This story is currently being rewritten. Some chapters will be deleted and some will remain. I suggest if you want to read this story to wait until I've completely rewritten and reposted, which will be announced when the title is changed back to normal. Otherwise, if you've already started, then continue reading well into the last couple of chapters. Everything from 26 onward will not be changed. They will probably be touched up, but the content will not be changed.

I wrote this story when I was very young. I am a better writer since that time and cringe whenever I revisit this story. I'd like to be proud of my work. Also, there are plot holes, things that should not be in this story, things that need to be included, therefore, a thorough rewrite has been planned and I will write it as quick as possible. When the time comes, I will not respond to any complaints when I delete some old work and post the new work. I am putting this up now to inform everyone.

Again, I'm sorry. I apologize for the inconvenience.