Obsessions of a Demon

By: Junior Gordon

What happens when a soul is obsessively pursued by a demon? Demons live forever, because of this they are filled with nothing but boredom in their lives. Not even the pleasure of women can satisfy or excite them; even human food has no taste to them, how could demons understand the taste of human food when all they crave for is the taste of human souls? Bound by the contract they protect and do what their human master desires until their wish is granted, then their soul is theirs to devour. Still even if a soul is desirable, it is nothing but food and still does nothing to excite a demon's life. But there is one soul, a soul unlike any other that all demons would crave. A soul with unwavering assertion, the nobility and tyranny of one who has subjugated others all his life by right of birth, A proud, truly reckless, truly defenseless soul. A soul that dwells in darkness yet remains unstained by it; it vexes, tantalizes, and drives demons mad over it. It even has the power to make demons fight one another for it. Make no mistake; I will have what I want, I will kill every other demon that gets in my way. Even if I experience unimaginable pain, your soul will be mine. Day into night. Pain into pleasure. This chance encounter… into ecstasy.