Running the brush gently through her hair, I smile as my little girl giggles in my lap. Mila's little brother came to visit and I say little loosely. He is twenty one, only a year younger than me, three younger than Mila and he is huge. He plays football in college so no shock but my goodness. However, I'm pretty positive my gorgeous little girl has a major crush on the football all-star and it's adorable. There is nothing he doesn't say or do that she just doesn't giggle and blush at.

"What if I just tossed you in the air and caught you?" Michael, the all-star, teases and again Cadi laughs shaking her head. Her little blonde curls bouncing everywhere as her blue eyes light up. "I mean, I promise I'll catch you."

"No, Mikey," Cadi objects and he dramatically rolls his eyes and drops back on the couch. "Don't be sad."

"Mikey is so dramatic, isn't he Monkey?" I squeeze my baby girl and she nods in agreement.

"So what are your plans for this lovely visit?" Mila questions finding her brother's whole visit suspicious. She swears he wouldn't be here unless he was in trouble or needing something. She is waiting to figure out which one.

"Sis," Michael throws himself up on the couch and shakes his head annoyed. "It's summer. I don't have to be back for camp until July. Can't I just come visit you? You are the only one in the family who doesn't force me to go to charity events and auction dinners."

"Auction dinners?" my brow arches confused to what all that is. Michael's and Mila's parents are well off and their dad is Carter Knight, as in Governor Knight. Their whole family is full of politicians which I've always found hilarious since Mila is the complete opposite of the proper Governor's daughter they try to portray her as.

"Yeah, it's truly glorious. We sit around as people try to outbid each other for charity, when in reality it's just to see who has the most money. The higher your bid, the higher your placement is in the society."

"It's not all like that," Mila's eyes roll and she shakes her head at her brother. I always find it so funny when Michael comes around because I swear Mila goes into mommy mode. She babies him, however, at the same time she is so strict with him and all but grounds him when he does something wrong. Something that nine times out of ten I've seen her do herself.

"Sis," Michael gives her a come-on-really look and she slowly cracks a smile.

"Ok, it is. But you should be there Michael. Mom and dad are going to call and rip me an asshole for allowing you to stay here."

"Asshole?" my sweet little girl's voice rings into the room and my eyes along with Mila's widen as Michael breaks out laughing.

"No, apple baby," Mila tries to correct and I wave my hand at her to stop her overanalyzing it.

"Don't comment on it," I tell her quickly. "If you make a big deal out of it she sees a reaction. No reaction, she will overlook it as any other word."

"Oh my god, that is awesome," Michael stops laughing, but his eyes still lit up with humor. "Little kids cussing is always hilarious."

"Do us all a favor and don't ever become a parent," Mila scolds him and stands up to move into my kitchen. "Sorry, Cays!"

"Truly fine," I call back and bounce my little girl in my lap.

"So Cays, Sis was telling me you are dating some hot shot billionaire."

"He isn't a billionaire!" I call toward the kitchen and hear Mila scuff. "He isn't," I restate and I watch something flicker in Michael's eyes before he slowly nods and leans back. I don't know what it is. I know it's not jealousy or anything, but I will admit at one point Michael had a small crush. It wasn't a big deal. He visited once, I was nineteen, him eighteen and after one to many tequila shots we sorta made out.

I didn't take it too seriously. My heart had just gotten smashed and I wanted to forget for a night. Michael helped. I regret it because it was awkward for a while, but also because I think he misread the situation.

It's not something we really talk about.

"He is just this nice guy I like spending time with. He is really sweet," I promise and his eyes stare into mine like he is trying to read me. "Michael, he is."

"And Cadi? What's his reaction to her?"

"Well, he hasn't met her," I shift uncomfortable, like I'm being judge. "He knows about her. Seen some pictures, but we've only been seeing each other for a couple weeks. I've been thinking about when to introduce them."

"Yeah, that's probably for the best," he picks up the changer and my eyes narrow. Yes, I agree it's for the best, but it's not his business to judge my choices. Though, ok I've made some terrible ones, but still who is he to tell me?

