© 2009 Kay Iscah

Real Women

Who says Real Women Aren't Size 6?
What nonsense,
Of course they are.

Real women are size 6
Real women are size 2
And 4
And 14

Real women come in different shapes and sizes.
Real women are short and fat.
Real women are tall and skinny.

Real women are black and brown and red and pink.
Real women are smart
...and dumb.

Real women live in the ghetto,
And in the Hamptons.
Being rich doesn't make you a bad person any more being poor makes you a good person.

Just because I'm smaller than you doesn't mean I'm not struggling with my weight too.
Just because I'm pretty doesn't mean life is easy.
Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I know what to do.
Being healthy doesn't make me less real.

Real women aren't stamped out from a standard mold
Real women are different
...from each other.

Real women are good at math
...except those who aren't
Real women are scientists.
Real women are lawyers.
Real women are cashiers.

Real women are loud.
Real women are mousy and quiet.
Real women are cultured and sophisticated.
Real women are obnoxious and rude.

Real women are artistic.
Real women are practical.
Real women are messed up.
Real women are hurting.

Real women can be rescued
...and not feel bad about it.

Real women can be strong.
Real women can be kind and giving.
Real women can be cruel and thoughtless.

Real women are all around you,
Even the ones you think are fake.
Under the make up, the clothes, the laugh, she's real.
She can't help it. She is real.

If she's flesh, blood, and bone,
If she had a mother, even one she doesn't call,
If she had a father, even one she never met,
If she breathes and eats and talks, even if she talks nonsense,

She's real.

It doesn't matter how famous or forgotten.
It doesn't matter if you notice her or not.
It doesn't matter if she's old or young or in denial.

She is.

Real women are wonderful.
Real women are scary.
Real women are powerful.
Real women are weak.

Real women are a million, a billion unique entities.
Real women may be nothing like you.

Some real women are size 6.

Author's Note: Dr. Self Destruct taught me the enter-shift trick for formatting on fictionpress, so I've revised this. Ideally this poem would have tabs too on the ellipse lines...

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