In·ane {iˈnān} : adj. Silly; stupid; not significant

Ver·bi·age {ˈvərbē-ij}: n. Speech or writing that uses too many words or excessively technical expressions.




The day my life got all screwed up started off normally, actually.

Then again, most life-changing experiences always do. It's not until much later (or, in my case, just around 12.03pm) that everything starts to fall into place (or fall apart, depending on the circumstances). And it's only then when you realize that the normal day you'd been expecting isn't the least bit normal at all.

I guess that was what happened to me.

Not that my life was very normal to start with.

On hindsight, I should've known what was coming.

After all, having a surly, immortal necromancer for a father and a see-through mother wasn't exactly something that happened everyday.


That didn't mean I had to be dragged headlong into a whirl of events that messed up my entire life plan, with mermen, leprechaun guardians, shipwrecks, chewing gum, black cats, Ay the Crazy Guy, and annoying gods called Eros.

Who the heck hides in a can of insecticide spray anyway?

I still blame that mosquito. I really do.

A/N NO your eyes are not deceiving you. YES this is a new story. Or as new a story as my nanowrimo last year is, anyway. It's kind of short, kind of long-sentences-that-don't-make-sense-y, kind of rambly, kind of lame and kind of ridiculous (as if the plot doesn't already scream that). And the 'conflicts' are absolutely non-existent.

Still - I hope this makes up for the long break and the taking down of stories a little.

I'm not sure whether to post this up since this is kind of my baby, so... if reviews are positive, I'll post it. Otherwise... well. We'll see! HAPPY LABOUR DAY. XD

INANE FUN FACT: I was terribly tempted to throw this under the Adventure genre, but since I could only choose two... well. But that's a hint. Here's me hinting.

Let me know what you think! And maybe I'll update this sooner.