"I was actually thinking of meeting him for dinner tonight with her," I state and his eyes widen before narrowing. "We've discussed it. Thought maybe…"

"Guess that's just your choice," he flips through the channels, his entire tone cold. "Doesn't matter if I don't fully agree."

"I need to head out for a bit," I lift Cadi in my arms and shift her to my hip. "Ya'll do whatever. Just lock up if you leave," I say, but Michael just ignores me as he flips through the channels. "Come on, Monkey," I carry her toward the door and we leave.

"Momma, did I get chicken fingers?" Cadi asks as she runs her crayon over the paper.

"Yeah, baby, you did," I pull the straw and push it into her milk as I study my own menu.

"Hey, doll," his voice cuts through me and I cringe slightly when he leans to press a kiss to the side of my head. "Hey gorgeous," he slides in the booth in front of me and gives Cadi's head a pat.

"Hi, Papa!" she shoots from her seat and throws her arms around his neck. "I drew something for you," she pulls the paper up and my heart tightens. There are days I hate Jeff Downs. I hate the way he treats me, the way he looks at me and the things he makes me do. I hate the things he allows other men to do to me. Yet there are moments, few and far in between when he looks at my little girl and a feeling of peace washes over me.

He is scum. Scum of the earth but he takes care of me. He takes care of Cadi. And I will swear the only thing he has ever loved or showed kindness to was my little girl. For that I can't ever truly and fully hate this man.

"Oh I love it," he examines the paper like Van Gough drew it or something. His eyes crinkling in the corners as she goes into detail about how it's a puppy and a flower. Though, I think it looks more like a bunch of circles with a tail. "You have art in your blood," his eyes flicker to mine and I shift a bit uncomfortable.

"Monkey, why don't you get back into your seat? Your food will be here soon," I pull Cadi from his lap and place her back into her chair.

"Ok…" she sings out and grabs her crayon with a smile. "I'll color you another picture."

"You do that, baby," Jeff pats her head with a smile and my stomach does a small churn of uncertainty. "How is she feeling? You take her to the doctor?"

"I did," I stir my spoon in my coffee listening to the metal spoon hit the edges. "She just has a small cold. She is fine. I told you that. I've been her mother for over three years. I think I know my child," I snap and his mouth sets into a straight line as his eyes crinkle in the corners. "I wish you would trust me every now and again."

"Cayson, I trust you as a mother. You're one of the best ones I know," his tone soft and I sigh biting my lip. "But I did want to talk to you…about John," he trails off and my eyes snap up to his. "You remember him, right?"

"How could I forget," I mutter rubbing the spot on my shoulder where his mouth had sunk in. "Why do you want to talk about him?"

"He liked you. He wants to see you again," he states and my stomach drops, but thankfully our food arrives so I have a moment to think about that man liking me and wanting to see me again.

"I ordered your food," I mumble out as I stare at my full plate, suddenly not sure if I have an appetite anymore.

"You know me all too well, doll," Jeff picks up his fork and flashes a smile at our waitress saying everything looks good. "Cadi, wait, that's hot," he drops his fork and pulls Cadi's fingers from in front of her. "Look, I know you hate what you do," he starts back up and my eyes snap up to him.

"What you make me do," I hiss out and he sighs lifting his gaze to mine. "Do you know how those men make me feel? I was like Cadi once. I was sweet and innocent with all these dreams ahead of me…"

"And I helped push those dreams."

"No you helped put money in your pocket," I hiss and his jaw tightens.

"I'm trying to offer you an out, Cayson," his tone rises and I grip tight onto my fork. "John likes you. He is offering you only him."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm saying he is a wealthy man. Very wealthy. He is offering an ungodly amount of money to have you. All you have to do is be there when he asks. Be his arm candy of sort," his lip corks up in the corner and my stomach churns sickened. Yeah, I'm definitely not hungry anymore.

