I grabbed my gun and kept my finger on the trigger, just in case. Thank god for cousins that were in the military right?

CRASH. I heard footsteps and murmuring. "Where did she go?" or "She can't have gone that far."

I tried to stay as silent as possible. I heard them walk up the stairs. They stopped on the landing where I was hidden. They were standing right there! Thankfully, they didn't see me and they continued up the stairs. I waited until they were completely on the floor on top of me. Then I slid out of my little hiding place. I silently made my way down to the first floor where two guards were having a small conversation with each other. I found a knife right next to me on the floor. I grabbed it and slowly walked behind guard number one. I grabbed his head and twisted. His neck was now broken. Guard number two was terrified and didn't even move. He couldn't even get his gun out before I threw my knife at his head. He dropped dead. I pulled the impaled knife out of his head and quietly opened the door.

As I stepped back outside, I took a deep breath. The library was visible from where I was standing. A thirty second sprint. I was about to walk down the stairs when something fell from my backpack pocket.

It was a small grenade. Not as big as a normal one, but still could create an explosion. Small explosion was better than no explosion. I couldn't risk anyone of those men walking out of there and attacking me again. I pulled the pin out and opened the door. I tossed it in there and sprinted away from the building.

I just jumped behind a tree when the whole building collapsed. I stared at it with disbelief. The guy that I shot earlier was on the ground watching with shock too. I turned around to him and glared.

"I don't know about you, but I think I meant that."

The guy just shook his head.

"I think it's time for you to go and join your friends don't ya think?"

Now the man looked terrified. "Please! NO! Don't do it! We can help you!"
I scoffed. "Bullshit."

Then I pulled the trigger and the bullet went through that thick skull of his. He dropped dead and never moved again. I twisted his neck just in case he got back up somehow.

I went through the man's stuff. There was a credit card, (DEFINITELY took that) some hand sanitizer, more bullets and a pistol. I stuffed those in my over crowded backpack. Then I walked off toward the library.

I shoved open the doors and let them slam shut. I grabbed my gun and put my finger on the trigger. "ANYBODY IN HERE?"

I had this feeling that there was somebody watching me from the shadows.


Nobody came.

This hunch wasn't going away anytime soon though. I kept my gun close by at all times. I sat myself down at the front desk. The food was still out and in their plastic bags. I grabbed a flashlight and shone it on the bag.

There was at least fifty cans of non perishable food in each bag. How Jacob could've carried that, I really don't know. I did know that there wasn't any more room left in the bag to carry all of that food. I decided to go through the backpack again. I found two pistols and stuck them inside my underwear. I was sadly still in my hospital gown. How embarrassing is that? As I kept digging, I found a lot of junk. There was old school papers that Bernardo got an "A" on, there was a drawing of a dinosaur, there was even a really old candy bar. I threw all of those out and saw that Bernardo had packed me a change of clothes. There was shoes, socks, dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt, even a clean set of underwear! Man this kid really knows how to pack.

After clearing out all of the garbage, I put everything back. I even managed to stuff a few more cans of food in there. I had two machine guns strapped on to my backs, two pistols on each foot, another gun on my belt, flashlight and a pair of sunglasses. Bernardo's class ring was on my finger, and to my surprise it fit very well. I was almost done packing, until I noticed something unusual.

There was a secret pocket.

Bernardo had sewn it together to make it look like there was nothing there. Not unless you had really sharp vision. Then maybe you have a small chance of seeing it.

I grabbed a letter opener and ripped it open. Inside there was a small wad of papers. There was a picture of him and his family. Then there was a picture of him and Jacob. There was a picture of his dog, CeCe, and then there was a picture of me riding on his back.

Tears sprang to my eyes as the smiling face of Bernardo Marquez looked back at me with that same liveliness Bernardo had. He had kept these pictures hidden along with his little stuffed lion named Bubby.

Near the bottom of the secret pocket, there was a huge wad of paper. And when I say huge, it's HUGE.

I grabbed it and unrolled the wad of paper.

It was pure cash.

I counted it. Then again. And then once more.

At least three thousand dollars in cash.


I smiled as I imagined Bernardo laughing at my spaz moment.

There was another paper stuffed at the bottom of the pocket. It was an address.

Oddly, I knew where this was already.

Why did Bernardo want me to go to a park?