I leant dangerously over the edge, breathing in the cool, wispy air. This was no longer a dream, no longer make-believe inside my head, it was real.

I looked over my shoulder, my curly hair wipping my face, and I smiled. Nothing could ruin this moment. Fog swirled around me, like a blanket of warmth, keeping me safe from the perils that where on their way. Rampaging towards me.

I reached a hand up to my face, as if to say, "Why are you smiling, you stupid girl".

It had all started about a year ago, it was hard to tell now, time flew past us like hands on a clock. But the fire was what started it. The fire, burning through our lives, tearing each happy memory to peices and casting a thick blanket of fear across our homelands. There was nothing we could do, they rampaged through our villages, seeking out the old and helpless, and destroying them without a secound thought. But they stole our strength, they forced the young and the innocent to join them in a life of adventure, well thats whatthey called it, but then they made the families of the young to watch in despair as their own children, who had sworn never to leave them, left them. Standing here now on this ledge, this bundle of rock, I could see my mothers face. Streaked with tears and dirt, but with a determined expression as I left. But that was long ago. This is where I shall stay, until they come for me. Which they will, oh yes, in the end. And for once, we shall be the helpless ones, we shall be the Cowards.

Anger will corse through our veins, as it does now, ridding the world of our kindness forever. After this battle no one shall question our strength. No one will question our weakness. For we will show them, we will show them all.