The Hooded Agent

By: Junior Gordon

BOOM! An explosion came from the door from a facility deep underground to level 10. From the smoke came the silhouette of a young figure walking. His face covered in a black hood with a white winged emblem that had a red lion in the middle on the back and front of it. The facility's siren began to yell, "Attention! Code red! Level 10 has been reached, all security dispatch and dispose of the intruder. He is armed and dangerous, show no mercy."

The hooded figure could hear the footsteps of countless men, all armed to the teeth with armor and guns coming closer to him. The men circled around him until there was nowhere to go, but even when he was surrounded he stood perfectly calm; the men targeted him with every gun they had waiting for the target to react in any way, when he moved his arm the leader screamed, "FIRE!"

The guns fired endless bullets at the hooded figure; he swung his hand up as a sword slipped out of his sweater's sleeve and shot into the air. He dodged the bullets, jumping to grab the sword and made a dive for the leader. SLASH! Blood splattered from on to most of the men around as the leader's head flew into the air, the hooded figure swung through another man's stomach, the sound of steel cutting through bone heard through the others ears. With one man cut in half another fell down in blood with another behind him, the soldier's fired again in fear. The figure jumped again, deflecting the bullets with his sword he swung at three men's head with a powerful kick that broke three of their necks at once. A soldier that was far away in the group looked in horrific fear, "He's killing all of our men like they're nothing, and he doesn't even have blood on him. I-Is he a monster?" The hooded figure landed from the air in front of him, a dozen of battered bodies behind him. "A-AHHH!" He panicked and pulled his gun's trigger, but before he even noticed his hand was already in the air. The hooded figure was already behind him; with a swing of his blade cuts were marked all over the soldier's body so devastating that he fell in a pool of his own blood. The figure continued onward until a beeping signaled in his ear, and a voice called to him. "Can you hear me? Good, I see you've successfully infiltrated the final level of Ashford Facility. According to intelligence this facility has been made for the creation of a secret bioweapon known as codenamed: Judas. As a member of the Zero agency, your mission is to destroy the bioweapon and blow up the facility with all of its research. Good luck." The call ended and the hooded agent continued further into the facilities level.

"Attention, the intruder has entered the machinery room. Activate the robot security immediately!" Yellow lights flashed in the room, the doors opened to release the three heavily armed robots at least ten feet tall to fit the large room. One of the robots aimed its missile launcher and fired at the hooded agent, he swung his sword cutting through the missile as it exploded on contact. Nothing could be seen through the smoke until bullets fired and one of the robots heads exploded, the smoke cleared and showed the agent in one piece. His sword broken but replaced with a pair of submachine guns; the last two robots fired with Gatling Guns as he jumped into the air to dodge, the agent fired his explosive tipped bullets in midair while still dodging the bullets. The bullets made contact with the robots core generators and they both simultaneously exploded just as the agent landed behind him. The communicator in his ear started to beep again, "The bioweapon Judas resides in the next room, take care of the rest of the men and dispose of it."

The hooded agent had used up all of his bullets in one action, he threw his guns away and swung his hands in front of him taking out a pair of short swords from his sleeves. More soldiers came from the door with guns and electric batons, the agent held his swords reverse handed and charged at them in full force. Dodging the bullets as if they were slow motion, they fired an electric net to subdue him but the agent jumped and dodged it with ease; he dashed through a dozen soldiers, his blades covered in red as the men started spraying blood till they fell. The agent swung his swords, cutting through the soldiers, kicking them to the air and slamming them to the ground. Guns fired at him again, he dodged with graceful movement as the bullets hit at the other soldiers behind him. "He's too much for us. Retreat, everyone retreat!" The soldier's fled for dear life, afraid of how one person could kill so much of them without even breaking a sweat. The hooded agent didn't bother with them, but continued on with the door that was in front of him, his communicator from the zero agency contacted him in his ear again. "The laboratory where the bioweapon is through that door, you'll need to find a way to break through its impenetrable walls."

The agent understood as the communication ended, looking back to the destroyed robots he saw one of the Gatling guns used still intact. The agent grabbed the gun and fired at the door, the hundreds of bullets making enough force to make a hole through the wall for him to enter. The laboratory was filled with a dozen test tubes, each with the same thing inside. Creatures growing at a slow rate, they would be complete at any day now. "So this agent is from the famous Zero agency, the zero empty but filled with endless possibilities. Welcome to the bio lab."

The agent looked up to the stairs as a man slowly walked down to him. "I am Victor Ashford, the man who created this bio lab and the one who created the bioweapon, Judas." The agent threw his swords at him, but they were deflected by a pair of dark spears. The large test tube in the middle was destroyed; a humanoid body came out with no facial features, its naked body soon formed black armor to cover itself. "It's too late, the final experiments are complete. Judas has awakened, and nothing will stop him. With his power, everything in the world will be-!" Ashford's sentence trailed off in response to a spear going through his chest, coughing up blood as he saw Judas creating more dark spears that shot right through him. "J-Judas… what are you-!"

