So Alone

The tears slide down my face.
My body begins to shake.

All alone in the dark, where there's no one but me.
Why can't I be like others, why can't I be free?

My heart aches as I go on with my life.
I remember when I use to have so much pride; when I use to feel so alive.

But all that shattered long ago.
Now I live a life riding solo.

Alone in the dark, where I quietly scream for help, and no one aids me.
That is called reality for all to see.

A murderer to all, killing even the small.
Destruction it seeks, preying after the meek.

Loneliness is a silent killer; same as death.
They both easily place me to rest.
Both leaves me depress,
driving me to make a final request.

That request is to pray for the best.
But in the end, that's my biggest regret.

I always fail to learn an important lesson.
A lesson that I'll forever be drenched in.

"Where it's cold, I'm always alone, thus, forever shall my soul be so."