Monk Tells Ten Lies

With depraved words he fills my brain
Wild-eyed whispers like: "...Thy God"
Wrenched violets under my cane
Wrought wrack grass in his face
To a certain point he made it clear
Truth and lies go together like courage and fear

Abhorrence tastes bitter and my tears are so sweet
A fistful of words sound like: "...Before me"
Angst makes my frail feet tremble
Another breath and I'm gone
In a world like this there is no real life
Intolerable beauty undertaken by strife

Seven stones at the bottom of my heart
Sinks so slowly into me with: "...Graven image"
Sculptured gargoyles behind my eyes
Swines galloping through my mind
Everything went down the moment he spoke
Even if his intentions were wrapped under his cloak

Threats and blessings sound so alike
Tempting voice going: "...Name in vain"
Talk of the world as he see it fit
Teeth like mire gnaws at my ear
His eyes seem hollow but they seem to know
Heaven is tempting while our hell overflows

Eternal life is promised but he lies
Enjoying my company with: "...Keep it holy"
Every day has just the same price
Either you live it up or live it down
With each word he wants to make me crumble
When all I hear is lying murmur and crazed mumble

Deception seems fair in this world of his
Dirty tales, and I can barely hear: "...Thy mother"
Dancing behind my back with his robe
Dying a little after each hump he takes
Climb this ladder up to my head
Curse everything around me till I'm dead

Little by little his visions unfold
Lambs are gathering to say: "...Not kill"
Lions in caves feed on his bones
Living his life like another will come
Please get down and out and don't return
Pleasure heads will all have to burn

Inside that obscured mind there is nothing to see
I look away from his eyes: "...Adultery"
Indomitable lies are floating around
Incensing voices calls me from outside
Can he hear them as sharp as I?
Could it be he ignores them like my cry?

Vanish into a shroud of doubt
Virtues are something like: "...Steal"
Vague plans for things that never come
Visions of a past that never was
Under his breath he says it's wrong
Until then I'll sing him my death-song

Embryos peek over his shoulders
Enchanting me with: "...false witness"
Eloquent thoughts come down to nothing
Every single one collapse
Don't bring me down to your water
Deities bringing lambs to slaughter

Still I can hear his raging slander
Still some words and: "...Covet"
Still my cane keeps me standing
Still the seasons are all ending
Go away from my hind
Go away from me, there is nothing to find