Blink, Blink at Me, Damsel

Blink, blink at me, damsel, I see you are cold
There's no reason to be; we will never grow old
In my heart's guilty pleasures there is no one like you
A tree on the skyline makes the sunrise seem new
Young lust and the crystals in the night they reflect
Desires to be gone from you without neglect
How tall is that ladder that leads to your dreams?
Let's climb it together and then ride on this beam

Say, dearest damsel, just how it feels
To know by your heart it is I who kneel?
Horns in unison blow without sound
Teardrops that thunder and fall on the ground
White nights around it takes the purpose away
Bejewelled eyes speak all there is to say
Trifles like these don't matter at all
It's by you, dearest damsel, the world stand and will fall

Ride through the midnight and reach me at dawn
The haze in the woods cannot obscure my arms
Green fields seem grey and a blue sky is pale
Oceans seem endless no matter how long I sail
Damsel, could you bring these storms to a rest?
Just wave your arms gently and then lead me west
Is there a place where we both can sleep
With nothing to bind us and our hearts in so deep?