"I've done that before," my heart starts to race and I cut my eyes over at my little girl as she flashes me a huge smile.

"Cays, this is different," I jump when his hand places one mine and I bite my lip. "John is taking you out. You go on dates, you go to events with him and flash that gorgeous smile and not say anything. He wants to look good. What looks better than a gorgeous, bright woman on his arm?"

"Yeah and I'm sure when everyone finds out what I truly do he will look grand."

"No one will find out. It's not like you have a mix of common friends. Do you know how many men in this world have women on their arm who are…?"

"Whores?" I finish for him and frown. Scolding myself for muttering that word in front of Cadi, however, thankful she is so content to drawing and humming to herself to pay attention.

"No, I just meant-"

"I know what you meant, Jeff," I hiss and he frowns a fraction and I go to speak but mouth snaps shut when my phone goes off in my pocket. Pulling it out and I can't help the light smile that traces my lips.

'So incredibly bored at work. Can't wait to see you tonight…along with Cadi.'

"Who is that?" Jeff asks, but I ignore him as I send off a quick text in responds. Ezra and I agreed to meet Cadi tonight and my entire stomach has been in knots about it. We decided to just say he was mommy's friend, even though I don't think she would know what anything else meant. I care about Ezra, I do, way more than I planned, but doesn't mean I've prepped myself enough for him to meet my little girl. "Cayson…"

"It's my mom," I lie, snapping my phone shut and pushing it into my purse. "My baby brother is graduating soon and she sent me a picture of him as a baby ask if I could believe how big he was," I lie perfectly and know he believes it. Sadly, I'm an amazing liar.

"Kids grow fast," his eyes cut to Cadi and I nod.

"What does John do?" I ask, trying my best to think of something to not do this. If I start getting serious with Ezra I can't be doing this with other men. I don't want to do this with other men.

"He is a business man, a very well off business man," he repeats and I roll my eyes. All about money. "I'm not sure his title or anything but I know he is President of his company. Every time the man blinks his bank account grows."

"What…what if Dylan finds out?" I lift my coffee to my lips and his head snaps up. "I mean…"

"Cayson…" he drops his fork and leans back in the booth and I know he is annoyed. "Why bring him up?"

"Because this place is huge but it's small and I'm sure business men know other business men and I just…I don't want to walk into a room and have him in front of me."


"No! I have rules and a deal and I'm not going to see him," I hiss, that being one thing I won't waver on. I refuse to stand in a room with Dylan Bryant and be on the arm of a man who is using me as some sex-bot. "Jeff," my lip slips forward and watch him shift uncomfortable. He knows I'm about to beg, not just whining beg, I mean truly beg and he does have issues saying no when he can tell I'm really upset and not wanting to do it. "Please don't make me do it…"

"Cayson, it's so much money."

"And I know, but please. You promised I would never have to do that again. You promised me!" my tone rises and his eyes drop to his plate. "Please…I don't want too. I don't…"

"Don't want?"

"I don't want to do this anymore," I mutter out nervous and his eyes widened. "Cayson is almost four in just a year she will be starting school and I don't want to sit in a room with these women whose husbands I've at one point…" I trail off and watch his lips crease into a straight line. "I make decent money waitressing. I can do that."

"Cayson, you aren't quitting on me," his jaw locks and my heart starts to race as he grips his hand tight. "Tell John no, that's fine, but you aren't quitting."

"How am I supposed to move on with my life and meet a man, a good man, if I'm constantly sleeping with other men?"

"I don't give a fuck about you meeting other men!" he snaps and my eyes widen as he slams his fist on the table making Cadi jump.

"You watch your mouth in front of my child," I stand up quickly and snatch Cadi who looks confused and tears threaten in her eyes.

"I own you, doll," he thrust his finger in my face and rises up. "You would be nothing without me. You wouldn't even have that little girl without me. You wouldn't have that apartment and car. You wouldn't have shit."

