Dear Cyber Journal,

They all said I wouldn't be somebody one day. That I was just going to be some bum on the sidewalk asking for change like the filthy ginger I am... I'm finally going to get my revenge. They're never going to know what hit them until I literally punch 'em in the face. They've bullied me for the last time. Enough wedgies and purple nurples. My nipples will never be nurpled again! And no more being pushed into lockers or getting nut checked. With my new powers I can do to them what they've done to me, but way worse. I can give Rick Landcaster a wedgie so bad his ass crack will start at his neck. I could fly over to Tina's, grab her, and drop her into Lake Michigan. That's what she gets for making me think she liked me. Would it be too much if I superheated Chris's ass shut? I don't think so. One time he filled my locker with a bunch of fruit and got the whole school to call me gay.

Yes, and maybe I could do something to Mr. Trifter. He's just a sucktastic teacher. If he's bored with grading papers he'll just give a passing grade. I work hard to get A's and up until Mr. Trifter I was getting A's and B's... So much to do in preparations. If I don't do this right the cops or the FBI or someone like that could take me away and test me. Maybe that would be cool... No, getting blood tests would suck. I hate needles. Anyway, I have to punish some of these people when they're alone. I need to be quick about it to. I can't let anyone see me. Maybe at night. I could wear a ninja costume with only my eyes and hair sticking out. I could call myself "The Ginger Ninja" or "The Red Ninja" Or something with the word ninja... Ninjas are awesome.

I should do something slightly less evil to my parents. Like, make my Dad's coffee really hot when he goes to take a sip, and crush my Mom's favorite mini-marble statues. That's what they get for calling me Corbin Swiss Fletcher... I mean seriously! Come on! I know my parents aren't college grads, but even potheads can come up with better sounding names than that! And I need to scare my little brother James, his full name is James Misty Fletcher... We both hate our parents by the way. James is constantly sneaking into my room and stealing my stuff. I'm missing a shit load of comics and CD's. I think he sells them to his friends. The evil little genius.

I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow I'll start making my plans. First, I'll deal with Chris. His ass will never know what hit him.

This is Corb, signing out.

A/N: So, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. I don't plan on making this serious. It's just something goofy that popped into my head and decided to do, so don't take this seriously yourself. Just enjoy.