They're laughing.

Why are they laughing? They never least when Orlando's around. I feel my eyes sting a little as I look around at the huge group of kids going hysterical because of what the other girls did.

My throat suddenly felt too dry to speak, and my raging heart was beating so loud that I worried that others could hear it. My gaze followed to the usual table that Orlando sat at, the table which I'm usually sitting at with him.

He was looking down at the floor, his face free from any emotion as he stared away from his best friend covered in her own lunch. When I looked up at him from the hard marble floor that I was pushed down on, I couldn't help but feel my eyes sting more, warning me about the tears ready to leak.

"Orlando?" I asked, my hoarse voice shaking.

I blinked away tears. Aren't you going to help me?

I cleared my head and pushed away my foolishness. Of course he'll defend me! I'm sure of it! We've been friends for years!

At the mention of his name, his grey orbs met mine, and the usual look he would give me didn't show. Instead, I saw rage and...disgust.

"What? Can I help you?" He sneered, "Is there something you needed?" The laughs grew harder and louder. His friends sitting at his table patted him on the back and encouraged him as he continued.

My eyes widened. "Orlando—"

"Oh, God," He rolled his eyes, "What is it now?"

My cheeks flushed. What is he doing? Why is he like this? "I…I—"

"You what?" He raised an eyebrow mockingly, "You're shocked? Is that it?" He just scowled and gave me a disgusted once over, "I don't know about you, but I know that I'm shocked that I'm still friends with you."

My tears were falling down my face like a waterfall when he had said that. My heart had ripped into two. I didn't know why he was doing that, and I was praying that I would wake up from my nightmare.

He turned away from me and grinned at his friends, placing a few fries in his mouth as he chatted away, but about ten seconds later I started, "Orlando…I—"

"You're still here?" His confused gaze turned to me and he furrowed his eyes, "Shouldn't you have already ran to the bathroom to cry by now?"

His friend from the side, who I recognized as Michael added, "Too late for that, isn't?" Everyone else around him, everyone that was laughing or looking already, burst into more laughter.

My heart jumped into my throat as I willed myself to stand up, and I succeeded. As I stood up, everyone around me started to grow silent, and I remember lifting my head up and looking straight into the eyes of my ex-best friend as I wiped the tears off of my face.

I remember saying something like, "You're right." Everyones attention was on me, "I am shocked." The boys around him smirked. Orlando didn't, but everyone else did. His eyes just stared at me hard, giving me a desperate look that I still today cannot understand, "I'm shocked that your dad was right." Orlando's eyes widened, as his dad was a sore subject for him, but I only smirked, trying to hide my pain, "You are a disgrace."

And with that, with all eyes on me, I walked out of the cafeteria with chicken noodle soup, chocolate milk, and mashed potatoes decorated all over me, but not without throwing one last look at Orlando.

He looked mad, sad even, and his eyes showed all of it. Usually I would go over to him and comfort him and ask him what's wrong, but instead, I just shot him cruel smile.

That's what he gets for being a two-faced-bastard.