We walked down the street to this quaint little bistro. It was nice with small tables with red checked table cloths. We were seated right away. I threw my purse and tote bag on the seat next to me so that Christopher will have to sit across from me.

Along came our waitress Miss Candy. "Hey Christopher, what's shaken baby?"Christopher just smiled. I rolled my eyes with disgust.

"What can I get for you?" she asked me as she gushed over Christopher.

"I would like a glass of Mountain Dew, Angel Hair pasta with red sauce and a Caesar Salad."

I got a strange look from both of them. "What? I have a healthy appetite."Christopher ordered something or another; I did not pay

Candy said, "Christopher, you're dating them kind of young aren't you?"

I laughed and raised my eyebrow at that one. That was priceless.

"Candy, I'm his daughter, Isabella Maria Rausch. Pleased to meet you. I don't think I go for the over the hill type and he's a little old for
my tastes." She laughed and Christopher was embarrassed. Things were definitely looking up.

While waiting for our food, Christopher started to get back into the talkative mood again.

He looked at me with a look of disgust. "So you are staying with me for 2 weeks; I have a lot planned for us. I will introduce you to my side of the
family. You look so much like our side; I am proud to call you my daughter."

I had a look of extreme disgust. "Christopher, it is now time for our little discussion."

He was starting to look really mad. Woo hoo. "So, here is the short and sweet version so you will understand. I do not like being hugged or touched
by you or anyone else I don't know. So don't do it. I have my mother's attitude, so get used to it, because I am not changing. I have worked for
everything that I have, so don't give me that 'My poor baby routine'."

He flinched. I continued, "Mom and Dad have taught me everything I know; how to be kind, courteous, to be responsible and take care of my business. I
got into Columbia because I am that good, not because I had to call in "favors"."

I looked at him and his face was starting to turn into a wonderful shade of red, to my glee.

"I am not 6 years old anymore so don't patronize me." I started getting louder at this point. I did not care that the whole restaurant turned to watch; I was going to tell him what I think.

"You know Christopher, the only reason I'm with you and came out here early was because Mom and Dad forced me to see you. So if you think that you
can handle me and my "Just like my mother attitude" think again, because I will not put up with you."

Oh he is by now and trying to stutter "You, you little , how dare you insult me!"

"You know what Christopher? This is not going to work out."

He interrupted me, "You have no idea what my side of this story is. You do not know what your mother has put me through all this time."

"Christopher you are right. I don't know and I don't care. I am calling Sara and Saline."

He looked at me questioningly. I flipped out my phone and hit Sara's speed dial number.

Sara picked up, "Hello beautiful, what's shaken?"

"Hi baby, is that invite still open?"

Sara squealed. "Girlfriend, you know it is. Wait until I tell Saline, what here she is." I heard another squeal in the background and smiled. God I
loved these two.

Sara sounded excited. "We will be there to pick you up in an hour… Where are you having dinner?"

"How did you know?" I was amazed.

She said, "I can hear the background noises."

"Ok, we are at Michelangelo's on 5th street."

She sounded surprised. "Did things not go well with Christopher?"

"That would be a big NO. I will see you in an hour. Ciao."

Christopher was quiet. I could not read his face to see his emotions. He said, "Let's eat our dinner in peace and I will ALLOW you to go with you friends
for the night."

I was pissed off beyond all recognition, but I kept my feelings hidden. I had a funny intuition that something was not right.

We ate our food and when he was done he started blabbing about the time he was going to spend with me, blah, blah, blah. I was half listening and he
said, "You will obey me in this."

What did I just miss.? "What did you just say?"

He said again with disgust. "YOU will obey me while you are in my city!"

I laughed at him. "Christopher, let me impart some of my wisdom on you."

"I don't want to hurt your DELICATE feelings, but you are not my dad. All those times when I asked for you and you were not there. All the promises
that you made but never came through with; all of the times that I needed a father and mentor, you were never there, so do not give me that about "I
will obey you" Get a damn life! I will be going over my friends and staying with them."

I flipped my phone open and called mom. "Hi mommy. I am here and we have a problem."

She said, "Damn, I knew this would happen. Do you need me to come out or can you handle it on your own?"

"Mom, you need to talk to him. He is trying the I am in charge of you and you will obey me routine."

"Bella, let me talk to Christopher."

I had a huge grin on my face and handed the phone to Christopher.

Christopher said, "Mica, what can I do for you?" and Mom let loose.

"Do not assume that she will just follow your commands."

He was looking really mad again. "I did not do anything that you would not. I have done nothing wrong and if she tells you differently she is lying."

Mom was getting louder. "You will not push MY DAUGHTER around. My God Christopher, she has not even been there 12 hours and she hates you more than before."

Christopher was quiet and then said "I understand, but we do have an arrangement. She will meet my family in 2 days and it is an ALL DAY event."

Mica sighed. "Yes, Christopher, she knows she is to meet your family, and I will tell her to be nice. You just try to overpower her at every turn, this is not
going to happen. I wish I could reach through the phone and smack you."

I heard that comment and was raising my hand to do so when I heard my Mom yell, "Bella, put your hand down this instant!"

I put my hand down and gave the most innocent look.

Christopher was really angry now. "Mica are we done here? Good." He through the phone at me and walked out. "Mom?"

"Bella are you ok?" She sounded worried.

"Yes, he is being an ass and walked out." I smiled.

"When will Sara and Saline be there?"

"In about 30 minutes with traffic. "

"I am sending Dominic to you."

"Thanks Mom. I will call you later, OK."

"Alright, I love you and be careful."

"I will mom, love you too."

The waitress came out and refilled my drink. She said "Honey, that was the worst thing in the world to do."

I rolled my eyes at her. "What's he going to do? Shoot me? Could you just bring me the check so I can get out of here?"

I got the most pleasant surprise. The gorgeous man from the plane walked in the restaurant and came directly to my table.

"Good evening Isabella. Mica sent me to escort you home this evening." His deep sexy voice sent shivers down my spine. Mom's not so little body
guard, ummm yummy.

"Why Dominic, it is lovely to see you," I said sarcastically.

Why did I not recognize him when I was on the plane? That was so strange, I will have to ask Mom about that.

"Isabella, we have to get out of here right now," he said in a dangerous voice.

"Dom, I have to pay the bill and I will be done here."

Candy came out with the bill, and Dom looked at her and she said, "Don't worry about it. It is on the house, call it a late graduation present."

I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders. "Okay, Dom, let's go."