My name is Gel. I have a face that you will probably forget the moment I leave. I can wear any hair/eye color combination and not look fake. You can't describe me to any of your friends because you won't be able to get your details straight.

But I can describe you. I have photographic memory and I can recite every word on that flier right behind you. In five seconds. I can watch someone perform a hard attacking maneuver, determine how they did it, then perform a counter maneuver that totally annihilates theirs. In two seconds.

You touch me, I will kill you. In a split second.

I unarmed a bomb, which my parents brought home from work, when I was seven. I regularly hack into the Pentagon's server, just because it has a slightly faster connection than mine. I developed a personal martial arts style that only requires three movements to paralyze, kill, strangle, induce nausea, knockout, whatever your mood is.

But until now, no one knew about these things (except my family). You may wonder, how can I keep such magnificence from, say, CIA, or the President, or some hoity-toity organization?

Well...I am the best secret agent in the world. And this is my story.

Have you ever gotten tired of the self-absorbed crazy oh-how-can-that-annoying-guy-fall-in-love-with-me type of girl? That think everything is about them and that everyone else is wrong without exception?

Aren't they fun? They make you so mad and so annoyed but somehow you still read. I haven't found out yet why I still read but it would be so cool to find out someday.

Another thought, I think they should have more sub-categories to give. Because this story is definitely not JUST action. It's a mixture of sci-fi, historical, romance, mystery, crime, family, is there no subcategory that says all of the above? That would be sooo cool!


On the last note, all the chapters will NOT be this short. Totally definitely completely, NOT.