Are we blind without knowing? How can you see without seeing? I was blind before. I made the mistake of trusting you. You were my hope. But now… you are my lies.

Who are you really? The words coming out of your mouth don't sound like yours. It's over.

What's over? Your face doesn't look like yours either. It's twisted slightly, as if you can't help but watch my suffering. I observe you for a moment; our eyes locking. Are your eyes the ones of a liar? I don't want to know the answer.

You wrench your gaze from mine, as if you can tell what I'm thinking. Look. At. Me. I want to scream in your face, and pound my arms on your chest. I want you to feel my pain. The aching of being used. The pity that is eating me up. The sting of betrayal. Because love is pain.

You watch me helplessly as I try to control myself. I don't want to crack in front of you. I turn my back on you and begin to walk away.

You grab me by the wrist, yanking me into your arms. Enfolding me like you used to do when we were together. I stiffen, but you only hold me tighter. . Your words mingle together, as we stay there. It feels like forever.

When you finally pull us apart, your eyes bore into mine. I avert my gaze this time. You murmur something I can't hear. I take a deep breath.

'I guess this is it.' The words feel heavy on my tongue. I don't want to do this. You nod, taking a deep breath.

'I never wanted to hurt you.' You plead.

'Then why are you breaking up with me?' I whisper. You take another deep breath.

'We aren't… right for each other.' You reply, hesitating slightly.

'I get it.' But I don't.

'I'm sorry.' You say again. But do you mean it? Not right? I thought we were right. I thought we couldn't be wrong. 'Can we still be friends?'

What a stupid question. What a thoughtless question. Does that even deserve an answer? No, we cannot be friends. When you leave somebody-no- dump somebody, you can't do that. It's… wrong. But I still nod my head mutely; what else could I have done?

'Good.' You answer relieved. Like you care if I'm around or not.. I clear my throat, searching for something else to say in the inept silence. But you have already said enough.

'So… yeah, I have to go.' You mutter, hitching your backpack onto your shoulders. You wait a few seconds more, as if you expect me to say something. I don't.

It's only when you start to walk away is when I lose control. When the tears come. I notice you don't look back. Not even once.


A/N I know it sounds like one but this isn't a ONESHOT erm… it's only a prologue. So yeah, keep reading please. R&R thanks.