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As Florence walked into the room, Frankie stood face to face with her.

'Don't you fucking dare come in here!' Frankie whispered through gritted teeth. Florence looked worried but she stood her ground.

'I am so sorry, but I have as much of a right to be here as I do...'. Florence tried to push past Frankie, but Frankie just stood in her way once again.

'If it wasn't for you, he would'nt be like this!'.

'BOTH OF YOU STOP!' I shouted, 'Megan! Get Frankie...' I said. The reason I said this is because I could see the anger burning within her. There was only so much she could take before she burst.

'Frankie, step aside...' Florence said. Frankie released herself from Megan's grip and edged closer to Florence. She reached for her head and she began to tug at her red hair. Florence yelped, Kendall and Rachel stood up to stop them. Kendall helped Megan pull Frankie back and Rachel tried to release Frankie's grasp and Florence's hair.

'STOP!' I yelled. I then rolled out of bed and howled in pain. The pain in my stomach and in my head was unreal, I have never experienced anything like it. I still managed to stand up and clamber towards them. I grabbed Florence and pushed her out of the door so she would not get pummeled by Frankie! I went to Florence who landed on the floor with a thud and closed the door behind me.

'Are you ok?'.

'Yes I am fine.' She said rubbing her head, she lifted her torso up so she was sat upright.

'I am so sorry, I cant believe what I have done.'

'You did'nt mean to do anything... Its me who should be sorry, for letting Frankie do that to you.' I put my head down.

'She gave me everything I deserve, I cant blame her.' I hugged her and she began to cry.

'Come on, cheer up'. She wrapped her arms around me again and our eyes met. I wanted to kiss her, I went to kiss her, but she pulled away.

'I cant' she gasped. I pulled back just as she did.

'Wh...what do you mean? Why?' I questioned with a kind of confused tone of voice.

'Because of what I have done to you. Every time I look at you, it reminds me of what I have done. I love you too much...' she said in a melancholy tone. She stared at me with teary eyes. She edged towards me and kissed my forehead gently. I closed my eyes and took in the moment, realising this would be the last time she ever kissed me. I opened my eyes to see Florence already stood up. She took one last glance at me and then she strolled away. Just like that, she was gone... A tiny tear ran down my cheek, I was too upset to cry properly. Instead I just wanted to hide myself from the world. As I slumped back down on the floor in the room that stunk of disinfectant, in walked Frankie from my hospital room. She came and sat with me.

'I am so sorry Zack. I don't know what came over me...' she stopped and looked at me. She noticed that I was upset. 'Zack what happened? Where's Florence so I can apologise?'.

'She's gone. She left me...'.

'WHAT! Like this? Its all my fault for doing that to her. I cant tell you how sorry I am.'

'Its not your fault Frankie. She said that she deserved it...'.

'So whats wrong with her?'. I explained what Florence said to me, as soon as I had finished Frankie hugged me.

'Cheer up sunshine. There will be a lot more where that came from.' she smiled.

'No there wont.' is said briefly before getting up and going into the room. Rachel stood up and hugged me. I sat down on the bed and got under the covers.

'Zack, what happened?' Megan asked.

'Ask Frankie...' I said and all three of them walked out to talk to Frankie. Leaving me alone with my thoughts. Why would she do this? Does she really love me, or was I just a stepping stone for her? My questions would be left unanswered for now. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander free, instead of chaining it up with thoughts of the nights previous events...

I woke up in the early morning, with a text from Rachel.

'The doctor said we had to leave. He also said you could leave the hospital in two weeks. We will visit you soon enough xxx'

I got a glass of water from the fountain next to my bed, and slept again...

Two and a half Weeks Later

I sat in my apartment with my phone lying next to me. When Rachel, Megan, Louis and Kendall burst through my door. I smiled and stood up.

'What are all you doing here ' I laughed. Rachel was the first one to speak.

'You have not gone out in 2 and a half weeks. Its time we got you pissed!'. I began to chuckle.

'And we have some news to celebrate.' Louis said. I grabbed my jacket, wallet and keys and we all walked to the cars. I got in with Kendall and Louis while the girls went in together.

'Thanks guys. I was sick of seeing my flat!' I said. Kendall smiled and nodded. We got to a bar within 20 minutes and we sat at a table while Kendall bought a round of drinks.

'So whats the good news?'.

'Well...' Megan said. 'Me and Louis finally have a wedding date!'. I jumped up and hugged Megan.

'WOOOOOOOOO!' I screamed, making a complete arse of myself but I didn't care. I was ecstatic for them ! 'When is it?' I asked once I had calmed down.

'Next year, next year today!' Louis remarked.

One Year Later

I sat down next to Rachel and Kendall, and we sat smiling as the music began to play. Louis stood upright next to the altar. Everyone rose as we turned around and saw Megan in a pure white dress, with her hair tied up with curls bouncing down her gleeful face. As she smiled at us sat there, her mother walked beside her. She met Louis with a loving smile. The ceremony was beautiful. As Megan said her vows, me and Rachel broke out in tears, silent ones. I was overjoyed, and by Rachel and Kendall's faces they were too. The vicar smiled.

'You may now kiss the bride!'. Louis took Megan and kissed her romantically. After the ceremony, we celebrated right into the night. After several drinks and dances, Megan and Louis had their first dance. I began to sob out of pure happiness. They left two hours later in a white carriage and 2 white horses...

2 Months Later

I sat in front of the television, and on the music channel was a Florence Welch interview.

'Do you regret your relationship ending with your last partner Zack?'

'Actually, yes. He was the best man I ever found. I only wished he would answer my calls and take me back...'. I smiled and turned the TV off, and strolled out of the door to my new partner... My life.