"So, how was your test in Chem today?" Jainie asks as she munches on her salad.

I frown in disgust when I think back to the one hundred question multiple choice test that we had only an hour to complete. "It sucked ass." I crinkle my nose as she laughs.

"Well, if you took a chill pill and took normal science, then you wouldn't be suffering so much." I glare at her because I know she's right and continue to eat my chicken sandwich.

"Well, how about you, stupid? How was your day?" I asked back, smirking. She immediately frowns.

"Just because I take general science doesn't mean I'm stupid."

"Could have fooled me."

"Hey!" She playfully hits my shoulder and smiles. "Well, it was okay. We only have to study today, so in other words, we have no homework!" I roll my eyes. "But other than that," she frowns widely, "those morons kept talking during class, and I just wanted to punch them in their faces."

I raise my eyebrow. "What about Assface?"

I couldn't help but get curoius when I see her bite her lip. "Orlando just sat there and ignored them. He's usually laughing with them, but ...today he looked like he was deep in thought." She raises her eyebrow when she looks at me. "Did you do something today?"

I shrug and take another bite of my sandwich. "Just the usual."

When I got home, I couldn't help but feel annoyed at the fact that nothing was where it should have been. In fact, a lot of stuff was in boxes...everywhere. And if it wasn't, then it was completely unorganized.

"Honey! You're home!" I turn to the excited voice, only to see my mother walking towards me with a giant box in her hands.

Pointing to the boxes all around me, I ask, "What's going on?"

As she carefully places the large box on the floor, she answers, "Well, isn't it obvious, hun? We're packing up."

"Packing up? For what?"

Mom stands up tall. "We bought a house by the beach. We're just taking extra stuff there to make it look nicer." I'm still skeptical, and she must have realized this because she rolls her eyes. "Oh, calm down. We're not moving. We just have an extra house for the summer right before you go to college."

I nod. "Okay, do you need help moving them?" My mom beams.

"Thanks, but no thanks! You should probably go study or your father would break something." She laughs jokingly, waving me off. I sigh and nod in understanding once more before going up the stairs and towards my room.

"Ally! I'm going to get some ice cream, you wanna come with?" Jainie's overly happy voice bursts through my phone.

I wince before responding. "You called me five times to tell me this?"

I can practically hear her pouting. "Oh, come on! It's not my fault you didn't pick up the first four times!"

I glance down to the textbook laying on my lap. As much as I want to go and leave this torture, I can't. Dad would probably say something on the lines of, "We have ice cream in the fridge. Eat it while you study."

I groan and rest my head on my palm. "I can't."

"And why not?"

"Because." I answer. "...You know I can't."

She huffs, because she immediately understands. "It's the second week of school. Why does your dad over work you so much?"

"Because it's the second week of school."

We stay silent for a while until she suddenly starts whining. "Fine! Whatever. I'll see you at school." I frown and mutter a quick goodbye before turning off my phone. I gaze at the textbook for a long time before reading again.

I wonder if my day can go from bad to worse.

I stare at my mother with wide eyes. "...What?

My mother had just barged into my room, telling me random things that I hadn't been expecting to hear for a couple of years. My book was long forgotten, and so was the importance of studying at this point in time.

Grinning widely, she summarizes what she said only moments before. "I said that your father and I were invited to dinner by the Bellissi's in a month for a small celebration before you're rise in fame." My heart skips a beat. "You will no longer have to hide behind the scenes! I can't wait to see how you bloom!" My mother is grinning widely, but I'm just staring at her like a fool.

"You won't have to hide anymore! Oh, the world will finally know about my perfect daughter!" She talks to herself happily before turning to me with wide, excited eyes. "You remember how your father said that you would run the company in a few years? Well, he's been going over your qualifications as a leader, and he said that once you graduate college, you'll be taking over as CEO. He trusts you completely—"


My mom stops talking, and turns to me with a warm smile. "What is it?"

I swallow the lump in my throat. "Why so soon?"

She perks up immediately. "Well, your father put a lot of pressure on you, and instead of you being at home all day and studying, he has decided to give you an oppurtunity to go work on your social capabilities. He says that is the only thing you lack in being a leader—"

I stand up, panic screaming all over my body. "We agreed that I would start during college! And social capabilities? I thought that was what public school was for!"

My mom frowns, confused about my reaction. "Honey, we are giving you a big oppurtunity here. Why are you so upset?" She then shakes her head. "Anyway, we are doing this so you can be who you are supposed to be. I guess, our actions of making you...the way you are has changed you into an introvert. And..." She gives me a guilty look. "I always listen to your phone conversations with your friend Jainie. I feel so awful knowing that your father and I are the cause of your bullying."

Tears form in my eyes, and my mom thinks its because of her, but it's not. It's because my world is crashing down. "That's why we want to give you at least one year of high school that you can enjoy! Enjoying college is a given, but we stripped you of your childhood because we expected so much from you. I talked to your father and we have agreed to have your appearance be at the end of September."

I stand there, frozen. So much is going to change in such little time. I'm going to lose Jainie. I'll be treated like a different person. The bullying vanishing will be great, but nothing will be the same. How do I act? How should I act? Besides my appearance, what else about me do I have to change?

My mother, who is completely oblivious to my inner turmoil, keeps smiling. "You can finally become the daughter of the famous Bellaines, Alina. You can be who you are meant to be."

So some of you are probably confused. That is good. I want you to be confused. Your probs like, why the fuck is she hiding and shit and stuff and blah but it will be slowly answered throughout chaps, but YOU have to figure it out, cuz i wont openly state it. Yep.

I was gunna go down a different slow paced route, but i feel like this one will be more interesting