"No, doll," I hiss back and his eyes set into a glare. "He is the reason I have Cadi and that apartment and car. With or without you I'll keep those things. You have no say in it. He told you to make sure I was taken care of and happy. Well I'm not happy."

"You aren't leaving me, Cayson."

"Watch me," I grab my purse and throw it over my shoulder and move toward the door.

"Cayson," his hand latches onto my arm and yanks me around to face him. "You will come crawling back to me."

"Papa," Cadi speaks and his eyes lift up to meet her precious blue ones. "No," she slaps his hand that is holding my arm and slowly starts to rub the sore spot. I wish I could say this was the first time she saw someone grab me, but I'd be lying and I hate that. My poor baby deserves so much better than I give her.

"I used to think you had a small level of respect for me," I release a dry laugh as I rub a smoothing hand over Cadi's back, her head dropping to my shoulder as she snuggles into me. "But clearly if you're asking me to commit to John…well clearly I'm just like the rest of those girls. A paycheck," I snip out at him and spin on my feet, feeling a minor amount of pride with what I just did, however, also freaking out.

I just messed up.

I'm greatly aware I just messed up.

"Mommy," Cadi bounces on her bed as I go through her clothes. "Why are you sad?"

"I'm not sad, baby," I flash the fakest smile I can and she bites her lip looking at me.

"Papa made you cry…" she frowns dropping on her bed and my heart tightens. "I don't like you crying."

"Momma wasn't crying, baby," I pull out a cute top and jeans and move toward her on her bed. "I just got something in my eye. It didn't feel good," I tell her and know she instantly will believe it. She's smart, but she is just three. I could tell her it rained gum drops this morning and she might believe me. "But guess what?"

"What?" her eyes widen excited and a real smile flash over my face.

"You and mommy are going to go meet a friend of mine for dinner," I tell her and her little brows knit.

"Mila and Mikey?"

"No, Monkey, it's another friend. His name is Ezra," I tug her shirt over her head and she bites her lip. "But he is going to buy us pizza."

"Pizza?!" she squeals excited and I slowly nod. "Momma, I lub pizza."

"I lub pizza too," I mock her and she giggles. "Ok, so do you want boots or shoe shoes?" I hold up her brown boots and also her tiny white sneakers. I love baby shoes. I swear they are the cutest things in the history of the world.

"Umm…" her little finger pushes to her lip as she inspects the options and her head tilts to the side. "Boot," she nods and I smile shaking my head.

"Ok, hold my shoulders," I tell her and her small hands plant on my shoulders as I tug on her jeans and button the button. "Foot," I nod and she lifts her left then her right and I push both boots on. "And done!" I pick her up in the air and spin her around making her giggle.

"Momma!" her laugh feels my ears and for a moment everything feels completely perfect.

"Alright, baby, you ready to go?" I nervously ask and she quickly nods as we head out of her room and out of the apartment. Balancing her bag on one arm and her in the other along with my purse, I juggle to push the button the elevator and I hear it roar to life as it starts to move up and the doors open in front of me revealing a gorgeous blonde and my stomach drops.

Her hair is perfect, her eyes a deep green and as she stands before me in tight business skirt and blouse I nervously dart my eyes to the ground as if she would know who I was.

"Excuse me," I mutter stepping inside the elevator and her eyes lift from her cell phone to flash over to me and I instantly regret making a noise to her.

"Hello," she flashes a flawless smile and my heart sinks a fraction more. "Oh, she is beautiful," she studies Cadi in my arms and I nervously switch her to my other side in hopes she doesn't look into her eyes to long and catch the resemblance.

Not that I'm sure how she would. Yet you never know, like I said this town is big, but for some reason it's also so small. And sadly this isn't the first time I've run into this gorgeous older woman.

"Thank you," I nervously watch the numbers tick down and my heart stops when it ends on floor three. Feeling like the elevator is losing air, the doors slid open and an older man steps inside and as soon as we land on the ground floor I dart out of the elevator and quickly into the parking garage to find my car.

