5/4: Poem

Someday And Today

Someday, I'll look back at this day and think "Why were you so hung up on him? He was seriously a jerk."

Someday I'll thank the bastard for breaking my heart and getting a bitchy girlfriend.

Someday, when I meet the right guy, I will think about how glad I am I waited along for him, but today…

Today all I can do is get as far away from you andher as I possibly can, because seeing you two together only makes me want to throw up.

Today I want to wish I'd never fallen for you and had you never hurt me…

But Today I also thank God for helping me feel like a real human, emotions and all.

Today will be just another day, one less day away from you, cuz when I get to high school, I have no hopes of seeing you or being even near her or you.