"Did you forget who I am?" The humanoid's face began to shift that turned to look just like Ashford's. "I am Judas, named after the betrayer. If one shall rule the world it will be me and me alone." A new spear formed above Judas and pierced Ashford in the head, staring back to the agent he said, "What will you do now? Continue your mission and destroy me? Try if you must you will never destroy me-!" His sentence cut off as a fist landed dead center in his face, but the weapon just smiled at the hooded agent's feeble attempt at an attack. Judas pushed him away and with a powerful swing punched the agent away, slamming him against the wall. Judas laughed as he fell back to the floor. "There's no hope for you, my power is godlike. Nothing you do will stop me." The agent slowly got back on his feet, his hood fell back to show jet black hair that covered his face, parting it back to show his eyes he pulled his sleeves back to show a pair of brown bracers hidden under them. "I see, so you still fight do you? Very well, then come at me… and may the odds be in your favor!"

The agent did not answer; he pounded his fists and went into a fighting stance in response. Judas summoned more dark spears of energy and fired, but he charged into them with no hesitation; dodging each spear and deflecting them with his fists, the agent jumped off of one and attacked with a spinning kick. Judas only blocked with one hand, but was knocked off by a hit to his face by another kick. The agent was right in his face, punching his sides while dodging Judas' own attacks. Though he was able to land a punch to the agents face, he stopped himself from falling hand standing and countering with a blow to the head with the back of his foot. Judas grew angry, sweeping his hands and pouncing on him, they rolled around until the agent kicked him off into the air. He grabbed Judas' head slamming him to the ground and then slamming him again; he got on top of him and started to punch repeatedly. Judas countered with his own punch, and then turned him around until their roles were in reverse and he was on top. "The Zero Agency is nothing compared to me! Do you honestly think you can defeat a god?" He punched the agent constantly until his face was grabbed, giving the agent a chance to throw him off. Judas landed on his feet and summoned a ball of dark energy in his hands, he fired the ball but the agent destroyed it with one punch; he fired more, the agent punched and destroyed each one as if they were nothing. "Impossible!" Judas had enough; he raised his hand to the air and summoned a huge sphere of energy the size of a planet. "Now die you pathetic human!" He threw the sphere at the agent, destroying everything else that was around it. The agent clenched his fists and charged head first into the sphere; he jumped up and punched at it rapidly. The sphere stopped its movement as the middle began to glow with red light, and with one more punch the light exploded from the inside along with the sphere. Judas was appalled, enraged he charged at the agent just as he landed and punched him right on his forehead, but something happened; the powerful force that would've destroyed a human's brain from the inside rebounded back and made cracks in his armored hand. "Gyaaagh!" He screamed in pain just as the agent punched him and thrown him to the floor, Judas tried to get up but his legs had turned to Jell-O and wouldn't stay still. "What was that? W-What is this power?" The agent charged and hit Judas with a powerful uppercut that threw him to the air. "This is impossible… to lose to a human…" Judas had enough, he recovered back on his feet as he landed and roared out, "I AM JUDAS THE ALL POWERFUL GOD!" He charged after the agent with a fist full of dark energy, but when he threw his punch the agent dodged and countered with his own at his stomach; the punch didn't hurt though, it stood there as Judas laughed. But the punch soon pushed him back, red energy forming around his stomach like a target as the agent stepped a foot forward for more force. "W-What is this-!" Judas looked in fear as he saw the agent, instead of a human he saw a large black beast glare at him with blood red eyes. Its teeth were a row of fangs and drool dripped from his mouth, it filled the bioweapon with fear. Judas tried to push him away, but the agent only stepped another foot forward and he was unstoppable; his fist still on Judas stomach finally did a full swing, pushing him back as the energy he placed on Judas exploded, firing off like the thruster's of a rocket ship. His armor body cracked and broke from the tremendous power until it started to die and disappear; Judas body shuddered in fear stepping back as the agent walked over him. "S-Stay back… Stay back! What are you?" The agent's whole fist began to pulse with powerful red energy, when he charged all Judas could see was a flash of light as he was punched dead center in his face. The beast he saw before roared, opening its great maw and devoured him in one gulp which in reality the force of the punch destroyed his whole being as his body began to erode away into dust. The fight was over; the agent looked around to see a control panel still intact, he hacked into the facilities main frame and quickly put down the code when a voice called from the speakers again. "Attention, self-destruct initiated. All members evacuate, countdown in T-minus 10 minutes."

An escape hatch opened to the right of the bio lab, the agent went inside and it took him outside to the top of a hill a mile away from the facility. The agent hidden himself back in his hood and turned his back to the facility as it exploded, as he began to walk away his communicator signaled again. "Agent, what is your status?"

"…Mission Complete."

"GAME OVER!" The area began to shift into streams of data and disappear into darkness until it was replaced with a bright light. They light suddenly faded as two teenagers watched in awe as a large screen showed numbers rating from a million to two million until the screen turn black and read 'HIGH SCORE'. The teenage boy in the jersey said, "15 million points, that's freaking awesome!"

"How did you get so good at this game, it takes people months just to get used to the virtual reality?" The tomboyish girl asked.

The person they were talking to removed his helmet, it was a teenage boy with black hair wearing a black hood that smiled and said, "I've been playing video games since I was three, once I get into one there's no stopping me."

"Remind me never to play you in a fighting game then." The jersey boy joked.

"Well I'll remind you now; you owe me twenty bucks for our bet." The hooded boy smirked.

"That's what you get for betting him to get the high score." The girl laughed. "Come on let's get some lunch, all that watching made me hungry."

"Me too, after all I'm the one that did all the work."

The hooded boy and his friends left the arcade before he took one more look at the game he was playing, a chair with a virtual reality helmet and above the game's name was shown. Zero Agent it was called, he smiled and quickly followed his friends out to the mall.