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Twist of Fate

chapter 1:crossing the line

By: Miyano Ran

He was on top of me.

I tried to struggle myself up with all my might but his strong hands were pinning mine down against the soft couch as he bent down closer to face me. I was panicking. I don't know what has gotten in to him today. I tried to evade his light kisses and closed my eyes in fright and nervousness.

"I really love you, Sophie." He whispered while his hands roamed around my waist. I was feeling scared. I was shaking.

I have been in a relationship with Vhon for three months now. He's been my good friend since elementary, too. He is 19 years old, two years my senior. He is leaving Singapore next week and is going to pursue his studies in Hong Kong University. Oh yes, he is a very smart and hardworking student with great ambitions. He said he would be returning as a great engineer. As for me, I have one year left before I proudly attain my high school diploma.

I knew him as a very nice, refined and handsome gentleman. He has exquisite features. He had rosy cheeks, nicely-shaped prominent jaws, short stylish raven black hair, high bridged nose, thin lips, small Chinese almond eyes and to top it all, a very tender smile. He is tall and has a manly physique. However, I would say he is a serious guy who is also a perfectionist. He is the type of guy who follows his parents as obediently as he can. He is quite silent; a man of few words, I must say.

Although he is serious, he knows how to smile, too, of course. I can say that he would be considered as the 'cold' and 'aloof' type of guy to many; but I know his nice and soft side deep down his though image. I have changed him and he has lightened up because of me, he says sometimes.

He would guide me in my homework, take care of me and would never hurt me in any way possible. But, right now, I am wondering if I had made a wrong presumption. He knows that I am very conservative, so why is he doing this to me? We're too young to engage ourselves in this! I thought he fully understood me…

Tears started to well up in my eyes.

This morning, he picked me up from my house and we went out to have fun. We ate a lot and laughed a lot while leisurely walking on the Orchard road hand in hand. We went to an amusement park and had the time of our lives! We almost even threw up because of the intense roller coaster ride. Then, when afternoon came, while he was walking me home, the showering drizzle turned into a heavy downpour.

Since his house was just nearby, he suggested that we stopped by his house and wait for the rain to stop. I was quite hesitant when he said that no one was at home, his parents were out at work and his siblings were at summer school. But, I trusted him. I slightly nodded as he led me to his house.

My heart was beating very fast when I entered his house. I have been here before when we were kids, and also when he introduced me to his parents who were very amiable and welcoming. I looked around the nice quaint place and heard silence aside from the loud tapping of the rain outside. We got a little wet from the rain.

Vhon smiled at me sweetly and gave me a glass of warm fresh milk. I sat on the couch and gladly warmed myself by sipping the milk. After I finished drinking, Vhon started to unbutton his wet shirt. Feeling my cheeks heat up, I instantly looked away and put the mug down the table in front of the couch. My heartbeat was thumping wildly as I heard his footsteps getting closer to me.

"I'm really sorry for the rain today. Today should have been wonderful. I should have brought you home, too." He said while sitting beside me.

"It's okay!" I said with a smile, assuring him not to worry, still blushing hard while avoiding eye contact. "I had a nice day today! Thank you. The rain was beyond our control."

No kidding, my heart was really racing when he slid closer to me until I've hit the end boundary of the couch. I could practically feel the heat emitting from his bare chest. Vhon was still smiling at me gently while bending closer to me. I could sense something wrong might happen and so I quickly stood up and said in a frantic.

"I… I think the rain has subsided. I… I really should be going n…"

Without warning, he forcefully pulled me down and I ended up landing on the soft couch. I gasped in shock. Before I could even stand, he crawled on top of me and pinned my two hands down. I saw burning desire in his eyes. He was too strong, I couldn't free myself! He was too heavy. I could feel his warm breath against my lips which caused my heartbeat to race.

"Don't go yet, Sophie dear…" He naughtily whispered before starting to rapidly kiss me everywhere like mad. He kissed my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, my lips, my neck, my hair… No, this wasn't Vhon at all! He has never even attempted to kiss me- ever! And now he's turned really wild! He used his teeth to bite my collar to move it aside, opening my bare upper chest to him. Unfortunately for me, I felt the first button of my shirt open up. I was gasping for air… "Please don't…" I begged with a soft voice, but he didn't seem to hear me. He lunged forward and kissed my collarbone. At that time, I felt like something was stuck in my throat, I was dead nervous and no matter how much I tried to push him aside, he continued to delve deeper into the kiss, I felt his warm moist lips moving towards my shoulders. His head was quite heavy and my hands were still painful from his grip. Luckily, my coat was still on me.

"Vhon, what are you doing?" I screamed while hearing my heart pound fast. I evaded his kisses.

"Maybe the rain brought is together." He whispered while trying to slide his hand under my shirt. "You're cold and wet, so why don't I warm you up?"

"You know I'm conservative, right?" I said in a weak voice while struggling further. My eyesight was getting blurry with tears. "Don't do this." I pleaded.

"But, I really love you, Sophie." He kept repeating. "Just once…"

He was so close to me that I could smell his warm breath. I don't know why but he had this awkward smell. What was it? I sniffed. Was it…alcohol? No, it couldn't be! He has no vices. He doesn't drink or smoke or gamble at all. He's a good guy. I know he is. Was he drunk? Why?

He was still cornering me and hugging me tight. He pressed his lips against mine and passionately kissed me while pressing me down. I was so tired already. I just couldn't defy him. Of course, he's taller and much stronger than me; he had the upper hand. I really couldn't breathe at that moment anymore. My head was spinning and I didn't know what to do at all. My body felt numb and I didn't know whether to just give in. I was in distortion. I felt his heart pounding fast against my chest, too. Why did he change so suddenly? I tried to gasp for air but couldn't. He was fast. He roughly took off my coat and threw it on the floor with such speed. His head gently slumped on my neck and he inhaled deeply.