Hitting the unlock button my heart races out of my chest as I put Cadi in the backset and bulk her into her car seat. Opening my door I climb inside and slowly release a long breath I had been holding.

I regret it. I completely hate myself every day for what I had done, but when I glance into the mirror at my baby in the backseat I have the hardest time hating the entire situation.

"Ready to go, Monkey," I crank the car and she babbles something about being excited for pizza and I smile driving out of the garage.

Pulling into the long driveway, a smile starts to etch across my face. It's amazing to me the short amount of time I've actually known this man, not just counting the visits at the diner before I learned his name, and yet I get giddy like a school girl when I know I'm about to see him.

I've spent the last four weeks speaking to this man every day. We've gone on some dates, he shows up at work for breakfast still and I swear I text him all day and end the night on the phone. Sometimes I feel like a school girl about how silly I get about it.

"Momma, this is so pretty," Cadi's eyes widen and I nod with a laugh as I pull her out of the car. She should have things like this. She should have a huge house with a pool. She shouldn't need for anything in this world, but sadly that isn't the case. Sadly, though she doesn't know it, sadly her mother is truly just a prostitute.

"It is," I juggle the bags and walk up the steps to the large home. Pausing at the door, I nervously bounce on my feet unsure what to do. I text Ezra when I left and told him I was leaving. He said he was outback with Cooper so just come in when I got here and though he told me that, I still feel weird doing it.

"Momma," Cadi touches my face and I jump back into focus. "I push the button?" she points to the door bell and I laugh and nod and use that as my excuse as I lean her forward and let her push the button.

Hearing the doorbell ring through the whole house, I hear Cooper bark ones and Cadi's eyes grow large.

"Mommy, dare a puppy in dare!" she points and I laugh as I hear Ezra's footsteps move closer to the door. "Momma, puppy!"

"I know, baby," I rub her back and hold my breath as I hear the door handle jiggle and slowly the door is pulled open to reveal the gorgeous man on the other side.

Then I wait.

I wait for his reaction. I wait for him to panic at the child in my arms and slam the door in my face, because hearing about a child is one thing, but seeing her, seeing the living breathing baby in my arms is completely different.

So I watch his eyes. I watch as they lock on mine with a smile before the trail over to my little girl and again I wait. I wait for the hesitation, the dip in his smile, the light flickering out of his eyes and as I wait I hold my breath. He is perfect, completely perfect and as I stand here I want to kick myself when just like always his perfection completely shines through.

"Hi," he breathes out and I feel my skin tingle all over.

"Hi," I bounce Cadi on my hip as I steps aside and I step inside, nervously biting my lip.

"I told you, that you could just come in."

"I know, but…but she wanted to push the button," I nod at the little blonde in my arms who nervously snuggles into my arms, almost nervous.

"Huh," he peaks his head out the door and studies the button before hitting it a few times and Cadi releases a giggle. "It is fun to push," he steps back in and flashes his large smile. "Hello…" he grins at Cadi and she giggles biting her little finger.

"Cadi, can you say hi to my friend Ezra?" I give her a bounce and she shyly gives a small wave and hello. "Umm…Ezra, this is Cadi…my daughter."

"Well, hello Cadi," Ezra smiles and Cadi studies him a moment before smiling.

"You have a puppy," she speaks and he chuckles and slowly nods.

"I do, Cooper. I put him out back. Would you like to meet him?"

"I would," she slowly wiggles from my arms and clings onto Ezra making my eyes widen.

"Cadi," I freak, wanting to snatch her back, fearful it might freak him out. I mean, yes, she will climb onto Mila, Mikey and hell even Jeff without a second thought, hence why I call her Monkey so often, but she just met Ezra and though she doesn't know it, but Ezra isn't just a friend.

"Momma, puppy," she states like that explains it all and Ezra lets out a loud laugh making me relax.

"Yeah, momma, puppy," his sends me a wink as he turns on his feet and heads down the foyer into the main room and toward the back door. "You like buttons, right?" he asks Cadi as I start to follow and she nods. "Well, push this one," he pulls a curtain to reveal a wall of a few switches and my little girl studies each as he points at one and slowly she pushes it.

