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Once a pon a time, theres a girl named Lory that lived in the Dark Forest of Eastern Italy. It was known to all the villagers that there is a creature lurking outside of their village. There were a few villagers, however, that lived in fear not just by the creature and fae, but also by their own friends and family. If you possessed a gift that was unnatural, tehy would be kicked out. That was because of the legend; "If one person wiht a gift should marry or mate with the wolf, either good or bad things might happen"

"Lory! Come here! Lory!" Mother was yelling at me.

I sighed. I didn't want to hear her in her rage. "Coming Mother!" I sighed again and started to walk to the house.

Soon as I stepped through the front door she was in my face. "Lory Ann! You've GOT to be more careful!"

I rolled my eye's, "Quit treating me like a child! I wasn't showing my gift!"

"You called Mr. Jenkins EVIL Lory! she slammed the cup she was holding on the table.
I rolled my eye's again. "Don't mean I was showing my gift. Mother, I'm 16 now, I can take care of myself."

She sighed,"Fine. Just be careful okay?"

"Okay Mother" I said without emotion.

"Come Lory. Lets go to the village. We need more supplies."

I nodded my head as she went and got her coat.

Motehr wasn't always like this, I mean always nagging and worrying. She's like that now because Father was vicously killed in a rampaging villagers trying to chase someone out of the village.

"Lory!" Mother yelled again, "Come on we don't have all day."

"Coming!" I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door.

Soon we was inthe middle of the village when Mother stopped me. "Lory go to the bakery and get more bread. We are out."

"Okay Mother." I walked off towards the bakery.

"Meet me at Miss Taylors!" She hollered. I wave my hand at her letting her know I will.

I walked in the bakery and was immentally greeted by the Baker. "Well hello Miss Lory. How's the day so far?"

"Just fine Mr. Simson. How was yours?"

"Oh just fine just fine." He nodded, "What do you need today?"

"Just some bread please?"

"You came just in time. Theres only one loaf left."

"Well isn't today a lucky day?"

Mr. Simson handed me the wrapped bread, "Here you go Miss Lory."

"Thank you Mr. Simson. Have a good day."

I walked out the store and headed over to Miss Taylors store. Just as I was about to walk in I heard Mother talking to Miss Taylor.

"IT's to bad they sent Him away. And only two months fromthe arranged marriage. That council is going way to far with this. The legend is only make-believe."

"Yes I know. I miss him so much." Miss Taylor sniffles.

"Lory should be back soon. I wonder what is taking her so long..." I heard her stand up. "It is going to be okay honey. YOu'll see him later on in the future. I can feel it in my bones."

I knocked on the door, "Mother, I'm back."

"Come on in dear."

I walked in, "Hi Miss Taylor."

"Hello dear." She nodded at me then turned back to my mother, "Here you go." she said handing her some herbal tea.

"Thank you. Have a good day." Mother said, "Come Lory lets go home."

Soon as we got home and put everything away the phone rang. Mother got to it first.

"Hello?" pause "Oh mother how are you?" pause "oh! Are you okay?" pause "Okay I'll send Lory over with some bread and tea." another pause "Oh mother dont worry so much, she'll be just fine." pause "Fine. Okay." pause "Okay love you." she hangs up.

"Mother? Is everything okay with Grandmother?" I asked.

"Yes dear everything is fine. But can you go to your Grandmothers and take her bread and tea? She is ill and she can't get up." she asked while putting a dish away in the cupboard "But Mother! I've never been in the Dark Forest!"

She rolled her eye's, "It's okay honey. Just stay away from the fae and stay on the path and you'll be just fine."

I slumped over and sighed, "Okay Mother"

I grabbed my basket and started on my journey to the Forest. I got stopped by a few of my friends, "Hey Lory where you going?"

"I'm going to my grandmothers to drop off some goods." I said

"Where does she live?" asked Mary

I smirked, "The Dark Forest."

Mary gasped, "You don't want to go there!"

LeeAnn choked, "There's monsters in there! They'll get you!"

Mary glared, "Girls aren't allowed to go into the Dark Forest. Only the men."

I rolled my eye's at them, "I'm not scared of any of that and I have to go to grandmothers because she's ill. I have to go check on her."

LeeAnn sighed, "Fine."

Caitlyn smiled, still being silent, "Bye Lory! Be safe okay!"

I waved at them, "Bye girls."

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