"You're really nice, Sophie." He uttered very near my ears. "Thanks for being so nice."

"No, please! We're too young, Vhon. This isn't proper." I managed to whisper in between his kisses. I have never had intimate contact with him like this at all or any other guy for that matter! I was scared of what he will do next.

"But I'm leaving next week, dear. You won't see me for a long time. And I love you and I will never ever betray you." He explained while he let go of one of my hands for a while and his hand rose from my leg to my thigh under my long pleated skirt. He was blushing heavily and breathing hard.

"I know that, and I'm willing to wait for you. We will finish schooling and fulfill our dreams but… I'm not ready for this!" I answered in return while using my other hand to push his hand on my thigh away. I was terrified and defenseless.

"I want to make this day memorable for you…" He said while gripping my hand again.

"No, not like this…" I cried while breathing heavily.

I can't let him do this to me, I just can't. I pushed him away to no avail. I couldn't even lift my hands. I felt a lump on my throat for the nth time. My head was throbbing. I gasped. I remembered my parents' words to me. Do not be swayed by peer pressure. Respect the sanctity of love stay chaste and upright at all times. At that very moment, I prayed to God. I really did. I prayed that he would come out of his senses.

Just then, he momentarily stopped and looked at me with concerned eyes. It wasn't acting at all. I could see through his eyes. It was real. He looked very guilty and sad while continuing to stare at my frightened and crying visage.

"You're crying…" He realized with pain in his voice.

"Vhon, I thought you respected me. I thought you were good…" I whispered between choked sobs. "My hands… they hurt. And I can't breathe…"

Vhon gasped and quickly freed my sore hands. He rose a bit from me and continued staring at me regretfully. I tried to inhale as much air as possible while I choked in between tears. I looked back at him with questioning eyes. Before he could do anything further, I hastily pushed him away and rolled out of the couch. I quickly buttoned my shirt and fixed my skirt. Grabbing my coat, I scurried away as fast as I can towards the front door with tears in my eyes.

"Sophie, wait! I'm…I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I don't know what got into me back there!" He ran to catch up with me but I was determined to leave. He has done enough.

I was so frantic that I lost balance and fell on the ground. I couldn't stop crying. He rushed towards me and hugged me, saying. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry… I guess I would just be missing you terribly. You know, if you find another guy you love while I'm away, that's okay, I understand. As long as you are happy, but I love you!" He was crying, too!

Oh no, he was getting so emotional. This is crazy. What happened to him? He's acting very strange. He leaned forward and I ended up lying on the floor this time. His hand protected my head from hitting the floor, though. Not again! Before he could even do anything, I used all my might to break free from his embrace and quickly stood up and wore my coat.

Weakly, I warned. "It's over, Vhon. Don't… Don't come near me again." I was trembling everywhere as I moved a step back.

"Sophie!" He yelled and cried for me but I have already twisted the doorknob and ran out of the house under the pouring rain. I was simply disgusted.

It was so cold and I was drenched but I didn't care. I cried and cried while running towards my house. The street was wet, yes, but I wouldn't say that it was really flooded. The water was not even more than a centimeter above the ground. Thank Singapore's amazing drainage system. But anyway, the ground was slippery and running was a stupid move. I slipped and crashed hard on the ground. I cried for what it may seem to be like an eternity while crouching on the ground. My body was hurting a lot and I was very cold. My only source of heat was the hot tears which were trickling down my face at that moment. I was extremely hurt. I can't believe he can do this to me. Did our friendship, our happy times together, mean nothing to him? I got home shivering and bruised while facing my worried parents.

I'm very open to my parents. I tell them everything all the time. And so, I did. I cried in my mom's arms and told all of them about what had happened to me. I told them how afraid I was and how firm my resolve was in not giving in to him. They were all proud of me that I wasn't like other girls who would be blinded my love. I am a level headed girl and my feet are always rooted on the ground. I have my principles, I told them in between tears. They, who knew Vhon as well, were very shocked in what I said. Vhon was a family friend and was known to be caring and decent. Nonetheless, they hushed me, rubbed my back and were there for me. My whole family hugged me and I assured them nothing happened between us. My head was still throbbing from it all.

My mom told me to get some rest and escorted me to my bedroom. She prepared warm soup for me and placed it on my desk before she kissed me on the cheek and left the room. I changed my clothes and warmed myself with the soup. Tears started flowing again when I remembered the milk that he gave me earlier today. I still couldn't believe that happened. Nevertheless, I was glad I was able to escape in time.

Ever since that day, I had a phobia for men. I figured no guy in this world is good and none can be trusted at all. I locked myself in my room and never went out of the house. I was still hurt. Vhon came to our house to sincerely apologize but instead received a beating from my dad and scolding from my mom and the rest of my family. His parents heard wind of what had transpired between us and they were very ashamed of him. Vhon tried calling and texting me a series of apologies but I ignored him of course. I was still traumatized.

Soon enough, a week passed and he flew to Hong Kong without patching our relationship. I never bade him goodbye. Who would have thought it would end this way? Maybe this is for the best. Though, I would be lying if I said I didn't miss him. I still loved my dear friend and lover but just couldn't grasp the reality of what he did that afternoon in his house. He should just go on with his life and so should I. I should start getting over it soon.

A year passed and I finally got my hard earned high school diploma. I was so happy and excited for my future. I had big dreams in life. I enrolled myself early in the Singapore Management University for the following school year. I still haven't forgotten what Vhon did to me that day. My stupid tears would always flow out whenever I recall it. I haven't heard any news from him since. I hope he is doing fine in HKU and most probably, he got himself a new girlfriend, too.

One fateful summer day in that same year, I met Andy.

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