It quickly lighting up the entire backyard making her eyes grow and mouth drop.

My reaction exactly.

"Come on," he tugs on the door and I quietly follow as we step outside into the large yard and he whistles. "Coop!" he calls and just like the last time the large chocolate lab darts from some trees and up the path to us.

"Momma!" she giggles as Ezra eases onto one knee and holds Cadi close as he runs a hand over Cooper's head. "Momma look," she smiles large as she holds out her hand and Cooper smells it before giving it a lick of his approval.

"I see, Monkey," I ease down beside them and like always Cooper turns to lick my leg and wiggles his tail excited. "Isn't he big, baby?"

"So big," she wiggles from Ezra's arms to stand in front of him and wraps her arms tight around the dog's neck. "I lub him."

"Well, he likes you too," Ezra tells her and looks at me with a smile and just like always I suddenly relax. "What?" he asks and I shake my head running my hand through his hair and give a light shrug.

"You're perfect," I whisper and he rolls his eyes going back to watching Cadi and Cooper.

"Oh," he rises up when the doorbell once again goes off. "That's the pizza. I'll be right back," he rises up and heads back inside. Cooper stopping his playing with Cadi as his head snaps up and he quickly starts to follow.

"Cooper!" Cadi calls and takes off after him, her little feet quickly moving toward the door and I stand to follow them inside. Walking back into the large home I pause at the living room entrance as I watch Ezra stand at the door laughing with the pizza man. Cooper by his side as Cadi stands beside him holding on to his pant leg to peak around.

"Thanks man," Ezra takes the pizza and pushes the door shut. "Watch out, Coop," he steps around the large dog and carefully steps forward and Cadi again follows beside him.

"Dat pizza?"

"It is," he smiles again winking at me as he steps past and heads into the kitchen. "You like pizza?"

"I lub it," she grips the counter and pushes up on her toes trying to look over as he flips the lid up and reveals the yummy goodness.

"Here," Ezra lifts her in his arms and she looks at the box as he moves around to grab some plates. "You like cheese, right?"

"I do."

"Good," I watch as he pulls a slice onto a plate and pushes it forward to add some to the rest of the plates. "You eating?" he glances up at me and I nod slowly and push myself off my post and step inside the kitchen. "We can eat in the living room. Maybe watch a movie."

"That sounds…great," I breathe out truly up for anything they want to do. It's nice, this whole atmosphere. This feeling of knowing I'm safe and finally with a good man. Yes, I'm completely freaked out about Jeff and what he might do, but the more time I spend with Ezra I know its right. "You want something to drink?"

"Uh, yeah, there is a bottle of wine in that top shelf and some glasses in the next one over," he points to a cabinet and I pull it open to reveal the dark liquid. "I have some milk…also got some apple juice. I don't know if she likes that," he mumbles out a little embarrassed and I turn to face him and bit my lip.

"You bought her apple juice?" I ask shocked and he gives a light shrug and bounces nervously on his feet.

"I called my sister to ask…she has a few kids…I don't know," he mumbles and I feel my stomach flip with butterflies. "She told me to get a cup. It has a pink lid."

"You're so cute," I shake my head with a smile and pull open the fridge to grab the juice and the cold cup he had sitting inside. "Come on," I grab the wine and our glasses as we walk into the living room and place out food on the coffee table.

"Here you go, Cadi," Ezra sits and pushes over the pizza that he cooled off some and had cut up into little pieces in the kitchen.

"Monkey, you tell Ezra thank you?" I pull the cork from the bottle of wine and slowly pour us each a glass.

"Thank you, Ezra," Cadi says between bites and she giggles as Cooper comes and sits beside her. Her sitting on the ground, he sits bigger than her and stares at her plate.

"He I swear is the best dog ever," I rest back on the couch as Ezra moves to sit beside me. "I remember having a dog as a child and he eat everything around him. If the plate was close enough he grabbed it."

