NA: I have nothing to do with Florence & The Machine just a major fan ! This fanfiction is based on the song Lover To Lover which is on the album Ceremonials by Florence & The Machine.

The horizon was a bright pink, and I stared with tired eyes into the fading sun, as I glanced over to the chair on my balcony my phone began to light up and buzz. I picked up the phone and Rachel was calling, as I held the phone to my ear all I heard was a piercing scream.

'Whats the matter ! ' I cried panicking.

'You'll never guess what !' she said.

'What?' I replied.

'NIALL HAS PROPOSED' she screamed again.

'What the HELL! How ... what...where...when? HUH!' I was completely and utterly shocked, Rachel and Niall's relationship has been on and off for 5 years. Rachel, me and my other freind Megan used to rent a 3-bedroom apartment together, we had been freinds since high school. After 3 years of getting drunk, house parties and a lot of regretted dates Rachel decided to move in with Niall so me and Megan supported her even though we were not entirely happy about it. And soon Megan fell in love with a guy called Louis, and they bought a flat together leaving me, I couldnt afford the rent so I had to move to Canterbury and now I live in a tiny flat by myself. But hey thats what freinds are for right? Rachel carried on...

'We were out having a meal, he gave me a rose and as he passed it to me the ring fell from the stem onto my hand! He got down on one knee and ASKED ME!' she was so excited she was gasping for breath.

'Wow Rachel thats great' I was a good liar, I hated Niall with a passion he is a womaniser and an all out BRD. He has often treated Rachel like dirt in the past, and every time they fell out she would say she hated him, and in the next week she would run back to him.

'Are you ok with that ?' she questioned with a suspicous tone in her voice.

'Of course, as long as your happy I am happy' I lied once more.

'Thank god' she gave a sigh of relief.

'Could you put the lucky man on please?'

'Sure' she sounded shocked.

'And congratulations hun' I said. I heard the muffled sound of Rachel calling Niall to the phone.

'What is it?' The mans voice made my blood boil and his brutish voice made me wonder how could someone ever love this man?

'Hi Niall, can you go somewhere private so I can talk to you without Rachel hearing?'

'Whatever', he called out to rachel saying he will be back in a minute. 'Whats the matter with you?' he questioned.

'You don't know how lucky you are !'

'Oh dont start this again, I cant be arsed with you' he said with a violent tone in his voice.

'You'd better take care of her or so help me...'

'Take a chill man, you dont have to worry about her, shes fine, so why dont you just keep out of her life !'

'Wait just a second...' he had already hung up. I went red with anger and in the frustration I threw my phone into the living room and let out a burst of anger in a screaming form. My phone landed on the wooden floor with a crash and the phone burst into a million pieces. I fell to the floor, crying. I couldnt let Rachel do this, but what was I going to do? Maybe Megan would know what to do? Although tonight I was tired and just wanted to sleep so I decided to ring her in the morning, she would probably be working now anyway. So I just calmbered into bed and slept in the pitch black...

The following morning I awoke to the sound of my door-bell, I practically fell out of bed and wrapped myself in my dressing gown as I answered the door. A very excited Rachel was there jumping up and down and in an instant threw her arms around me.

'Urrrm hi, Rach' I looked at my watch, IT WAS 6:30! 'What are you doing here at this time?' I questioned.

'Well first someone is here to see you' as she spoke I heard very faint footsteps, and as I turned to face the where the sound was coming from a familiar voice was calling...

'Rachel, can you help with my bags please?' My mouth dropped and Rachel gave me a certain look that I had seen before...

'MEGAN!' I turned around and there she stood, one of my best freinds that I had not seen in over a year!

'ZACK' she replied, we both screamed as she dropped her bags with a thud and we wrapped our arms around eachother.

'My God Megan, its been so long !' I couldnt believe she was here the last time I saw her was when she moved out! Rachel was stood in the doorway with her head down, me and Megan looked at her and opened our arms, she lept into us as fast as she could and her face beaming with delight. We all looked at eachother and screamed

'THE THREE MUSKETEERS' we began to laugh hysterically. Rachel was the next to speak...

'So are you gonna invite us in or what' she giggled. If I had known they were coming I would of cleaned up, surely my flat was'nt that bad, I mean it was only me who lived there. I opened the door and it was like a bombsite, I was horrified how embaressing. There were piles of clothes the size of mountains. I beckoned the two of them inside and I started to clear away the clothes and threw them into the washing basket.

Rachel was gazing around the room, when an expression of confusion spread across her face.

'Zack care to tell me why a phone is in pieces in the middle of the floor?' Oh my god, I had completely forgotten about it, I couldnt let Rachel know what really happened.

'Oh urrrm, I dropped it just after you rang the doorbell this morning.' Megan just looked at me suspiciously, she knew when I was lying, Rachel on the other hand was a little more gullable.

'Well thats good you can get a new phone on the way' she said.

'Wait where?'

'Well you know when we used to go to concerts together?'

I remembered it all too well, we used to treat eachother with concert tickets, like me and Megan payed for us all to take Rachel to Big Time Rush, and me and Rachel did the same for Megan to go and see One Direction. But by the time I was going somewhere they had already moved out.

'Yes' I said.

'Well Megan was going to come visit London, and a certain someone was touring and we remembered we never treated you, so I think it is time. Get ready, we have gotta get to Manchester.' I thought they had forgotten, I thought we all did.

' What the... Urrrm Urrrmmm I'm speechless, you shouldnt have!'

'Well we did!' they both shouted. I began to jump up and down screaming.

'Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!' I ran into my room and closed the door, and opened it just after and said ' Just make yourselves at home'. I opened my wardrobe and practically emptied it trying to find something to wear, I knew it was a long drive so I just threw on a pair of chinos and a blue striped top, with beige braces. I walked out the bedroom to see Megan was sat on the sofa with her bags on her lap.

'Give your bags here and I will put them in the spare room...' Rachel turned to me.

'You have a spare room?'

'Yes' I replied. She looked at megan and smiled, megan in return gave a shake of the head as if a warning. 'Why?'

'Well...' and before Rachel could speak, Megan jumped up from the sofa.

'Rachel leave it, I'll find somewhere' What did she mean?

'Megan get a grip there is nowhere, Zack can Megan stay in your spare room ?' What the... There was nothing in the spare room, and why did Megan want to stay somewhere, why was she not with Louis?

'Urrrm, why are you not with Louis?' I asked.

'He's on a business trip for work, and I didnt want to be by myself all the time so I came to visit you guys'. She said, you could tell she was uncomfortable. 'But I cant find a hotel, but I will find one!' I cant believe she had nowhere to stay.

'Of course you can stay Megan, it will be just like the old times' I smiled. Rachel gave Megan a look that said I told you so, and Megan said.

'Thankyou, Zack it wont be for long just for a couple of days until I can find a place to stay' she said.

'You can stay here for as long as you like'. Rachel was tapping her right foot and said,

'Come on we are gonna be late for the concert lets go!'. Megan and Rachel walked out the door I grabbed my wallet and keys and locked the door behind me. We walked down to the parking area and Rachels car was sat shining in the sunlight. Rachel struck a superman pose and shouted

'Off to the concert!' while she was what she called flying which in reality is running like a penquin to her car. And she sat in the drivers seat, me and Megan sat in the back.

'Well at least I wont have to listen to crappy music' I laughed. Megan looked at me and said

' I always come prepared' and she pulled out a one direction cd out of her handbag and laughed.

'Megan its my car, we are playing Big Time Rush!' There was a minor argument over which band we were listening to and I said 'On second thought why dont I drive, Rachel nodded and we drove out of town cruised down the motorway...