"Yeah, he knows better. However, it doesn't mean he doesn't wait patiently for you to drop him a piece," he leans forward and breaks off a small piece of crust and tosses it in the air, Cooper catching it perfectly.

"You're so silly, Cooper," Cadi shakes her head, her little curls bouncing as she pets the large dog and he drops his head to rest on her legs. Glancing over at Ezra, he flashes me a smile and gives my leg a squeeze as he flips on the TV and searches for a movie.

"She asleep?" Ezra asks and I nod as I step back into the living room and move toward him on the couch. "Thank you for letting me us your spare room for her. Cooper is in there. I hope that is ok."

"That's his room," he states with a silly grin and I roll my eyes dropping beside him on the couch. "I think he might leave me for Cadi anyway. He's never liked someone that much so quickly," he tells me and I agree.

At first I found it cool how protective Cooper was of Ezra. Like when the pizza showed up. Even playing with Cadi when he heard the bell he rushed to follow the tall blonde into the house, and then made a point to stand in between him and the pizza guy. However, as the night continued Cadi didn't roll on the floor without Cooper beside her. And when she fell asleep, cuddled to him I mind you, and I went to take her into the spare room, Cooper shot up and followed her. Laying her down in the center of the large bed, I placed a few pillows around her and Cooper quickly climbed up beside her and fell back asleep.

It was so cute I couldn't help but take a picture and send it to Mila.

"She would gladly take him," I agree, leaning across the couch and pressing my lips against his. Releasing a long sigh as I do and pull back biting my lip. "I wanted to do that all night. Just a little nervous to do something like that in front of Cadi."

"I understand that," he pushes my chin up with his thumb and leans forward kissing me again. Sliding my hand to his cheek, I feel the stubble under my palm and grin at the little tickle I feel as I allow him to deepen our kiss a moment before he pulls back and rests his head against mine. "You have been quiet tonight? Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," I breathe out, cutting my eyes at his lips before looking back up at him. "I've just been watching you two. Observing…"

"Yeah? Well how have I been doing?"

"Perfect," I release a dry laugh. "Cadi really likes you."

"Well I really like her."

"Yeah and thank you for the juice. That was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for us," I tell him honestly and his brows pull together confused.

"Seriously?" he questions and I offer a shrug. "It's just juice, Cayson."

"I know, I know it is. But you took the time to call your sister and you thought to buy it. I mean, I'm sure you don't just sit around and drink the juice. You bought it just for her."

"I'd buy that little girl anything," he tells me and I swallow hard. "I'd buy you anything. I've known you a couple months Cayson, but that doesn't mean I'm not already pretty crazy about you."

"I know what you mean…I just get nervous. People want to guard their heart to begin with, but I have to do extra protecting because of Cadi. I mean, she already clearly likes you…if this heads south she doesn't really understand you not being around her anymore. Hence why I was so nervous for you two too meet."

"Cayson, I'm twenty-eight," he randomly states brushing my hair back and my brow arches not sure why he is telling me his age. "I know that is still young. But what I'm saying is, I've done wild, I've done crazy college days and dating around. I'm not a young kid anymore. I'm not looking for some fling…I hope you know that isn't what I'm after."

"I do," now, I want to finish with because I think I'll always have that fear of men wanting to just sleep with me. Not that I can blame them. I am the one who allowed them to do just that.

"When I date someone, I see it as the intention of it one day, hopefully, being more…being serious. I'm not stupid to the fact with Cadi we have to do things differently, but I'm ok with that, because I want to get to know you more."

"God, you are perfect," I pout and he lets out a loud chuckle.

"Not perfect…just…just being honest."

"Well, honestly, I think you're perfect," I dance my hands across his shoulders and lock around his neck. "And I'm kinda glad you ate terrible food regular and asked me out."

"It's not terrible food," his eyes roll before giving me that sweet smile. "But I'm glad too," he states before pushing his mouth back into mine.